Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week 7

AA Varsity Week 7

Belmont Busts Loose! These guys are officialy for real!  Crowe was dined upon in Nanaimo very recently.


Week Six In Review

Mission is looking freakishly fearsome again and the Killer B's (Barsby/Ballenas) are playing some amped-up football.  Belmont just had a milestone game and Kalmalka is top rail coming out of the Interior.  All love to the Pipers on their W!  More to come fellas!! The Eastern conference is looking hyper competitive and it is my sincere belief that many future championships will hail from that region if the rest of the province doesn't get it's collective act together.  The table is set for the final third of the season!


GI’s Top Five

1. Mission Roadrunners
2. John Barsby Bulldogs
3. South Delta Sundevils
4. Ballenas Whalers
5. Rick Hansen Hurricanes


Gridiron’s Picks

Wednesday, 17 October

Kelley Road @ Dutchess Park:  Roadrunners are playing some good football.  GI's Pick: I see em winning by 6. 

Friday, 19 October

Ballenas @ Handsworth:  Handsworth had a tough go against Barsby last week and now they get Ballenas.    Walking the Green Mile is an apt visual for this one.  This will be the longest week of practice in the Royal's 2012 season.   GI's Pick: Ballenas by 38

Hugh Boyd @ Eric Hamber: There will be some Trojan chest thumping early and often.  GI's Pick: Boyd by 40

Argyle @ Windsor: Well done Pipers and a hearty congrats on last week's victory.  Now you play the real deal in the Dukes.  This is a mismatch that both teams have to mine for intrinsic value.  GI's Pick: Windsor by 40 plus

Carson Graham @ Nanaimo District:  Decent match-up here.  Two chewed up teams grapple on a Friday afternoon.  We may be looking at the first annual Ibuprophin Bowl.  Carson has the edge in team speed.  GI's Pick: Eagles by 11

Abbottsford Collegiate @ Robert Bateman:  Bateman overcame adversity last week.  They will continue to grow and find a way.  GI's Pick: Bateman by 16

Nechako Valley @ Correlieu:  Like a Viking raid of years gone by, this crew will roll into town, take care of business and depart.  GI's Pick: The Hoof by 18

South Delta @ John Barsby:  Great match-up here.  Two red hot teams set to dance on Friday evening.  The past two years Barsby has won by a combined score of 64-0.  What has S. Delta done to close the gap? Well, they have had two weeks to prepare for this game.  GI's Pick: Barsby 

Rick Hansen @ Pitt Meadows: This will be a close game for three quarters.  Hansen is tougher and more balanced however.  GI's Pick: Hurricanes by 9

Saturday, 20 October

Valleyview @ Mt. Baker: Long road trip with a great payday and teamb uilding opportunities!  GI's Pick: Vikings by 30 in a route.
Seaquam @ Holy Cross:  The Crusaders are doing some soul searching this year.  This week is an opportunity or a curse depending on how practice goes at HC.  Seaquam's big back is going to be a challenge.  GI's Pick: HC by 2

Langley @ Mission: Seriously, how do you defend against an athlete, probably BC's best in 2012 who averages 25 yds. plus per-touch?  Team defense is a great answer.  Trouble is, when you are chasing him around, Hortan and company are cut from the same cloth.  Watching video, I walk a mile in the opposing DC's shoes.  This is the first year I threw-up for an entire mile!  GI's Pick: Mission by 38


AA Junior Varsity

Abbey is on a tear! Carson stepped-up and Barsby tumbled out of the rankings based on a poor performance last Wednesday.   The playoffs could very well be an eastern affair in 2012!

GI’s  Top 5

1. Abbottsford Collegiate Panthers
2. Robert Bateman Timberwolves
3. Mission Roadrunners
4. Carson Graham Eagles
5. Belmont Bulldogs

Honorable Mention:

John Barsby Bulldogs, Argyle Pipers, Hugh Boyd Trojans

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