Tuesday, December 23, 2014

JV Alignment 2015

A Debate Has Begun

Mixed or tiered JV Regular Season Play

Reasoned debates are a healthy thing.

Here is a perspective:

BCSSFA Junior Varsity 2014 (Regular Season)
AA vs. AA
53 games -average score difference of 24.3 points
Largest score difference: 86 points
18 Games (34%) decided by 14 points or less
21 Games (39%) decided by 28+ points

21 games -average score difference of 25.2 points
Largest score difference: 54 points
4 games (19%) decided by 14 points or less
9 games (43%) decided by 28+ points

AA vs. AAA
57 games -average score difference of 25.5 points
Largest score difference: 61 points
16 Games (28%) decided by 14 points or less
8 victories by AA teams over AAA teams
25 games (44%) decided by 28+ points

Have received some statistical comparisons of play this past year at the JV level.  Take a good read folks.  At face value this would lend itself to a sense of parity, particularly between the AAA vs AAA and AA vs AAA games.  Still, parity is not complete.  AA vs AA is where the percentage of close contest is most favorable.  The AA vs AAA margin of victory is decisive in terms of percentage is 44% to 28 % being 16 % from a 2-1 margin.

Still, this may be palatable to some from a mathematical point of view.  Thank goodness however, our species does not communicate in numbers.  Our literature would lose meaning and relevance.  Try sitting down by the fire and reading several chapters of great binary code or rich exchanges of prime numbers and algebraic formulae.  Could turn into one of those nights where you just couldn’t put that book down.

What is missing here, is the reality of cross-over play in mixed divisions.  You see, I would venture to say that the majority of AA teams facing AAA competition in the JV (***developmental***) league did not roll their benches very hard at all.  In fact, coaches seeking to 1) win the game 2) keep the score close 3) keep the integrity of their offensive, defensive and special teams units 4) prevent ridiculous one on one mismatches for safety reasons,  probably don’t play their complete rosters or anything approaching their complete rosters in such contests.   The result being that:  1) starting units become 2 and 3 way starters peppered perhaps with middle of the roaders here and there 2) Attrition due to injury over a season spikes (a mathematical risk-management certainty), many players, through no fault of their own other than physiological development do not see meaningful playing time and are relegated to being living, breathing hitting dummies at practice at a time in their football career where they should be getting more playing time on a level playing field.   The ripple effect of this being: 1) Sagging morale 2) Loss of interest in the sport 3) Depleted rosters mid-to late season.  This depletion of the roster numbers is compounded by the attrition taking place amongst the iron men.

Now, this situation gets big legs in year two and three.  You see, in small schools, with the smaller pool of eligible athletes, the loss of a player or five is huge: 1) Less kids move up to varsity from the previous year’s roster 2) The kids new to the sport/in less mature stages of adolescence are not dumb to the experience of those who preceeded them.  They figure out what is coming down the pipes and they vote with their feet by not even trying the sport.  Many of those who do, opt out at the first adversity they encounter with playing time/getting smacked around 3) This again factors in to the atrophy of their program.

Factor in things like coaching availability, geography, school culture et al and you see where this is headed.  Over time, the competitive gap between the strong and the week widens to the point of absurdity.

There is a reason for anti-trust law in the business world and there is a reason for numbered tiering and scheduling.   This is particularly so at our JV level of play.   The statistics above cannot adequately give a back story, illustrate how games were played or even come close to nuance.  They do not speak to “facts on the ground”, group psychology/perception, physical attrition or cumulative effect on programs.   They are descriptive in a stove piped way.  They are a tool to rationalize a point of view in an argument, but are merely a sentence in a much larger and layered story.   They are crude.

I would submit to everyone that the litmus test for determining whether or not JV football is aligned in the most proper way would be to measure how many young people come back to play again the following year.  Other forms of measurement beyond this single statistic being nothing more than commentary upon it.

If we retain football players in our respective programs from the grade 8/JV level, we are successful.  How else can success be measured?


Monday, December 15, 2014

BC Championship Game

Barsby 36 Mission 20

Great effort by both squads.  No quarter given, none asked for.  Hard Football All The Way.

Thus ends the 2014 season.  Time to reflect, consolidate and build a better mousetrap for 2015.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

AA BC Semi-Final Weekend

And Then There Were Four!

John Barsby Bulldogs vs Vernon Panthers: The Vernon steamroller has flattened all before it in 2014. Standing squarely in front of the Panthers are the John Barsby Bulldogs.  Barsby's road to the semi's has been a lot rougher go.   Both teams however, have earned their way into this game and are no strangers to the post-season.  Vernon can run and throw the ball with equal dexterity, they do this with a monster offensive line and a bevy of outstanding backs/receivers.  Barsby gets the ball up-field a number of ways, but with no notable standouts.  The Barsby inside run is nasty.   Defensively, the Dawgs swarm as does Vernon. Special teams are a draw.  So what do the tea leaves say about this one? Well, on paper and judging by the season, Vernon should overpower Barsby plain and simple.  Vegas would heartily agree.  I however, put no faith in "the stats". Come playoff football, high school kids create their own story and things rarely go according to anyone's script.  This one will be close. GI's Pick: Too close to call.

Ballenas Whalers vs Mission Roadrunners: A match-up between two of the best pure run teams in the Province.  What is neat is how differently each squad moves the ball via the ground.  The speed advantage goes to Mission.  The offensive line to Ballenas.   This will be a grinding affair.  The word "attrition" comes to mind.  Neither roster is overly deep in terms of numbers so the team that waivers first could find themselves in a hole.  Now the video to date on each team shouts run-run-run at the viewer.  It may just be however, that a couple big pass plays could also blow this one wide-open. On specials, the Whaler short-kick is a game changer while the Mission mortar kick is a nasty cuss as well.  I am going to give specials to the Whalers, but not by a lot. GI's Pick: Whalers by 4

Sunday, November 16, 2014

2014 AA Varsity Quarter-Finals

BC Quarter-Finals

There are now eight AA Varsity teams left who are still practicing.  This time next week, there will be four.  The opening round this year had a couple eyebrow raising scores but nothing spectacularly out of place.  The great unknown headed into the quarters is who got out of the first round healthy and who is nursing some injuries.

Opening Round Scores

Vernon 35   Argyle 0

Carson Graham 55 Duchess Park 6

Ballenas 51 Westsyde 6

John Barsby 41 Prince George 0

Hugh Boyd 26 G.W. Graham 20

Seaquam 39 Pitt Meadows 28

Abbottsford 34 Frank Hurt 0

Mission 35  Robert Bateman 0

GI's Picks

Abbottsford @ Vernon: This match-up intrigues the hec out of me.  The athletes and size on both rosters are insane!  Abbey throws the ball very, very well and has built itself around wide-open offense. Vernon is more balanced, but can do it all.  The weather is going to have a say as well.  Defensively, both teams have shut-down groups and give up points very grudgingly. Abbey has played a tougher schedule than Vernon, but when the interior squad faced a a very good Argyle squad, they did not miss a dominant beat.  Home field has a say as well.  Based on weather, home field and Vernon's record to date, I have to give this one to em.    GI's Pick: Vernon by 7

Seaquam @ John Barsby: Barsby is playing some very, very good defense of late and with one Carson Graham sized 28 pt. hic-up, the Dawgs have been making it tough on opposing offenses. Seaquam can score however and their vertical game/screens are impressive.  Up front, the size goes to the SeaHawks.  Overall team quickness goes to Barsby.  Home field, Barsby.   GI's Pick: Barsby by 9

