Sunday, September 26, 2010

GI's Week Four Picks

Gridiron's Week Four Picks

Week Three In Review

Mission gave AAA powerhouse STM all they could handle at Burnaby lakes on Friday Night; Handsworth and Windsor served clear notice that the top seed coming out of the LM East will cross their doorsteps; Sands powered and plowed their way over the Whalers; Barsby scored big, and two very close games in the form of Langley-Abbey and Seaquam-Boyd were hard fought down south.

Up North, PGSS and Kelley road served notice to their conference that they will be the teams to reckon with and in the Interior final preparations for the regular season have been made.

Tier 2 saw its biggest upset of the young season with Howe Sound defeating the previously high scoring and unstoppable Robert Bateman at home; The defending champs out of Campbell River flexed their muscles an gained a measure of redemption vs the plucky Gulf Islands Scorpions of Saltspring Island; In the Comox Valley Civil War Mark Isfeld went down in the windy Bill Moore Park 20-14 against arch rivalG.P. Vanier in a hard fought game.   Congratulations Towhees!   

GI's AA Top Five -Week 4-

1.  Windsor
2.  Sands
3.  Mission
4.  Handsworth
5.  John Barsby

GI's Tier 2 Top Five -Week 4-

1.  Howe Sound
2.  Robert Bateman
3.  Moscrop
4.  Frank Hurt
5.  Timberline

Week 4 Prieview

Wednesday Games

Kelley Road at Nechako Valley: Kelley Road is coming into its own.  Early season travel has paid dividends and there is much momentum headed into Wednesday's tilt.
GI's Pick: Roadrunners become Road Stompers and squash their hosts by 28.

Thursday Games

Correllieu at Prince George: A very nice looking win for the Polars vs College Heights!  PGSS brings too much size and speed for Correllieu to handle.
GI's Pick: Polars by 34

Friday Games

South Delta at John Barsby: A well rested Sundevil squad travels to Nanaimo to play the high scoring Bulldogs of Barsby.  South Delta cancelled its game vs Holy Cross to lick its wounds and gain an extra week of prep for its league opener.  The respective rosters are very evenly matched and the extra week of practice will help SD immensely as it tangles with Barsby's unconventional offense.  Defensively, the host Dawgs are in tough vs the SD aerial assault and quick hitting running game.  Turnovers and the ability of JB to handle the arsenal of Sundevil trick-plays will be major factors in determining Friday's winner.
GI's Pick: Barsby by 6
Abbottsford Collegiate at Windsor:  Windsor took care of its busniness against Hansen this past weekend in typical methodical, mistake free fashion.  Abbottsford only has a chance in this one if they can get the edge in their PAP game.  They won't be able to.
GI's Pick: Windsor by 34

Handsworth at Rick Hansen: GI has been watching the Royals this year with increasingly raised eyebrows! Traditionally slow out of the gates, Handsworth has been having nothing to do with the historical script!  The Hurricanes are in for a tough start to 2010 and must look for any positives/momentum that they can glean from this tilt.  Things will get better in the coming weeks for RH but this week is going to be nasty in all three phases of the game. Look for a bigger score in this game than last week's Windsor tilt.
GI's Pick: Handsworth by 36

Clarence Fulton at Okanagen Mission:  This has the makings of an Interior bear knuckles brawl so-to-speak.  The OKM pivot is a stud and he has some good linemen in front of him!  IF the Huskies can find a running game, this game will be favorable to them offensively.  Fulton has not been ducking tough competition and has held together as a team.  League competition this weekend represents a payday of sorts and the hosts will let er rip.
GI's Pick: Fulton by 6

Ballenas at Hugh Boyd: The Whalers played Sands tough this past Saturday and found many bright spots along the way.  Boyd was in a four-quarter dogfight with regional rival Seaquam the same afternoon.  In terms of roster athleticism, this is a very, very evenly matched contest across the board.  Looking at video, Ballenas seems to have a slight advantage in the passing game while Boyd's power running favors the Trojans.  Turnovers , special teams and the ability of Ballenas to travel well will affect the outcome.  The Whalers will get behind coverage more than once.
GI's Pick: Ballenas by 2

