Tuesday, November 17, 2009

GI's Quarter-Final Picks


For fans of Darwinism is there anything quite like the playoffs? What hardy physical trait will propel one squad forward over its adversary? What offensive or defensive trait gives one opponent a competitive advantage over the other? Will brains trump brawn on a given day? Will one team thrive in adverse weather while another falters???

Well one thing is for certain, the ol 19th century bearded fellow who tipped everything on its ear would certainly find his interest tweaked in the analogy.

Sailing upon the HMS GI Beagle, there is time by the candlelight to pen a few thoughts on this weekend.

GI's Picks

Seaquam vs Windsor

This will easily be the best game of the weekend. These two teams can and do run the ball! Windsor beware however! Seaquam can chuck it better than you may think and if they think they can spread it out on you, they will. Don't put your defensive eggs in one basket. Seaquam, beware! If you have any defensive cracks in your armour Coach Schuman will find them and blow them apart. Windsor is also not all about I-Backs and smashing the ball. The difference in this game in many observer circles is thought to be the play up front. Seaquam is stronger and more physical. Windsor is better technically and adjusts far better during the game than their opponent will. The battle at the LOS is going to be a relative draw. The difference according to GI is going to be the vertical passing game and broken plays.

GI's Pick: Windsor may actually lead this game on the scoreboard but does not have as many "big play guys" as Seaquam. A tight game will get away from the Dukes.

Seaquam by 10

Rick Hansen vs OKM

Hansen has a ton of momentum and will not get surpised this week. OKM is good, well coached and has some very talented players. Hansen is however, going to be overwhelming up-front and this will make for a steady clock-munching accumulation of points on the scoreboard.

GI's Pick: Hurricanes by 28

Mt. Douglas vs Mission

Great job Coach Watrin last Friday vs the Royals. Now you and the Roadrunners are going to face by far the toughest opponent you have seen all year. The Mt. Douglas Rams are well coached and have the greatest accumulation of size and talent in AA ball. Unless they seriously mis-step this weekend, the Rams will bowl over their Mission opponents. Mt. Douglas is multi-dimensional on offense and defensively they match Mission's speed while seriously outsizing the Roadrunners.

GI's Pick: The football math does not add-up for Mission. Mt. Douglas by 34.

Sands vs S. Delta

Sands is big and strong, but will not win a game versus a dynamic team like South Delta by running Dive, Iso, Toss and PAP off of them from I backs. The Scorpions look mid-level on the tough scale as well. S. Delta can play smashmouth and on offense they are extremely well coached, prepped and guided by a hit ya quick playbook. Make no mistake, I am not bagging on Sands here, they are just outmatched. Next year the Scorpions are scarey. This year they are bugs on South Delta's pavement and the SunDevils wear big boots.

GI's Pick:
S. Delta by 22 plus by air, land and if you could score using the ocean..sea.


Anonymous said...

22 point in the south delta sands game? It will be more like 35-40.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, If you think GI is wrong then go prove him different. He was only wrong once or twice all year.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i think gridiron made a little mistake on the south delta, sands game, maybe he got the teams mixed up cause what happened was the complete opposite. GOOD JOB SANDS WOOO

Anonymous said...

way to go GI, thank you for trashing Sands like that, you gave them the fire to win

Anonymous said...

I sure got GI was there to see us do that to them because he was in our heads he whole game. Way to motivate us, They completed a total of 3 passes all game and struggled to gain any yards against our D. I hope you enjoyed that game as much as we did Mr.iron. Anyone care to scrape the sun devils off our pavement?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey guys let's show some class.

Anonymous said...

ya you can be happy all you want, and he didn't have to be so hard on sands either

Anonymous said...

First of all, I am a member of the Sands Scorpions Football team. I am really proud of the way the boys played today showing lots of heart and determination. I personally appreciate the fact that GI has the time to do this blog as we obvioulsy like to read it and others as well. Keep up the great work GI and looking forward to your semi final forecasts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

This is GI. Nothing makes me more happy than when AAA dropdowns (with lots of community kids who "find their way" to the school) get dusted by true AA sized schools.

Yep, glad to be in your heads yesterday. Good work.