Sunday, November 11, 2012

BC Quarter-Final Round

AA Varsity
British Columbia Quarter-Finals!
Tough Sleddin For The Dukes As They Win A Close One In Belmont's Back Yard
Wild-Card Wrap

Well, Windsor/Belmont and Valleyview/Pitt played two close games and the rest of the opening round was entertaining for those who like offense.  The Ballenas-Seaquam game was fast and furious with big plays going both ways throughout the tilt.  Lego and O'Brien are all they are billed to be and then some.  South Delta showed yet again why they are ranked by some to be number 1 and the Roadrunners lit up their foes early and often.  Rounding out the action, Barsby had over a half kilometer of offense vs Holy Cross via the air and ground while East Conference Hansen and Batemen lit-up their respective scoreboards.  There are a lot of defensive coordinators this week who are going to be burning the midnight oil.  Bad dreams fellas.  The championship committee would do well to serve-up some strong black coffee to those tortured and tired souls when they walk through the gates at Thunderbird stadium this coming weekend.


Rick Hansen 54       College Heights 13
Mission 49               Nechako Valley 13
South Delta 46         Carson Graham 10
Ballenas 63              Seaquam 35
Robert Bateman 48  Kalamalka 0
Pitt Meadows 28      Valleyview 21
Windsor 21               Belmont 14
John Barsby 57         Holy Cross 14

GI's Picks

Friday, 16 November, 3:00 PM

Ballenas vs Robert Bateman:  Love this match-up.  The Whaler passing game is unsurpassed with perhaps the exception of South Delta.   Making them even more dangerous is the fact that they can run quite effectively when they want to. Pick your poison on defense. The Timberwolves of Bateman have three bonafide running backs on the field on any given play and looking back at last weekend, Seaquam's Mark Lego gave the Whalers fits all by his lonesome.  Batemen throws decently and has big play potential on every completion.  Yards after contact are going to be huge for em.  The kicking game goes to Ballenas in this game.  Defensively, I think this one is a toss-up.  The Whalers will have trouble with the speed coming at them on the peremiter run game and Batemen is going to have to defend a passing game like no other they have seen to date.  This game will come down to who can figure out the other's attack earliest and adjust accordingly.  Points will be scored by the bushell!! GI's Pick: Whalers by 7

Friday, 16 November, 5:30 PM

South Delta vs Rick Hansen: Hansen enters yet another game acompanied with media hype about how good they are, how for real they are, etc. They fact is that they lost big in every "Big" game they were supposed to show their stuff in. Now here is a BIG GAME vs a Big, Nasty, Mean South Delta football team. Overrated and over-hyped vs got there by Doing It. The Hurricanes are outmatched in every possible area one can conceive of except maybe travel distance to stadium. The Sundevils will grab hold of the Hurricanes like a large dog who got into the chicken coop. When all the panicked squawking and loose feathers come to a rest, SD will playfully trot away from the crime scene licking its chops and anticipating its next meal. GI's Pick: South Delta by 40 in a game they slow down on their own.

Saturday, 17 November, 3:00 PM

John Barsby vs Pitt Meadows:  Pitt is tough, fast and does not quit.  They kick-the ball well and are sound in terms of special teams coverage/their return game.  I love their aggressive approach to the game on both sides of the ball and mental focus when down a score or two.  These qualities kept the Marauders in good stead as they rallies from a two score deficit on Friday to defeat a very well coached-up and talented Valleyview squad.  Barsby can score quickly via the ground and importantly, the air from a variety of formations and via a wide variation of athletes.  The Barsby defense is stingy and gets a lot of hats to the football.  Special teams for the Dawgs have been problematic, particularly the inability to kick deep.  I think this game will be very physical from the outset.  Barsby has the narrow edge on both sides of the ball, but specials go to Pitt.  Turnovers could play a massively helpful or harmful role either way.  GI's Pick: Barsby by 11