Dutchess Park at College Heights: Dutchess Park is getting stronger each week.  College Heights has an air of exhaustion to them.
GI's Pick: Condors by 27

Howe Sound at Moscrop: Tier 2 game of the week!  If Howe Sound were hosting I'd say this would be a lock.  They are not hosting however and Moscrop is a very good tier 2 squad.  The difference maker in this game is Defense with a capital D and The Sounders took care of business vs Bateman last weekend.  This game will be close but I like the Howe Sound defense as the difference maker.
GI's Pick: Howe Sound by 4

Belmont at G.P. Vanier: Belmont has lots and lots of athletic talent on its roster.  These guys are learning to put it all together as well.    Vanier matches em athlete for athlete but are not as fluid on offense.
GI's Pick: Belmont by 12

Saturday Games

Langley at Mission: "The Saints go Marching On"...sadly for them, in this game they go marching on like lemmings over a tall cliff.  Mission is dominant in every phase of this game and their pre-season schedule which was tougher than a boiled owl, will stand them in good stead as they host a rapidly improving Langley program/squad.  There is a feeling around Mission that this is the year for the Roadrunners and well, that feeling is justified so far. 

GI's Pick: Langley's run game gets smothered, Mission airs it out...Roadrunners by 26 plus.

Pitt Meadows at Seaquam: If you follow Seaquam football, you are going to be in for a lot of close, hard fought games in 2010.  This will be no exception as the blitz happy Marauders come for an exhibition visit.  Seaquam will blend some of Handsworth's tactical approach into their own schemes and it will be enough for a close margin of victory.
GI's Pick: Seaquam by 8

Mark Isfeld at Gulf Islands: Isfeld brings too much size and speed to the contest for the Scorpions to handle defensively.  The eveners in this game will be the Scorpion Wing-T and whether or not Isfeld tries to get fancy offensively.  If they do, Gulf Islands has a knack over the years of keeping things close til late and then stinging opponents with a score they cannot recover from.  Isfeld beware.
GI's Pick: Isfeld by 7

Westsyde at Mt. Baker: Mt. Baker is improving.  Not enough.
GI's Pick: Westsyde by 14

Frank Hurt at Robert Bateman: This game will hinge on Frank Hurt's ability to make Batemen move the ball in ways other than a handoff or pitch to their outstanding tailback.  If the Hornets can dominate time of posession they will also have another winning piece in place. If, If, If....too many of em.
GI's Pick: Bateman by 14

Nanaimo District @ Timberline:  A big Island rivalry up in Campbell River!  NDSS has played a very tough pre-season in very tough fashion.  Timberline is really getting its legs under itself.  The Barsby game was extremely physical.  NDSS is banged up.  The Wolves are not.
GI's Pick: Timberline by 16


Anonymous said...

Sands does not play Mt Doug this week they have a BYE, because Pinetree folded, Sands plays Mt. Doug on week 8.

Anonymous said...

Might be a good thing for sands, they aren't that tough and looked a little banged up and were dropping like flies on the week end.

Anonymous said...

how can you say Sands isnt that tough, they dont have many kids, im sure more then half of the kids of the sands sqaurd was hurt, and they still stayed on the field and won thier football game, 2 kids getting hurt, isnt "dropping like flies"

Anonymous said...

Where's you pick for Valleyview's game?

Anonymous said...

g.i. is using an old schedule...

Anonymous said...

If Frank Hurt would declare their TB an outstanding tailback it would be a close game. Here is what they need to do. Take your TB or RB's regular season stats add a little then multiply by 2.5 then you too will have an outstanding back and then the game should be a lot closer then the G I spread or at least appear to be. Go Hornets

Anonymous said...

OK that Frankhurt running back comment made no sense at all!!! WTH???

Anonymous said...

That comment was for Bateman. there was a mis-print on there T B's rushing stats, he got 102 yds. rushing, not 259. And nobody seems to interested in correcting it. I think it would be fair if every team had an outstanding running back and could post what ever they wanted.

Anonymous said...

Windsor and Handsworth play next week, Big Rivalry. Should be a Good game. Handsworth is yet to proove their better but Windsor seems to pull it out every year.

Anonymous said...

Valleyview actually played Mt. Baker that week, and the score was 42-0 for VV.