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AA Varsity Week 6

AA Varsity Week Six

Week 5 Round-Up

Two big upsets this week!  The Windsor Dukes were explosive offensively in their shocker over Ballenas and you all now know that this year's Dark Horse has emerged in the form of the Langley Saints.  The result, divisional chaos in the South and the West!  In the East, long the undisputed realm of the Mission Roadrunners, parity has emerged.  Anyone playing the 1,2,3 or 4th seed coming out of that battlefield, will be playing a tough hombre to be reckoned with!  In the Interior I see a looming showdown between Vernon and SKS for divisional hegemony and the PGSS Polars are on a tear up North.


Abbottsford 24 Mission 21
Hugh Boyd 24 Frank Hurt 0
Prince George 53 Nechako Valley 0
South Kamloops 23 Clarence Fulton 13
Langley 20 Holy Cross 13
Vernon 34 Westsyde 7
G.W. Graham 21 Robert Bateman 14
Pitt Meadows 40 Rick Hansen 0
Windsor 33 Ballenas 20
Carson Graham 54 Earl Marriot 7
Valleyview 28 Moscrop 9
Duchess Park 46 Kelly Road 6

Gridiron's AA Varsity Top Five

1. G.W. Graham Grizzlies
2. Abbottsford Panthers
3. Mission Roadrunners
4. Vernon Panthers
5. Carson Graham Eagles

Honourable Mention

Robert Bateman Timberwolves, Langley Saints, Holy Cross Crusaders, Hugh Boyd Trojans, John Barsby Bulldogs, Windsor Dukes, Ballenas Whalers

Divisional Races

AA West: Totally up for grabs!This weekend's tilts on the Island with Carson Graham at Ballenas and Windsor @ Barsby will go a long ways towards the ultimate divisional standings.

AA East: This looks like a two horse show at the top with Graham and Abbey vying for top-rail. Three and four will be a toss-up as well between Mission and Bateman.  The East can lay claim to being the toughest division in AA this year.

AA South: This is a three way race between Langley, Boyd and Holy Cross.  The Saints just served notice that they are playing for keeps and the Trojans/Crusaders had better be on their A game the rest of the regular season!  Boyd vs Langley is going to be epic!

AA Interior: Vernon may get a bit of a challenge from South-Kamloops but that is about it.  The Panthers ought to represent well again in the post-season.

AA North: Prince George and Duchess will tangle for top spot up North by the looks of things.  The Polars ought to win out.

GI's Picks

Friday, 16 October

Windsor @ John Barsby: The Dukes are on the road @ Barsby this Friday afternoon.  Windsor is coming off of their best game yet in 2015 with an impressive 33-20 win over Ballenas.  The signature of this game was big plays and lots of em!  Barsby had a bye due to forfeit this past week.  Byes are double edged swords in mid-season.  The Dawg defense has played great ball the past couple of weeks.  Offensively, Barsby has moved the ball, but struggled to score.  It is going to take more than a touchdown to defeat Windsor, but that is exactly what Barsby has been averaging the past three weeks.  Special teams will be huge in this game! GI's Pick: Barsby by 6

Mission @ Robert Bateman: Now here are two teams that are playing their best ball of the season thus far.  Both have had very challenging schedules and both have improved week-to-week.  You can bill this as Bateman's speed versus the Mission offensive line/ground game.  If the Roadrunners can mitigate turnovers and be clock-hogs, they have a more than legit shot at taking this game.  On the flip side, Bateman can score in a flash and Mission really needs to take away big plays from their foes.  GI's Pick: Mission by 3

Vernon @ Valleyview: Valleyview is playing some good football right now and their down hil running game is rounding in to form.  For Vernon's part, they are winning while putting their tenth grade contributors through the crucible of tough varsity play. I don't see this game being any kind of an air show.  Vernon has the push up front on both sides of the ball to win this one. GI's Pick: Vernon by 17

College Heights @ Duchess Park: Duchess is a better overall team on both sides of the ball and their bench is deeper. GI's Pick: Condors by 21

Pitt Meadows @ Abbottsford: Pitt is speedy and scrappy.  Abbottsford is both plus it is bigger and has a far deeper bench this year.  The math in this contest appears unassailable at face value. Teenage football players surely do have the ability to surprise all logic with an inspired performance.  Look for this game to be close early, but Abbey pulls away.  GI's Pick: Panthers by 24

Clarence Fulton @ Hugh Boyd:  Fulton has sure done its share of travelling this year.  The game at Hugh Boyd will be good for both teams in this exhibition tilt.  The Trojans are packing a deeper roster and will wear out the visitors over the course of the game. GI's Pick: Troy by 18

Prince George @ Kelly Road: "Whump-Whump"  naw, that is not the familiar sound of a car hitting a speed-bump at a good clip, that is the sound the Polar running game is going to make as it tramples cross-town foe Kelly Road.  The Roadrunners can take solace in the fact that they are not the only contributor to the PG "whump" cacaphony this year. GI's Pick: PG by 25 +

Moscrop @ Langley: A couple years ago this would have been a tight contest.  Langley however, has significantly upped their game in 2015 and will rain big plays with the vertical passing game while taking care of the defensive line of scrimmage. GI's Pick: Saints by 21+

South Kamloops @ Westsyde: Nice cross-town rivalry here that finds its roots with names like Chow, Olthius, Bridger and the like.   South-Kam still has a bit of Red Devil in em and this will be hotly contested from the opening whistle.  It appears that in 2015 SKS deeper in terms of bench and a big bigger and faster than their hosts.  GI's Pick: Titans by 14

Saturday, 17 October

Frank Hurt @ Holy Cross: This is the rebound game for the Crusaders in 2015.  The Hornets better have their chinstraps done up real tight when they come a calling on HC this Saturday.  Beyond this, HC is simply deeper and more mature in terms of roster.  GI's Pick: Crusaders by 21

Carson Graham @ Ballenas: Two teams with proud histories, two teams with winning records, two teams that badly need a divisional win.   Ballenas may be the toughest team at home in the North as their historical record seems to indicate.  These guys are pretty chewed-up right now and went from looking like supermen vs Belmont to well, pretty vulnerable against a tough Windsor squad this past Friday.  Carson is fast, aggressive on both sides of the ball and can score quickly on offense. Defensively, they pressure very well.  This could cost them as they face a very disciplined and cohesive Whaler offensive line. Turnovers and special teams...B I G ! GI's Pick:  Carson by 7

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