Carson Graham @ Mission: Wow, another great match-up.  Carson picked-up its game big-time on the road vs Duchess Park last week and they now get a Mission squad who received their wake-up call in week 10 from Abbey.  Mission matches up better up front and has the best athlete on the field. Carson is getting healthy and has more roster depth.  If Carson can stay balanced on offensse, they will cause the Roadrunners some fits.  Last team holding the ball wins. That means turnovers will play havoc on someone.  GI's Pick: Carson by 2

Ballenas @ Hugh Boyd: Ballenas finally meets a team that can hang with em up front, at least for awhile.  Hugh Boyd has had a pretty fine season to date.  This game may very well come down to who can pass more effectively and defend the same.  GI's Pick: Ballenas by 10

Sunday, November 9, 2014

2014 AA Playoffs Round 1

AA Varsity Round One Playoffs

Week Ten In Review

The season ended with a huge upset of the Mission Roadrunners by the Abbottsford Panthers.  I do not think the Mission program has lost a divisional game since 2009, perhaps earlier.  This was big people.  The East has reached parity officially.  In much the same way, Nanaimo District gave Carson Graham the scare of its 2014 life by opening up with a 48-13 lead during the 3rd quarter.  What followed next was one of the great reversals I have witnessed.   Kind of mind numbing.  Up north, the Interior conference asserted itself as a notch above the Northern division in a series of seeding games. Now, we are on to playoffs.

Gridiron's AA Varsity Top 5

1. Vernon Panthers
2. Abbottsford Panthers
3. Mission Roadrunners
4. John Barsby Bulldogs
5. Ballenas Whalers

GI's Picks

G.W. Graham @ Hugh Boyd:  This game is going to be about defense plain and simple.  Both teams can score quickly, especially with good field position. If the Trojans can keep the Grizzlies to under three scores, they win.  GI's Pick: Boyd by 8

Westsyde @ Ballenas: This year's Westsyde squad has quietly put together the best varsity season the program has enjoyed in twenty years.  Well done!  Ballenas however, is on a roll and has home field. The Whaler running game has had only one setback all year and will likely not suffer another this Saturday.  GI's Pick: Whalers by 18

Robert Bateman @ Mission:  These teams know each other as good as any two groups in the Province.  Mission has been culling the Wolfpack for years and I see no reason for this to discontinue, especially coming off of a divisional loss.  The on field match-ups go in Mission's favour across the board.  GI's Pick: Roadrunners by 24

Carson Graham @ Duchess Park:  The Eagles continue their Jekyl and Hyde season on the road this week.  Duchess has made great strides over the years and will have to bring their A-Game in order to compete.  I like the Carson passing game in this contest with just enough run to give the Condors fits. GI's Pick: Carson by 19

Prince George @ John Barsby:  The Polars have been having a great season.  They now travel about as far as one can travel in-province for a tilt vs the John Barsby Bulldogs in the Dawg's back yard. Bit of a connection here as one of the JB coaches is a PGSS alumni and one of the PGSS coaches is a Bulldog Alumni/former Quarterback.  Football is truly a small family.  Once the meet and greet is over, their is a playoff game to get taken care of.  The Barsby defense is going to be a tough nut to crack and the offense has been held to less than 30 pts. only once this year.  GI's Pick: Barsby by 18

Pitt Meadows @ Seaquam:  The Marauders are the lower seed but they come from a way tougher conference and their style of play will reflect this.  Look for Pitt to get it done with smashmouth running and blocking.  Defensively the SeaHawks will hit a brick wall.  GI's Pick: Pitt by 21

Argyle @ Vernon:  Well folks, this should easily be the best game of the first round.  Argyle plays some great offense on artificial turf and is physically on par with the number 1 ranked Panthers.  This said, the Pipers are on the road and Vernon feels like they have a special year on their hands.  The Panthers need to run the ball effectively to win this game.  That IS the recipe.  Argyle needs to play within themselve and opportunistic when the situations come their way.  GI's Pick: Vernon by 12

Frank Hurt @ Abbottsford:  The Panthers are coming off of the biggest win in program history and enter this game with serious swagger.  Arguably, they have a top two roster in terms of athleticism. Frank Hurt is going to get flattened.  GI's Pick: Abbey by 29 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

AA Varsity Week Ten

Week Ten

Week Nine In Review

#1 Vernon and Clarence Fulton tangled for 1st Place in the Interior on Saturday

Week Nine was decisive in the West with Barsby taking care of business on the road vs Carson and then getting help from arch-rival Ballenas to secure first place in the division.  Ballenas played big vs Argyle at home on Saturday and secured the number two seed out of the West.  Carson Graham has to win next Friday on the road in Nanaimo to secure the number 3 seed while Argyle must be content to have its fate decided by the Eagles.  Windsor may get in to the tourney as well with a big win over Sentinel, but ultimately, the league executive will have to choose between the Dukes and the #5 Eastern team, the Robert Bateman Timberwolves for the final playoff seed.  In the Interior, it was smooth sailing for Vernon as they finish number one.  Hugh Boyd, the emerging provincial dark horse clobbered another divisional foe to finish undefeated out of the South. 

Taking a long look at the 2014 season, it is immediately striking as to just how much parity is out there.  It would appear that there are at least seven to eight teams that have an equal shot at the Subway Bowl!  Parity is the word at the AA varsity level this year with no clear pair of juggernauts apparent.  Not a bad thing!!  So we step into the great adventure to come and this reminds me of a Joe Campbell thought:

"Follow your bliss.
The heroic life is living the individual adventure.
There is no security
in following the call to adventure.

Nothing is exciting
if you know
what the outcome is going to be."
Joseph Campbell in A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living



John Barsby 30 Carson Graham 28

Frank Hurt 7 Moscrop 0


Windsor 41 Nanaimo District 34 (OT)

Hugh Boyd 34 Holy Cross 3

G.W. Graham 38 Robert Bateman 22

South Kamloops 32 Valleyview 0


Ballenas 48 Argyle 12

Vernon 29 Clarence Fulton 0

Abbottsford 51 Rick Hansen 7

Mission 15 Samuel Roberts 0

GI's AA Top 5

1. Vernon Panthers
2. Mission Roadrunners
3. John Barsby Bulldogs
4. Ballenas Whalers
5. Carson Graham Eagles/Abbottsford Panthers

Honourable Mention

Abbottsford Panthers, Duchess Park Condors, Pitt Meadows Marauders, Hugh Boyd Trojans

GI's Week 10 Picks

Carson Graham @ Nanaimo District: The Eagles finish up the regular season on the road, on grass, in Nanaimo against a quality Islander squad who are playing together one last time as Sr.'s on their home dirt.  If the Islanders can take care of their pass coverage early on, this game could entertain! GI's Pick: Carson by 16

Mission @ Abbottsford: Huge and meaningful game out in the Valley.  At stake, first place in the East! If Mission wins, they win the conference outright and Abbey falls to third place.  If Abbey wins, they are in a three way tie with Mission and Pitt.  Pitt having beaten Abbey early in the season.  Things will then go to a score differential between the three teams in head-to head.  My calculus has Abbey needing to win by 21.  (I may be off on this however.) Mission will have had an extra-week of prep headed into this one and they will need it.  These teams have been rivals playing tough and big games against one another since they were wee little JV's with the Roadrunners maintaining the upper hand across the years.  If they are not careful, this could be their divisional Waterloo.  The best single player on the field wears a Mission uniform. Roster depth goes to the Panthers.  Toughness and "want to", well that is a toss-up. Would love to be on hand in person to watch this one.  I admire those who get to see it!  GI's Pick: Mission by 1 in an epic squeaker.

