Wednesday, November 13, 2013

BC Quarter-Finals

GI's Quarter-Final Picks
Well it is down to eight teams and soon four.  In the mix this weekend is going to be at least one superb game, perhaps several.  Most of the carnage will take place on Friday with one lone game on Sat.
Carson Graham @ Vernon:  The Eagles came through the opening round stronger than ever and now face the only undefeated varsity team in BC, AA or AAA in the Vernon Panthers.  This game will boil down to whether or not Carson will jump out to an early big lead or be held to a close score in the late rounds.  Vernon will be able to move the football, question is, will they be able to do so at the same pace and in the same chunks of yardage as Carson and their back AJ Blackwell.  Carson can throw the ball better than the Panthers as well.  GI's Pick: Carson by 11
Rick Hansen @ South Delta: Could be the Marquee match-up of the quarter-finals.  Hansen can match-up across the board vs the Sundevils in terms of speed, size and athleticism.  This one will go down to turnovers and field position.  If the Hurricanes can make this game one dimensional by defending the SD passing game, we may have a new champion in 2013.  Really comes down to that.  GI's Pick: South Delta by 4
Frank Hurt @ Mission:  Great season Hornets.  Quarters your first year back in AA ball.  Mission however is where Cinderella can't find her shoe.  The Roadrunners had their way with a Ballenas team that ran rampant over the Hornets a few short weeks ago.  They are fast, technically as sound as it gets and veteren with playoff experience layered in years.  GI's Pick: Mission by 35
Holy Cross @ John Barsby: The Crusaders are back folks and it begins with their defense!  Like a large constrictor snake it just tightens and tightens on its opponents once it makes contact.  This crew held South Delta to a modest score and has been blanking opponents of late.  The offense is no slouch either and a threat to score anywhere, any time, anyhow.  Barsby leads with its defense first and foremost and can put up points on that side of the ball.  Offensively, the Dawgs are very, very balanced with a great power game and an understated, but lethal passing game if need be.  The HC defense however, means that this game can be kept close and close games can be won.  Dawgs beware. GI's Pick: Barsby by 11


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