Saturday, 17 November, 5:30 PM

Mission vs Windsor: These two teams are extremely well coached and will be hyper prepared for this game. I believe that those in the stands will bear witness to fundamentally sound and technically well coached football. Each offense will find a missing chunk of armour in the opposing defense and exploit it once or twice during the game til adjustments are made. Mission gets the advantage in the kicking game. What therefore is left? Well, I believe it will come down to athlete vs athlete across the board and speed/agility out in space. Mission has more in the cupboards than does the Dukes. This will be telling in the big play department. GI's Pick: Mission by 26

AA JV British Columbia Quarter-Finals
The Argyle Pipers Barnstorm Into Quarters!
Wild Card Scores
Abbottsford Collegiate Panthers 35        Belmont Bulldogs 6
Nanaimo District Islanders 26                 Eric Hamber Griffins 8
Argyle Pipers 32                                     Robert Bateman Timberwolves 21
Mission Roadrunners 27                         Carson Graham Eagles 0
John Barsby Bulldogs 46                         Earl Marriot Mariners 0
Hugh Boyd Trojans 40                            Handsworth Royals 12
Vernon Panthers 28                                 Dutchess Park Condors 24
South Kamloops Titans 27                       Prince George Polars 0

Quarter-Final Match-Ups
Great representation here.  Two teams from the East, two from the Interior, two from the Island and one each from the West and South.  A provincial playoff indeed!
GI's Picks
John Barsby Bulldogs vs Argyle Pipers:  Argyle wins the match-up here in terms of overall athleticism/size of roster and explosive offense.  Barsby has a slight defensive edge in terms of points allowed, but has not played as tough a league schedule as the Pipers.  In terms of kicking game, this is a draw.  These teams have tangled before and Barsby won out a year ago.  This is now a veteren Argyle squad with something to prove.  In short, they are dangerous as hec.  The Dawgs, well they always play pretty tough at home.  If they can find consistency and limit penalties they have a shot. GI's Pick: Barsby by 4
South Kamloops Titans vs Mission Roadrunners: South Kamloops has not allowed a touchdown in their last three games.  In the last two months and change, 18 pts or so.  So how are these guys gonna react when they play somebody who actually fights back and can score?  Mission is playing the best football outside of Abbottsford in the JV ranks and maybe the best ball of all the last month or so.  Look for the spread and shred of the Roadrunners to spend a lot of time in the Titan end-zone. GI's Pick: Mission's QB gains 270 yds by his lonesome en route to a 35 plus pt. win.
Hugh Boyd Trojans vs Vernon Panthers: The Trojans are playing some red-hot football of late and know how to find the endzone.  Vernon has some great size and athletes, but lack of consistent competition will expose one dimensional offense and a defense that cannot adapt quickly enough to Boyd's ability to hit-em where they ain't. GI's Pick: Trojans by 27
Abbottsford Collegiate Panthers vs Nanaimo District Islanders: Abbottsford is at home, is far bigger, matches-up in team speed and loves to pound the football.  The Islanders have had a great run in 2012, but the math is tough in this game.  I think Abbey is the team to beat in this year's AA JV mix.  GI's Pick: Abbey by 21


Hurricane said...

Its easy to sit behind a computer and talk shyt about a team like the hurricanes which every day i see go hard on the field practicing to the point of breakdown. I dont know who u are but by reading your blog i can see that you have something against the hurricanes. Anyone can sit and talk shyt it takes true men actually go out and prove that shyt, From what i have read i would say you were some small time loser in highschool who didnt get much playing and now counts his days aways by bashing on teams who he dosent what have done to be where they are. #getalife

BC Gridiron said...

All Love Hurricane...Read-up on Trojan Horses...Are You Mad? Maybe that was the point/challenge...go make me eat some crowe!!!

Hurricane said...

Poke the bear, expect to get bit, Expect a hurricane to occur november 16th at 5:30 at UBC. Hurricane Warning!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good work Hurricanes, crowe is being properly served-up.