Robert Bateman @ Rick Hansen: Last game of the season for these two squads.  Lots of pride on the line and the swan song game for two accomplished groups of Grade 12 players.  Bateman has been playing a more consistent game of ball throughout the season and I see no reason for this to change. GI's Pick: Timberwolves by 19

Windsor @ Sentinel: Windsor is coming off of a big, big win on Friday and will finish the regular season adding to their momentum  as they tangle with their old rival the Sentinel Spartans.  Look for plenty of offense in this one for the Dukes.  GI's Pick: Windsor by 18 plus.

Vernon vs Duchess Park:  The number 1 and 2 seed North of Hope gets determined by this game. Both teams are rich in playoff experience and have a fine group of athletes.  Both are undefeated in league play as well.  The offenses are balanced and there is much size up front.  Weather is going to be a big factor.  I always double down on teams with a good running game in November outdoor tilts. Vernon may have an edge here, but not as big as some folks think.  Defensively, the Panthers have been posting bigger numbers.  This is where the contest will be won.  GI's Pick: Vernon by 10

Prince George vs Westsyde:  Lots on the line here as this game determines Interior/North 3/4 seed into the playoffs.  The Polars are big, strong and love sledgehammer football.  Not a bad recipe for November and outdoors!  Westsyde will roll in with a more dynamic attack on the offensive side.  This game will be about defense and creating turnovers.  If the weather turns nasty, the kicking game looms large. GI's Pick: Polars by 3

Projected AA Varsity Playoff Draw

       Round #1
      Nov. 14 & 15
Host Highest Seed

Top Half

SOUTH #1 HughBoyd
East #4
GW Graham
West #2
Int/Nor #3
East #1
E/W #5
West #3
Carson Graham
Int/Nor #2
Duchess Park/Vernon

Bottom Half
Int/Nor #4
East #3
Int/Nor #1
West #4
South #3
Frank Hurt
East #2
Pitt Meadows

GI's AA JV Top Five

1. Abbottsford Panthers
2. Holy Cross Crusaders
3. G.W. Graham Grizzlies
4. Ballenas Whalers
5. John Barsby Bulldogs/Duchess Park Condors

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gridiron's Week 9

AA Varsity Week Nine

Week 9, as it should, will be big, big, big for multiple squads.  The West is a traffic jam at the top with all the marbles at stake come Thursday, Barsby @ Carson and Saturday, Argyle @ Ballenas. When these games are played-out, look for the seeding 1-4 to be set.  A similar situation exists in every conference except the North.  Halloween weekend could certainly be trick or treat for more than one team.  Week 9 will also be for several squads, the culmination of a season and a high school career for their Sr.'s.  No regrets guys, you have demonstrated the courage to step into the arena and compete, to measure yourselves physically and mentally not only on game day, but every practice and workout session attended since you first put on a helmet.   You have made some life-long friendships, built memories and gave of yourselves to a higher cause.  There are no failures amongst you, only better people.  As the football herd thins itself in 2014, take a moment everyone to give your teammates a pat on the back, appreciate the competition you face/have faced, thank your parents and coaches, and give those referees a nod of respect, for without one or the other, there is no football and the world would be a poorer place for it.

Week Eight In Review

Carson Graham and Ballenas have caught fire and are playing tremendous football at exactly the right time in the season leaving a trail of frustration and flattened defenses in their wake.  Mission and Vernon win another game with the Roadrunners yet to be seriously tested vs AA competition. Barsby bounces up on to their feet in a zany fashion, Abbey makes a statement and the Marauders, well, they live up to their namesake.  In the Interior, the Clarence Fulton Maroons continued their ascent to their cross-town week 9 showdown.  The South gets itself a couple of tight games that sort out the post season prospects for several squads.  It was a defining weekend at the AA level for sure and the table is set for a decisive week 9 to follow.



Mission 38 Nanaimo District 7
Vernon 42 Westsyde 7
John Barsby 38 Windsor 18
Pitt Meadows 50 Rick Hansen 0
Carson Graham 34 No 5 Argyle 7
Holy Cross 48 Moscrop 46 (OT)
Abbotsford 44 Robert Bateman 28
Clarence Fulton 33 Valleyview 0
GW Graham 15 Samuel Robertson 0

Ballenas 44 Sentinel 0
Seaquam 9 Frank Hurt 0
Gridiron's AA Varsity Top 5

1. Vernon Panthers
2. Mission Roadrunners
3. Carson Graham Eagles
4. Ballenas Whalers
5. John Barsby Bulldogs

Honourable Mention

Pitt Meadows Marauders, Abbottsford Panthers. Hugh Boyd Trojans, Duchess Park Condors. Argyle Pipers

GI's Picks


John Barsby @ Carson Graham: Nothing riding on this game except first place seed out of the West, pride and potential retribution for last year's Subway Bowl dramatics. Naw, garden variety stuff taking place Thursday on the North Shore.  Carson rolls into this game on fire and scoring points by the bushell.  The Eagles have been getting it done on by air, ground and on specials as good as anyone in AA ball.  But for a week 4 loss to Ballenas coming off of the strike, this team should by all rights be undefeated.  Barsby has with one notable loss, been finding ways to win games this year that are way outside their traditional offensive box.  The roster it would seem, always has a bigger say than an offensive coordinator's "philosophy".  The ball has been getting in the end zone however, and that ultimately, is what counts.  Defensively, Barsby will be challenged in ways it has not come up against thus far in 2014.  The Eagles are balanced and rain points on the opposition.  On the defensive side of the ball, Carson is going to have to find a way to match-up against against Barsby's big play receivers.  Up front, I see a slight edge to the Eagles in terms of size.  The kicking game should be huge!  GI's Pick: Carson by 8

Moscrop @ Frank Hurt:  A meaningful game for both teams.  Each is desperate for a win and each has a Jekyle and Hyde mentality this year.  I think Moscrop has the deeper roster and more explosive athletes. GI's Pick: Give this one to the Panthers by 6


Nanaimo District @ Windsor: This game is one of the great match-ups of the whole weekend!  The Dukes are playing very tough football and so are the Islanders.  Windsor's running game will challenge the Islanders, but the Duke defense will also find itself under siege by the Islander offense. There are going to be a lot of points scored in this football game! Special teams and whomever finds their defensive selves as the game progresses will be the difference maker.  GI's Pick: Windsor by 4

Sentinel @ Pitt Meadows: Poor Sentinel, they just got flattened by BC's best pure running game at the hands of Ballenas and they now stagger down the highway to play Pitt Meadows, owners of an offense that would challenge Ballenas for that moniker.  This week and last will be the test of the Spartan mental toughness that echos through program history as a positive or negative turning point.  A lot rides on the shoulders of this year's team and if they can answer the bell, they can take credit for the great things that will follow in years to come.  Pitt, well they are looking to grease their tank treads for the playoffs to follow. GI's Pick: Pitt by 30 plus.

