Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DSV to Hudl...WOW!


Well folks, I decided to give the transition from DSV to Huddle a go this morning.  At 0900 I called em up.  I let Hudle know that we'd already paid for our 2011 DSV.  In no time flat, we were signed-up, walked through the online download (zero alterations to my computer security etc) and I had our Spring Ball uploaded.  The file was huge,  over 180 frames.  I went out and mowed the lawn, returned and was very gratified to see that everything was squared away upon my return an hour later.  In fact, the simplicity, ease and logical interface made this quite frankly, one of this young summer's surprise hi-lites.  Fantastically simple.  Video quality was superb and the editing a thing of beauty.  A gigantic leap forward! I feel like I just went from flying a biplane to zipping around in an F-16.  Even the most technically and time challenged BCSSFA coach is going to thrive with this!  Giddy-Up!  I just added hours of prep-time to my busy Fall weekends.

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