Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Referee Poll

Below is a poll that has been sent out to all the HC's in BC by the provincial referee's association.  I am publishing it here to see if we can guage the general feelings about officiating. 

I want to make a couple things clear to anyone who cares to respond.  Individual negative anecdotal responses about individuals are useless, especially if you are generalizing about all referees based on one incident.   If you are going to post, make sure that you give a good account of what "on-balance" occurs.  As with anything, there are the very good and the very bad.  Try to find what occurrs ON AVERAGE as opposed to one or two game/incident extremes.

Most importantly re: refereeing:  If you are finished your playing days, get certified.  It is free, we need you in the worst way, and you can make a very good chunk of change towards school tuition/that car you want/or whatever else you want to spend it on.  Lastly, the game gave a lot to you....refereeing is essential and it is a way of giving back to the new generations of young people....give back if you can, as someone did it for you back in the day.

BCFOA Assessment 2010

Thank you for your willingness to improve the quality of high school football officiating.

Please indicate the level of football played: Senior AAA, AA Junior AAA, AA Gr. 8

Please indicate your location: Metro Vancouver Interior Island

Please indicate: excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor next to each response.

1. What is your overall assessment of the services provided by the BCFOA

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor

2. Your satisfaction rating of BCFOA officials’:

a. Knowledge of the rules -

b. Consistency of the calls made -

c. Communication with coaches -

d. Being in the right place to make the right call -

e. Mechanics – signals -

f. Game management and control –

3. Your satisfaction rating of the following calls made:

g. Snap Infractions -

h. Line Calls (holding, block in the back, below the waist…) -

i. Pass Interference -

j. Roughing the Passer -

k. Roughing the Kicker -

l. Personal Fouls (face mask, late hits out of bounds….) -

m. Clock Management -

4. Your satisfaction rating of the calls made by the:

n. Referee (white hat) –

o. Umpire (behind the middle linebacker) –

p. Wings (on sidelines) –

q. Back Judge - 5 Man (behind the safety) –

5. In order of priority list 3 things that the officials do well.

6. In order of priority list 3 things that you would like the officials to improve on in 2010.

7. Please list any venues/fields you feel are not acceptable for playing.

8. Would you be willing to attend a High School Rules Clarification Clinic to be held in May/June?

9. Additional Comments you would like to make

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