Salmon Arm @ Westsyde: This will be a good Interior scrap with the roster edge going to the Golds and home field to Westsyde.  I think that the approaching week of practice will have a say for both teams and that turnovers will figure prominently.  GI's Pick: Salmon Arm by 7

Holy Cross @ Hugh Boyd: Holy Cross is coming off of an emotional victory with a lot of points on the board.  For their sake, the Crusaders had better have dialed things in at 12:01 AM Sunday morning because they are up against the only legit contender coming out of the South this season in Hugh Boyd.  The Trojans have been devastatingly effective on defense and rolling up the points playing on short fields against all comers.  Look for another big, big day for the black and gold. GI's Pick: Trojans by 27

Robert Bateman @ G.W. Graham: A great East Conference match-up that has massive playoff implications for both squads.  Graham has a slight edge on athletes and a week of rest under their belts.  Bateman has been slugging it out week after week and has a battle tested look about em.  In the end, some perimeter match-ups will be prominent when these two clash and Graham has the speed.  GI's Pick: Grizzlies by 10

South Kamloops @ Valleyview: This is a pride game for both groups of Sr.'s come Friday.  Many of these players are a short seven moths away from being BCFC teammates with the Broncos.  Always good to have H.S. bragging rights in the locker-room for the next four years.  I think the Titans are playing more consistent and competitive ball of late. GI's Pick: Titans by 11


Vernon @ Clarence Fulton:  This will be Vernon's biggest test in divisional play this year.  The game will be close until the opening kick-off and then the avalanche will begin.  No disrespect to the Maroons who have put together a fine season for themselves, but the rosters are a mismatch and more importantly, Vernon has the power of program pushing them forwards as the previous 4-5 years will have a say on game day. GI's Pick: Panthers by 27 plus.

Argyle @ Ballenas: The Pipers are in a state of collective shock after getting dusted by Carson Graham on Friday,  They are on the road and are coming up against the best pure running game they have faced all year and are playing this game in November!  Compounding this situation are two more factors that will definitely weigh in: 1) Argyle passes a lot 2) The game is going to be played on Whaler Grass, wet grass at that. This game will be a 9 on 7 muddy Disneyland.  Add wind, and it will be a waking nightmare for the visitors.  GI's Pick: Whalers by 19 plus.

Rick Hansen @ Abbottsford: Two teams headed different directions.  Time for the Hurricanes to play hard and play for each other. Time to build some more positive memories for the Sr.'s to carry forward into their lives.  The Panthers on the other hand, are on a collision course with an open ended playoff run. GI's Pick: Abbey by 28 

AA Jr. Varsity Top Five

1. Abbottsford Panthers
2. G.W. Graham Grizzlies
3. Duchess Park Condors
4. Ballenas Whalers / John Barsby Bulldogs
5. Carson Graham Eagles

Honourable Mention

Nanaimo District Islanders, Windsor Dukes, Rick Hansen Hurricanes, Robert Bateman Timberwolves

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gridiron's Week 8

Week 8, 2014

Week Seven In Review

A busy weekend of ball with statement games from Argyle, Abbottsford, Mission, Hugh Boyd and Ballenas.  The Pipers played great ball en-route to defeating Barsby on its home turf.  This program is now playing at a level it has not experienced before and the air has to smell pretty fresh for em.  Big divisional games await vs Carson and Ballenas however.  Abbey continued to roll vs G.W. Graham, the Roadrunners picked-up a quality win vs Pitt, Boyd served notice that it is the class of the South and Ballenas steamrolled on the ground for another consecutive week.    Up North, PGSS gave powerhouse Duchess Park all it could handle coming-up just short while Nanaimo District got a quality win on the Island.  Carson Graham had an epic rivalry game vs Handsworth that was a pure rollercoaster of entertainment.  Vernon, chugged along in the interior with another lopsided win.

Week 7 Scores


Duchess Park 26 Correlieu 13


Robert Bateman 37 Earl Marriot 0
Vernon37 Salmon Arm 12
Westsyde 38 Valleyview 6
Nanaimo District 34 Sentinel 6
Mission 33 Pitt Meadows 13
Argyle 13 John Barsby 12
Seaquam 28 Moscrop 8
Nechako Valley 28 Kelley Road 0
Duchess Park 21 Prince George 16
Hugh Boyd 41 Frank Hurt 0
Abbottsford 40 G.W. Graham 24


Ballenas 41 Windsor 6
Carson Graham 49 Handsworth 48
Clarence Fulton 28 South Kamloops 12

GI's AA Varsity Top Five

1. Vernon Panthers
2. Mission Roadrunners
3. Argyle Pipers
4. Abbottsford Panthers
5. Ballenas Whalers

Honourable Mention

John Barsby Bulldogs, Carson Graham Eagles, Hugh Boyd Trojans, Duchess Park Condors

GI's Picks

Nanaimo District @ Mission:  The Islanders have stepped-up their game over the course of the season and have done themselves proud.  They travel this year to play Mission and the dynamic Jesse Walker.  Defending the run has been the achilles heel for this crew though they have improved.  They will surely be tested by the Roadrunners. GI's Pick: Mission by 25 plus.

Carson Graham @ Argyle:  Both teams are coming off of emotional wins from this past weekend. Healthy rosters and depth will have a big, big say on the field come Friday.  I like the Carson offense to be a difference maker in this one as they are very balanced and score quickly and in bunches. Argyle needs to stalemate the special teams battle and score more than 24 points to win this game. GI's Pick:   Carson Graham in an upset by 5

John Barsby @ Windsor: Barsby is on the road for the first time this year and it is against a tough Windsor crew playing on their home turf.  It is a bounce back game for both teams coming off of tough losses this past weekend.  Look for this to be a defensive struggle early on. GI's Pick: Barsby by 7

Abbottsford @ Robert Bateman: This is another of the great Valley rivalry games.  Both programs have had up and down years against one another with the rosters very familiar with one another. Abbottsford is really hitting its stride right now and this does not bode well for the Timberwolves.  Look for a decent number of points on the board come Friday with the Panthers ultimately prevailing. GI's Pick: Abbey by 11

Holy Cross @ Moscrop: Judging by October scores thus far, this should be an interesting game to watch.  Moscrop got off to a good start this year and then has produced inconsistent play.  Cross is still trying to figure out the recipe for consistent wins as well. GI's Pick: Crusaders by 9

Vernon @ Westsyde: The Kamloops squad wearing blue has been a pleasant surprise this year!  These guys have put together some good performances in conference play.  Vernon however is playing football at a whole different level and ought to cruise through this game like a plow through fresh powder. GI's Pick: Vernon by 25 plus.

