Wednesday, November 26, 2014

AA BC Semi-Final Weekend

And Then There Were Four!

John Barsby Bulldogs vs Vernon Panthers: The Vernon steamroller has flattened all before it in 2014. Standing squarely in front of the Panthers are the John Barsby Bulldogs.  Barsby's road to the semi's has been a lot rougher go.   Both teams however, have earned their way into this game and are no strangers to the post-season.  Vernon can run and throw the ball with equal dexterity, they do this with a monster offensive line and a bevy of outstanding backs/receivers.  Barsby gets the ball up-field a number of ways, but with no notable standouts.  The Barsby inside run is nasty.   Defensively, the Dawgs swarm as does Vernon. Special teams are a draw.  So what do the tea leaves say about this one? Well, on paper and judging by the season, Vernon should overpower Barsby plain and simple.  Vegas would heartily agree.  I however, put no faith in "the stats". Come playoff football, high school kids create their own story and things rarely go according to anyone's script.  This one will be close. GI's Pick: Too close to call.

Ballenas Whalers vs Mission Roadrunners: A match-up between two of the best pure run teams in the Province.  What is neat is how differently each squad moves the ball via the ground.  The speed advantage goes to Mission.  The offensive line to Ballenas.   This will be a grinding affair.  The word "attrition" comes to mind.  Neither roster is overly deep in terms of numbers so the team that waivers first could find themselves in a hole.  Now the video to date on each team shouts run-run-run at the viewer.  It may just be however, that a couple big pass plays could also blow this one wide-open. On specials, the Whaler short-kick is a game changer while the Mission mortar kick is a nasty cuss as well.  I am going to give specials to the Whalers, but not by a lot. GI's Pick: Whalers by 4

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