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2013 Tiering and Divisional Scenario 1

2013 Re-alignment  Scenario 1

**Of note: This is a base scenario.  Please pen your thoughts for discussion and post.



By and large, a combination of school size, historical success and geography are used here.  Most of the AAA schools in this scenario are are mid-to-large sized in terms of enrollment.  Historically, the former AA squads contain provincial champions such as Handsworth, Seaquam, Rick Hansen, Ballenas, Barsby, South Delta, Mission and Hugh Boyd. Up and comers such as Bateman and Abbey have a combination of large populations, great coaching staffs and a well constructed feeder system.  Geographically, the divisions are built around main transportation corridors/ferry terminals.  For instance, the West and South require only one Bridge crossing/tunnel for any given trip.  Access from ferries is direct.  The Lower Mainland teams have a critical mass of  local squads that Island travel is infrequent (maximum 1 trip per season).  In this way, $ attrition is no longer problematic and regional rivalries can flourish.


The AA league is in terms of sheer quality and geography, highly competitive/rational in terms of travel.  Conferences are regional, the bulk (though not all)  of the schools in this mix are mid-to-smaller sized and there is parity in terms of program organization ie. historic performance of JV squads, new programs in the mix finding their feet, and numbers of staff/support staff. 

Moving between tiers:  Teams can play "up" to AAA at their request.  Teams that move to AA from AAA must apply to an association competition committee to demonstrate that they are more appropriately placed in AA (Criteria to be published by committee and ratified by 2/3 executive and 50% plus 1 of membership to come into effect thus eliminating gerrymandering on the QT).  A similar process of promotion, forced if necessary, will be determined by competition committee and follow same transparent process of ratification as for moving down.  The timing of this would be December immediately following Championship and votes occuring at beginning of AGM.  Schedules refelecting possible outcomes are prepared prior to vote and distributed at breakout meetings so both tiers leave meeting w/league schedules.


To reflect AAA and AA tiers or can be regionalized.  Programs in AA Varsity ALWAYS have option of joining AAA JV league.

Playoffs:  I will post on playoffs soon.





Salmon Arm

Mt. Boucherie


East                                         West                                        South

WJ Mouatt                              Centennial                               Vancouver College

Mission                                    John Barsby                            Lord Tweedsmuir

Terry Fox                                New Westminster                    Mt. Douglas

St. Thomas More                     Notre Dame                            Holy Cross

Robert Bateman                      Handsworth                             South Delta

Rick Hansen                            Carson Graham                       Seaquam

Abbottsford                             Ballenas                                   Hugh Boyd

                                                West Vancouver


Island                                      West                                        East

Nanaimo                                  Howe Sound                           Pitt Meadows

Belmont                                  Moscrop                                  Langley

G.P. Vanier                             Argyle                                     SRT

Timberline                               Eric Hamber                           Frank Hurt

Mark Isfeld                              Earl Marriot                             Sands 

Gulf Islands                            Windsor                                   GW Graham

Ed Milne

Interior                                               North

Okanagen Mission                              Prince George

Valleyview                                          Nechako Valley

Norkam                                               Dutchess Park

Vernon                                                Kelley Road

Clarence Fulton                                   College Heights

Kalamalka                                           Correlieu

Mt. Baker


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Anonymous said...

I would leave a few of the established rivalries in the same conference. So for example, I would move Centennial back to East so that Cent/Fox is still a divisional rival. I would also move ND back to South, and transfer Mt. Doug to West so that all the AAA island teams are together.

For playoffs, you would go with a 16 team bracket. In AA, you would take the top 3 from each division with a 4th coming from the strongest division (determined before the season). Similar in AAA, but you would take top 4.

The other way you could do the playoffs is you could tier them like they do in Grade 8. Take the top 8 teams by a combination of division winners and rankings, and have a 8 team bracket for AAA top tier and AA top tier. Then have another playoffs for the remaining 8 (by combination again of standings and strength of division) and call it AAA second tier and AA second tier. That way you would eliminate the first round mega-blowouts that are common in most first round 16-team playoffs.

Karen Heskin said...
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Anonymous said...

Looking for additional scenarios, but #1 looks very reasonable considering both school size & program history.