South Kamloops @ Salmon Arm: The Golds are playing more consistent, quality ball than SKS.  Home field advantage and a stronger running game will be paydirt for the hosts. GI's Pick:Golds by 11

Clarence Fulton @ Valleyview: I like the ever improving Maroons in this one as their game seems to be more complete in all three phases. GI's Pick: Fulton by 12

Rick Hansen @ Pitt Meadows: Hansen has had some great quality prep time for this contest and Pitt is coming off of several bruising contests of its own.  This one will go down to the wire with Hansen picking up the W with a healthier roster. GI's Pick: Hurricanes by 6


Frank Hurt @ Seaquam: It would seem that Seaquam has a bit of belief in their hearts after last week vs Moscrop.  The Hornets run the ball reasonably well however and that is a problem this year for the Seaquam defense. This will be a close, close game that comes down to eliminating big plays either way.  GI's Pick: Hornets by 3

Ballenas @ Sentinel: Sentinel is playing on its home field which is absolutely huge for them. Ballenas is running the ball better than any time since 2008 and there is a swagger that comes with this kind of physicality.  I just do not see enough depth on the Spartan roster to slow down the Whaler juggernaut. GI's Pick: Whalers by 25 plus.
JV AA Top Five

1. Abbottsford
2. G.W. Graham
3. Mission
4. Duchess Park
5. Ballenas

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gridiron's Week Seven

Week Six In Review

It was Old School Smash Mouth Football between neighborhood rivals Nanaimo District and John Barsby
Friday Night! 
This was a big week that saw a new number one emerge provincially and divisional races heat-up! The big news is my new number one.  The Vernon Panthers! It has been a singular pleasure watching the rise of this program since 2011.  The Panthers have compiled a series of consecutive winning seasons at JV and Varsity and each year have fielded a more complete unit than the previous season. This team/program has great depth and I believe, may be the first Interior/North team to run the table since the old Kam High Red Devils of yore.  That is saying a lot, because we are talking three decades and change here!!  Keep an eye on these guys, Vegas is going wild on em.  Up north, the Prince George Polars set the stage for a first place showdown with divisional powerhouse Duchess Park by steamrolling to a second consecutive lopsided win over Nechako Valley.  I'd love to have a seat at Masich Park to watch this one go down!  Pitt Meadows, down three starters up-front, hammered its way to a 14-0 shutout of Robert Bateman.  This puts the Marauders in position to challenge the resident Lords of the East Conference Mission Roadrunners for first place in that gritty division.  Mission had a stellar first half vs G.W. Graham building a 26-0 lead and coasting to a 26-6 win over the Grizzlies.  I now think I may have to sit back at GI's HQ and watch live drone feeds of the big game up north and this one come the weekend.  The Southern Conference which looked to be a bit of a bust a short two weeks ago now has signs of fight with Hugh Boyd racking impressive wins this week and last.  The Trojans have a HUGE face-off versus the Frank Hurt Hornets next week and again, time to send-up another drone to get some real-time video this tilt.  Exciting as hec I say!  Out West, Argyle earned itself a program milestone by defeating  a varsity Windsor squad for the first time in program history.  The Pipers are licking their chops for a crack at Barsby next Friday and a second big milestone.  In Nanaimo, the Islanders and Bulldogs squared off in a superb, physical contest Friday night.  The score was close for three quarters before roster depth and fatigue had its say.  A lot of mutual respect was earned at the 2014 Ray Kocher Classic football game.

Vernon HC Coach Smith speaks with Howard Tsmurra: http://blogs.theprovince.com/2014/10/16/podcast-varsity-letters-is-back-with-sfu-hoops-and-new-west-vernon-football-previews/

Week 6 Scores


Prince George 30 Correlieu 6


Vernon 53 Valleyview 7
Pitt Meadows 14 Robert Bateman 0
Argyle 21 Windsor 7
Clarence Fulton 48 Salmon Arm 22
Prince George 40 Nechako Valley 0
John Barsby 39 Nanaimo District 6
Mission 26 G.W. Graham 6
Hugh Boyd 38 Moscrop 6
Kelley Road 60 College Heights 10
Vernon 53 Valleyview 7
Abbottsford 63 Samuel Roberts 0


Carson Graham 40  Sentinel 6
Seaquam 33 Holy Cross 25

GI's Top 5

1. Vernon Panthers
2. Mission Roadrunners
3. John Barsby Bulldogs
4. Ballenas Whalers
5. Carson Graham Eagles

Honourable Mention

Argyle Pipers, Pitt Meadows Marauders, Duchess Park Condors, Hugh Boyd Trojans, Abbottsford Panthers

GI's Picks


Correlieu @ Duchess Park:  This game will be a great tune-up for the Condors heading into a short week of practice before the big game vs PGSS.  Time to get some bugs out of the system, roll the bench good and get focused on the task ahead.  GI's Pick: Black and Gold by 42


Sentinel @ Nanaimo District:  I really like the match-ups here!  This game should go down to the wire.  Having seen both teams in action, the aerial dogfight should be reminiscent of The Battle Of Britain!  On the ground it is going to be fast and furious.  The Sentinel run defense is very good and it will have to be as the Islander run game is sneaky fast.  GI's Pick: Islanders by 2

Pitt Meadows @ Mission: If this game could be played exclusively between the hash marks I'd call it a complete toss-up.  It won't be however, and this is problematic for Pitt as they face the most dynamic player in AA Varsity play.  There will be some good banging for sure and Mission will be tested physically on defense, but the Marauders will have as much chance of tracking down the Mission athlete as they would chasing a laser pointer around the field.  GI's Pick: Mission by 21

Salmon Arm @ Vernon:  How many consecutive weeks can Vernon hang fifty plus points on its opponent?  Not sure, but add this one to the total. The Panthers are surging in every phase of the game and may kick-it into an even higher gear on Friday.  GI's Pick: Vernon by 41

Earl Marriot @ Robert Bateman:  The Timberwolves are looking to reclaim some lost momentum and the Mariners are just what the doctor ordered.   This game will be a track-meet in an autumn setting. GI's Pick: Bateman by 30 plus

Seaquam @ Moscrop: If you are looking for some wide-open football entertainment, gaze no further than this tilt.  Both teams like to open it up offensively, both have surrendered a lot of points to date, and both squads are evenly matched.  Football is fun in such scenarios.  GI's Pick: Moscrop by 4

Argyle@ John Barsby: This battle between undefeateds will likely be just that, a battle.  Both teams are run-pass balanced and both teams play a physical brand of defense.  I give the edge up front to Argyle and a small special teams edge to Barsby.  Two years ago these rosters met at JV producing one of the most epic games I have ever seen.  Barsby got by with some trickery against some inexperience.  That inexperience no longer exists.  This game will be close. GI's Pick: Barsby by 3

Kelley Road @ Nechako Valley:  The Roadrunners can well, run, run, run the football.  They are bigger, stronger and faster than their hosts.  GI's Pick: Roadrunners by 19

Prince George @ Duchess Park: The Polars have made huge strides this year in all phases of the game.  The roster is experienced and the second most physical/talented in the North Division. Problem for them is the fact that they are playing the most physical/talented group in the division. Duchess is hungry for a test and I am sure that no one on the squad is looking past cross-town rival PGSS.  GI's Pick: Condors by 18

Valleyview @ Westsyde: Tough one to call.  I picked against Westsyde a couple weeks back and they served me crowe on a platter.  Valleyview is coming off of a nightmare game vs Vernon and is likely a bit tenderized.  GI's Pick: Westsyde by 3

Abbottsford @ G.W. Graham:  This is going to be fun, fun, fun and quite frankly, drone-worthy.  These teams always play each other tough and a playoff seed is on the line.  There are great match-ups across the board and contrasting styles of play.  The fans will be out in droves and the pads a cracking.  GI's Pick: Grizzlies by 2

Frank Hurt @ Hugh Boyd: This is probably the best Hugh Boyd squad since the middle of the first decade of the 2000's.  There is momentum and importantly, experience and roster depth.  The Hornets have sustained a decent level of play the past several years and are on track for more of the same. The Trojan Defense will be the difference maker on Friday.  GI's Pick: Trojans by 8

