Sunday, August 25, 2013

GI's Zero-Week Picks

Out Gal-Dang Standing!  Let's Roll Baby!

Sundevils Poised To Surge!

GI's AA Top Five

1. South-Delta Sundevils
2. John Barsby Bulldogs
3. Mission Roadrunners
4. Carson Graham Eagles
5. Seaquam Seahawks

Zero-Week Match Ups

Thursday, August 29th

South Delta @ New Westminster (AAA): New Westminster it would seem, plays its best football year-after-year in the opening weeks before the inevitable late-season tank.   South Delta is a slow starter that turns into a gridiron force mid-to-late season.  This game will be close from start to finish.  I think that the mistake factor will loom large with the team creating the least amount of offensive turnovers winning the day.  South-Delta has more talent on the field with arguably more experience.  GI's Pick: South Delta by 10

Friday, August 30th

Rick Hansen @ Windsor: The Hurricanes will field the larger, faster,  more physical group in this contest.  The Dukes will make things difficult, particularly on defense, but in the end, Hansen will pound their way to victory behind their beheamoth offensive line.  GI's Pick: Hansen by 9

Seaquam @ Valleyview: Two teams who have converted to spread offenses from run oriented attacks in 2012.  Who has made the adjust better and who will have the least turnovers.  Answer these questions and you have a likely victor.  I think Seaquam will have the larger, more athletic roster on the field, but bus legs can be the great equalizer.  GI's Pick: Seaquam by 14

St. Thomas Moore (AAA) @ Holy Cross: STM is a top four AAA team and HC is on a rebuild.  This game is played for tradition and pride's sake as opposed to reason.  STM will run all over the field vs the Crusaders.  GI's Pick: STM by 33

Nanaimo District @ Mission: Mission is going to have yet another strong season and will surely contend for a spot in the Subway Bowl come late November.  Nanaimo District is doing a lot of good things as a program and lacking a week 1 game, decided to go on the road to play the Roadrunners.  I think the Mission squad wins just about every match-up on the field and will likely score big on Friday.  Nanaimo District will rarely play a better squad this year and this will be a tremendous measuring stick in terms of increasing their level of play week-to-week.  GI's Pick: Mission by 26

Spectrum @ Ballenas: Spectrum is looking for some much needed experience prior to their week 1 cross-town tilt vs AAA Mt. Douglas.  The Whalers are in rebuild mode and this game is perfect for them.  Spectrum will be in better shape physically than their hosts, but will lack the finesse defensively and offensively to come away with a win vs home town Blue.  The game will have its moments however and I see a couple big runs in store for the Thunder and big plays via the air from Ballenas.  GI's Pick: Whalers by 21

Mt. Baker at Pincer Creek, Alberta: The Wild are on the road against their nearest competition geographically speaking.  It would seem that the Alberta  squads have been winning the cross-border battles historically.  GI's Pick: Pincer Creek by 18

Carson Graham @ Riddle, Oregon (2A): The Eagles match-up favorably vs Riddle in terms of size, speed and athleticism.  This is a great "get better" game for Carson as well far from prying eyes.  I think the Eagles will emerge from this tilt a much more self-aware group that has a good idea of what its team identity will be like this year.  As far as the game itself goes, look for a close game late into the 4th quarter with Carson running to victory.  GI's Pick: Carson by 6

Saturday, August 31st

John Barsby @ Duchess Park:  Duchess is the team to beat up North and Barsby has an epic bus ride prior to playing.  The Condors are bigger up front and have a potent north-south running game that underwent some significant confidence building development this summer at an Oregon team camp.  Barsby spent its summer in the weight room and emerged a far more streamlined version of itself than the group that played spring ball in early June.  Looking at video, Barsby appears to have an edge in terms of team speed. GI's Pick: Barsby by 14

GW Graham @ Colton, Oregon: GW Graham visits Colton with its varsity squad this year.  Last year's JV tilt went Colton's way and I don't thing the 2013 varsity verson will be much different in terms of the ultimate end result.  What will be different however is the experience on the Graham squad and increased technical development.  The score of the game could much closer than many would anticipate.  GI's Pick: Colton by 16


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