Rick Hansen @ Samuel Roberts: SRT is coming off of a nightmare defensive outing vs Abbey and could very well get fed more of the same by the Hurricanes on Friday.  Hansen put up points against a very good Mission team earlier this season and has had a bye week to prepare.  GI's Pick: Hansen by 33


South Kamloops @ Clarence Fulton: The Maroons seem to be finding their offensive and defensive selves.  South Kamloops is a bit of an enigma.  GI's Pick: Fulton by 12

Windsor @ Ballenas: This is an intriguing game.  Windsor can throw the ball pretty well and Ballenas defensively, has found it's 2014 defensive struggles to be in that area.  Offensively, the Ballenas offensive line continues to be amongst the best in AA.  This bodes well for late fall games on grass and in the weather.  Special teams are a toss-up. GI's Pick: Ballenas by 14

Handsworth (AAA) @ Carson Graham: The Buchannan Bowl has not been derailed by the events of 2014.  Good!  This rivalry game will be another dandy.  Carson has the deeper roster and is really hitting its stride.  Look for a big day on the ground for the Eagles.  GI's Pick: Carson by 7


GI's Top 5

1. G.W. Graham
2. Abbottsford
3. Mission
4. Duchess Park
5. Ballenas

Monday, October 6, 2014

Gridiron\s Week Six

AA Varsity Week Six

Much was revealed this past weekend in tilts across the province.  In the East it looks like Pitt has secured the inside track to at least the number two seed which is going to put Grizzlies and Panthers into a collision course for a 3-4 seed determining dust-up.  Out West, Ballenas took a big step towards solidifying a number two seed with a solid run based victory over Nanaimo District.  Carson Graham served notice that they are playing for all the marbles with a decisive win over Windsor. The Vernon Panthers and Duchess Park Condors won convincingly again in Interior/Northern Play.  Both teams appear to be "The Real Deal".  The South is also taking shape with Frank Hurt and Hugh Boyd playing statement games!  I dined on some crowe for sure with the Hornets defeating the Crusaders!  More Crowe served-up on Saturday as well with the Westsyde crew earning a big feather in their caps en-route to taking down the Clarence Fulton Maroons.  You just never know what is going to happen these days in AA Varsity Ball!


John Barsby Bulldogs 37 Sentinel 0
Ballenas Whalers 62 Nanaimo District Islanders 24
Vernon Panthers 55 South Kamloops Titans 16
Pitt Meadows Marauders 27 G.W. Graham Grizzlies 26
Duchess Park Condors 42 Nechako Valley Vikings 8
Robert Bateman 35 Samuel Roberts Technical Titans 6
Mission 52-Rick Hansen 26
Hugh Boyd 22-Seaquam 7
Frank Hurt 19-Holy Cross 18
Westsyde 32-Clarence Fulton 30

GI's Top Five

1. John Barsby Bulldogs
2. Mission Roadrunners
3. Vernon Panthers
4. Carson Graham Eagles
5. Argyle Pipers

Honourable Mention

Ballenas Whalers, Duchess Park Condors, Holy Cross Crusaders, Pitt Meadows Marauders

GI's Picks


John Barsby @ Nanaimo District: This game features two offenses that have found an appreciation for the forward pass in 2014.  Last week they combined for over 70 attempts and 8 TD's via the air vs their respective opponents.  I see no reason for this pattern to change looking at the rosters!  Another big byline is the fact that many players on both rosters have competed against one another since age 10.  This will be the final tilt between the two groups of Sr.'s before they graduate and hopefully become teammates on some future next level squad.  Win or lose, the football experience has been richer for having one another to play.  GI's Pick: Barsby by 20

Valleyview @ Vernon: This could be Vernon's biggest test in divisional play.  The Panthers have the dominant roster and depth at all positions however and should pound their way into the endzone frequently enough to be leading big by mid-third quarter.  GI's Pick: Panthers by 27

Pitt Meadows @ Robert Bateman:  This game will be fairly close for the first half and then the Pitt running game will assert itself physically and on the scoreboard.  Look for a few trick plays by Bateman early on to try to even things out, but |I just don't see a W on their horizon come Friday. GI's Pick: Pitt by 17

Argyle @ Windsor: Green field, green uniforms, a splash of yellow....no, we are not calling this the Acorn Squash Bowl.  This would have been one of this season's "toss-up" games had not the Windsor QB suffered an unfortunate setback vs Carson this past weekend.   This said, both teams are very, very well coached and match-up pretty well at key positions.  Roster depth and overall size go to Argyle and this, combined with a healthy roster will be decisive as the Pipers look to secure their first win against the Varsity Dukes in program history.  Windsor will keep the game close defensively and I see a few interceptions on the horizon for this unit.  Won't be enough.  GI's Pick: Argyle by 12

Westsyde @ South Kamloops: The Titans have historically dominated this game and this will be a new chapter in that book.  Look for lots of scores via the air and ground come Friday.  GI's Pick: South Kamloops by 23

Kelly Road @ College Heights: Good match-up Friday in PG. I like the Roadrunner run game in this one to be decisive.  GI's Pick: Kelly Road by 14

Clarence Fulton @ Salmon Arm: The Maroons are getting better week to week.  They will need to be on top of things as they travel to play the always tough Salmon Arm squad.  GI's Pick: Golds by 6

Nechako Valley @ Prince George:  Prince George had a pretty good JV season in 2013 and it will now really start gaining traction.  Look for the Polars to assert themselves physically en route to a big W for the program.  GI's Pick: PG by 13

Samuel Roberts @ Abbottsford:  SRT is just plain outmatched at every position and in terms of roster depth.  Abbottsford is rounding into playoff form and is playing in front of the home fans.  GI's Pick: Abbey by 22

Mission @ G.W. Graham:  There will be a very, very big crowd on hand for this game.  Graham varsity has existed in Mission's shaddow since the inception of the Grizzly program.  It is no secret in the Valley or the rest of the province for that matter that the natural challenger to Mission in terms of being the top-rail program out that way is G.W. Graham.  These players know each other and it comes down to a one shot deal for Grizzly redemption.  Graham has all the pieces to pull off an upset.  Big question, can they prepare thoroughly enough and sustain the focus and effort upsetwhat is possibly BC's best AA squad?  I am not betting on it. GI's Pick: Roadrunners by 26


Carson Graham @ Sentinel: This game will be very physical up front and will come down to who has the most consistent running game.  Both teams pass and defend the pass quite well.  Carson wins the roster depth game hands down and in my opinion, can run the ball better.  Look for things to be close for a quarter and then the game to be broken wide open in the second.  GI's Pick: Carson by 31

Seaquam @ Holy Cross: I like the Crusaders in this one.  They are in better shape and they can pound the ball much more effectively than their opponents.  Holy Cross is beginning to round into playoff form and this will be demonstrated in convincing fashion come Saturday.  GI's Pick: Crusaders by 21

AA JV Rankings

1. G.W. Graham Grizzlies
2. Abbottsford Panthers
3. Mission Roadrunners
4. Duchess Park Condors
5. John Barsby Bulldogs

Honourable Mention

Ballenas Whalers, Vernon Panthers, Seaquam Seahawks, Carson Graham Eagles

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Grid Iron's Picks Week Five

Here We Go!

Well, well, the strike is over and the week 4 ripple to follow has ended.  We are back at er in earnest now and this is good, very, very good.  I am going to start this thing small, and see how the energies flow.  At some point, there will be a piece on the whole thing we just went through, along with some other thoughts on the state of High School Football as a whole.  It would seem that there are some long-term concerns/distractions, but I digress.

GI's AA Varsity Top Five

1. John Barsby Bulldogs: The Dawgs have a ferocious defense and are quite balanced offensively.  Special teams are better than average as well.  There is roster numbers and as the season unfolds, increasing depth as a large group of players who are new to the game, gain experience.  I think week to week the Dawgs need to get more of the #2's on the field before I am convinced another run at the big game is a big possibility.  There will be an increasing number of tests for this crew in the remaining weeks of the regular season.  People bring their A game against Barsby and there are some very, very good teams that could ruin an otherwise perfect Dawg Day afternoon!

2. Mission Roadrunners: The best pure athlete in AA ball resides here.  What makes him scary is that his technical ability matches the athleticism.  What makes this team scary is the outstanding supporting cast, the fact they have all been in the same system since they first put on a HS uniform and the terrific coaching.   Two years ago, the JV Roadrunners didn't come close to faltering en-route to a BC Championship.  The JV's will be on hand to add an extra push come mid-playoff tourney. Look out BC!!

3. Vernon Panthers: Perhaps the most complete roster in all of AA ball.  Vernon has been a consistent winner for the past three seasons and in my opinion, this is the best team it has fielded in program history.  This could be a team playing in the big game come December!

4. Abbottsford Panthers: Abbey is getting better week to week and is can match-up against all comers in terms of roster size and depth.

5. Argyle Pipers: Breakthrough year for Argyle. Loaded with talent and playing consistent, aggressive and opportunistic ball.  Lots of scores off of turnovers! They have yet to encounter the meat of their schedule, but have the horses to ride through it.

Honourable Mention/On The Horizon (in no particular order)

Carson Graham Eagles: These guys looked dang good against Ballenas for three quarters.  Once the cobwebs are gone, the Eagles will surely soar!

Pitt Meadows Marauders: This is a group of tough-nuts who like to run the football rain or shine. Their defense is a reflection of the offensive mentality and there is good size up front.  Come the rains of November, they will be tough.

Duchess Park Condors: Now a seasoned program, the Black and Gold is ascendent!  Perhaps the second best squad north of Hope.

Holy Cross Crusaders: The Crusaders are tough, making progress and will peak entering the playoffs.

Ballenas Whalers: A bit short benched, but in possession of one of the elite offensive lines in AA Varsity ball. This crew will improve week-to-week.

Windsor Dukes: I can't wait to see what emerges out of the mists of North Van this year.  It will be a green crew for all of a week and then improve possibly faster than any other crew in the province thereafter.

GW Graham Grizzlies: These guys have it all.  Can they put the puzzle together for a playoff run?

Sentinel Spartans: Big, tough dudes up front.  A massive improvement over 2013 in all positions.

GI's Picks


Sentinel @ John Barsby:  Both teams are coming off of a bye and would appear to be healthy at this juncture.  Sentinel was a couple turnovers and some field position away from upsetting arch rival and budding powerhouse Arglyle two weeks ago.  Barsby, played its most complete game of the season against Ballenas.  The size advantage in this game goes to the Spartans.  They have a hyper aggressive pair of defensive ends that can take over a game if given the chance.  Numbers and experience go to Barsby along with home field advantage.  GI's Pick: Barsby by 16 in a tighter contest than many may expect.

Windsor @ Carson Graham:  Carson has one more game under their belt than the Dukes.  The difference between playing game 1 and game 2 is manifest for most HS teams.  Coach Schuman mitigates that somewhat, but not enough to prevail in this one.  I think turnovers and big plays offensively will rule the day in Eagle Land.  GI's Pick: Eagles by 16

Nanaimo District @ Ballenas:  The Islanders usually play Ballenas pretty tough.  The true difference in this game is going to be the Whaler Offensive Line.  One of the best in BC, this crew will be plowing the way for several blue collar type running backs.  I like the backfield speed and talent at receiver for Nanaimo, but this will be a slower, dirt track come Friday.  GI's Pick: Whalers by 22

S.R.T. @ Robert Bateman:  Batemen get the edge in experience to date this season.  S.R.T. will still be working out the kinks when they run into a hungry Timberwolf squad eager to secure a divisional playoff seed.  Too much for the Titans to handle too early.  GI's Pick: Bateman by 24

Vernon @ South Kamloops: South Kamloops is playing its toughest game of the regular season come Friday.  The offensive juggernaut of the Panthers will be supported by a superb run-stopping defense. Roster depth most certainly goes to Vernon.  GI's Pick: Vernon by 26

Valleyview @ Salmon Arm: Intriguing.  Tough to tell what Salmon Arm will bring to the table in 2014.  Valleyview is several years into its offense and has roster continuity.  I have to give a tip of the hat to the Vikings in this one based on what I know.  GI's Pick: Valleyview by 10 in a game where both coaches will be stomping on their hats over turnovers.

Duchess Park @ Nechako Valley:  This used to be a prime match-up in the Northern Conference. Right now, it seems that Duchess Park has no rival at the top of the heap in their division.  By ground and air I see this as a big one on the scoreboard.  GI's Pick: Duchess by 26

G.W. Graham @ Pitt Meadows: Game of the week in my books.  The match-ups up front are superb and the team speed is similar.  Graham has to play their most complete game of the year to have a legit shot at winning though.  I think Pitt has been more on top of their game and can pound the ball offensively inside the tackles as good as anyone in the province.  Defensively, stopping the big play via the air will be job one for the Marauders (love that team nickname!!).  GI's Pick: Pitt by 9


Westsyde @ Clarence Fulton: The Maroons have owned this game since the last glaciation and I see no reason for them relinquish their dominance.  This will be a run heavy game that sees Fulton pull away by mid-second quarter.  GI's Pick: Fulton by 19

Holy Cross @ Frank Hurt:  Holy Cross is a solid squad all around and will be one everyone should keep an eye on come weeks 8, 9 and 10 this season.  They truly "Get Better" week-to-week. Divisional rival Frank Hurt will have its hands full defensively and fine that it is tough sledding trying to run the football.  Rain on Saturday will make things all the more difficult.  GI's Pick: Crusaders by 19

Hugh Boyd @ Seaquam: Big game already for both teams in terms of playoff seeding.  Seaquam can score alright, but keeping opponents off of the board has been problematic.  Boyd gives up size up front in this contest, but has a slight edge in team speed.  The Seahawks have much more playing experience this year than the Trojans.  If Troy can spy the screen game and prevent the deep pass, this will be tight indeed.  GI's Pick: Boyd by 4

AA JV Rankings

AA Top 5

  1. G.W. Graham Grizzlies
  2. Abbottsford Panthers
  3. Mission Roadrunners
  4. Duchess Park Condors
  5. John Barsby Bulldogs

Honourable Mention

Ballenas Whalers, Seaquam Seahawks, Carson Graham Eagles

Sunday, September 14, 2014


If You Are Up Against THE CHARTER OF 


...you got...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Take The Test BC!

    A Challenge To All British Columbians!

    1) What is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Who does it protect? Is there a dollar value on it? 3 marks

    2) Who's responsibility is it to provide a Free Education to all of the school aged children in BC under the School Act which is the LAW OF BC. 1 mark

    3) Are the BC Liberals respecting, avoiding, violating or spurning the above?
    Bonus 4 marks

    4) Will the Canada you live in today be the same Canada the Charter Of Rights and Freedoms is violated/ignored by the BC Liberal Government?

    (the enduring question!!)

    Questions 1 and 2: No opinion or editorial required . Just answer the questions posed.

    Please answer and share your answer folks.

    Tweet and Share This Test via Social Media!  Do Your Part To Help Your Province/Country!

      Sunday, September 7, 2014

      The Game


      Watched a high school football game this past Friday. It struck me as ironic in that it is such an honest place, that football field. Two teams competing within the rules and measuring themselves against one another as individuals and a team. Brains, effort and teamwork won-out. Merit, on a level playing field won. One of the last, best, true places in our society is such a contest, whatever the sport. 

      In British Columbia, our BC Liberal Government could never abide by such a scenario. They would have insisted on rules that predetermined the outcome of the game. They would have locked-up the referee's decision making by ignoring it and appealing their rulings. They would have rigged the PA announcer to skew all commentary in their favor and made the deeds of the opponent moot through filtering/biased editorial. They would have locked-out the opposing team from its practice field and paid its parents to stay away. Finally, it would have attempted to starve its opponent into submitting to the predetermined outcome by withholding the means to access food and shelter, all the while berating them for holding up the game. As the BC Liberal opponent struggled valiantly on the field of play, the BC Liberal Head Coach and her assistants would gloat, taunt and cry foul at every turn. They would reference rules that they made-up and minimize at every turn the calls for fair play, by the rules, for the kids. 

      I think something neat may be happening in this scenario. You see, the opponent of the BC Liberals kept playing hard and honest, they stuck together and did not falter. Slowly, and with ever gathering power, the onlooking crowd, witnessing this farce, began to take note and make their voices heard. The PA announcer was drowned-out and his commentary ridiculed. The referee's found courage from the crowd's voice and inspiration from the BC Liberal opponent's courage, conviction and integrity. Calls were made for an honest head referee to officiate the game, to make calls that both teams had to live by. The BC Liberal squad refused this, saying their "fixed process" and "predetermined outcome were too important to be left to referees. At this point, the crowd too felt humiliated and marginalized. They now saw this as a fraud being perpetrated by the BC Liberal Coach and her staff. They decided to intervene on behalf of the BC Liberal opponent, they took to the field and would not let the game continue, demanding with one voice that it would be shut down until the rules were obeyed, the game officiated fairly, and the outcome respected on merit and reason. Generally, they Struck for honesty, process and to ensure that future games would always be played on a level playing field, for their Sons and Daughters, Brothers and Sisters, were next on the BC Liberal schedule...

      Sunday, August 31, 2014

      The Strike

      The BCTF/BC Liberal Dispute Is Affecting Football

      I don't normally get political here, but these ain't normal times and political is affecting "here!"

      The views expressed below are one's I agree with.  I am a member of no party.  If you do not like them, simply click away from this blog....I believe that we are at a historical turning point in terms of what kind of BC/Canada we will all be living in sooner rather than later.

      A lot of coaches are BCTF members.  Their voice doesn't get through the Mainstream Media Filters.   I don't speak for them.  They own their own souls.  Perhaps however, some of this resonates to them...or you, whoever you are "out-there".


      There is a lot of folks asking "why can they not just come to a deal".  Obviously, simplistic explanations are not useful.  The below read may prove useful however.  From Christian Obeck @cobeck123

      End Quote

      Some context from CBC Radio


      Some Context From Madame Justice Griffith

      In her January 28th 2014 ruling, Madam Justice Susan Griffin wrote:
      (Paragraph numbers in parentheses)

      [545] I have also found that while government is entitled to state its policy and fiscal objectives by way of mandates for bargaining given to PSEC and BCPSEA, I note that the protection of s. 2(d) Charter rights means that it must not draw the parameters of those objectives so narrowly that it means that the employer will not consider the BCTF representations in good faith. This would make it effectively impossible for the BCTF to attempt to influence workplace goals.

      [564] This means that as of April 13, 2012, the laws declared unconstitutional in the Bill 28 Decision were no longer in effect from the date of their enactment. For clarity, an additional declaration to this effect is made in the Bill 28 Action as part of the application by the BCTF for additional remedies in that action.

      [565] The result is that as of April 13, 2012, the BCTF had the right to engage in collective bargaining over the Working Conditions; it also means that as of July 2002 the Working Conditions clauses were returned to the collective agreement between the BCTF and BCPSEA. All, of course, later subject to the provisions of Bill 22 being brought into force the next day and this Court’s findings regarding the constitutionality of those provisions.

      A reasonable conclusion is that Para's 545/565 mean that the gov't yet again is bargaining in bad faith.

      Now, some thoughts about the BC Liberal Rhetoric/Tactics we have all been subjected to. Things are really going to heat-up now.  Time for some critical thinking about what is spewed forth:

       Critical Thinking/Listening: You are all going to see more of the following from BC Liberal Leadership on Down during the current "Debate". It is about distorting and attacking ideas, individuals and organizations (BCTF) by going on the attack:

      ".... It is better to score points than to engage in actual arguments, in other words, "to score points while avoiding debate."..Further, "Point scoring works because most audience members fail to analyze what they hear. Rather, they register only a key few points, and form a vague 'impression' of whose argument was stronger."

      "Part of the strategy is to recycle the same claims over and again, in as many settings as possible. 'If people hear something often enough,' ....it would seem 'they come to believe it."

      Further..."'Creating negative connotations by name calling is done to try to get the audience to reject a person or idea on the basis of negative associations, without allowing a real examination of that person or idea,"

      Lastly, .."they use the opposite of name calling with glittering generalities like "Affordability, Families First", "Get Back to the Table", "Get a Negotiated Deal", "available 24-7" and Fassbender's favorite "I'm a Grandpa".

      Sound Familiar Anyone? It should to anyone with a moderate understanding of 20th Century History........This was precisely the tactic developed by the Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, which he called "the big lie."  It worked then and it works now, especially if used in a funded, coordinated fashion.

      I would submit to you the following:

      The BC Liberal Govt. wants the court case to be annulled via an agreement with teachers that replaces it. Essentially, they conducted a theft of the Charter Rights of 40, 000 plus citizens, were convicted twice, are appealing, will likely lose and want the victim to to say "OK, I will validate your theft by negotiating about it and let you keep a major chunk of the proceeds"...also, in the future, the cookbook for quasi-fascist government will be to conduct an illegal act, make the other side broke by trying endlessly it in the courts (if they even have the resources to get there) and then wait-em out til they cave. The broken shell of the victim shall stand in the way no more...rights of the people? What rights? If the Charter Of Rights and Freedoms is sick/under assault, so is this thing called Canada as we know it.  This is really, really bad.

      By the way, dollars do not trump Charter Rights in any instance. If you believe so, brown shirts, the club, censorship, book burning, forced exile, gulags, informants and secret police are the tools of your trade...all because you have no argument to advance of your own by lawful, liberal democratic means. This may sound extreme, but it is the time honoured and proven path of regimes/groups who do not honour the law...ie: Charter of Rights and Freedoms".

      Affordability? Listen through this:

      Finally, if you are a BC Liberal or one of their supporters out there (and there are overwhelmingly many, many, good, thoughtful people among these two groups), think long and hard about not questioning your leadership as they march you over the historical cliff...  You will be painted by your leadership's brush with this debacle for years to come.  You will own it when they are long, long gone.