Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GI's Week 8 Picks


Friday, October 30th

Westsyde (Tier 2) at Norkam (Exhibition)

The nod here goes to Norkam. They have been playing better competition consistently and their game will be too polished for the plucky Westsyde crew.
Gridiron’s Pick: Norkam by 18

Rick Hansen at Langley

The Hurricanes are in great late season form and Langley is also taking positive steps towards upping their game of late. Look for a lot of intensity and physical play in this tilt. Hansen brings more balance into the contest and can play the finesse game better than their opponents. Hurricanes beware however, a mental let-down could be problematic. Coach Gill won’t let that occur now.

Gridiron’s Pick: Hurricanes by 24

John Barsby at Windsor

A very interesting match-up for AA fans this Friday afternoon over on Windsor’s home turf. At stake, playoff seeding out of the Coast Conference for 3, 4 and 5. Everything counts in this one including the point spread. If Barsby wins by more than 7 points then they are inside track for #3 seed. If they win by less then Barsby will likely be #5 seed. If the Dukes prevail then they will cruise in to the 3rd seed, Handsworth will be 4th and Barsby 5th. This is all assuming that the Royals cannot prevail in their game vs S. Delta (a pretty good bet). The Dukes are extremely well coached and are relentless up-front and on offense in general. Defensively the Dukes are physical with very good team pursuit. Barsby is coming off of a very physical Border Battle and licking some wounds. The Dawgs however have been getting better week to week as the season has unfolded and match-up pretty good across the board with the Dukes. This game will hinge upon big plays and turnovers. If Barsby comes to play then it will be a very good game indeed. If the Dawgs are not on their A game, Windsor will roll.

Gridiron’s Pick: This one is tough to call. Either team is capeable of a 14 pt. plus victory over its opponent. Home field to Windsor, size to Barsby, speed a draw...Barsby some how, some way takes this one by 4 plus.

Mt. Baker at Okanagen Mission

If Mt. Baker makes the trip they will have travelled a long way to get out-hit, out scored and just plain ol out-footballed by the Huskies. Look for a very big score in this one.
Gridiron’s Pick: OKM by 48 plus in a game that is in running time by the end of the first quarter.

Sands at Hugh Boyd

Ok Hugh Boyd, where have you been all year? This roster is loaded with talent and has superb coaching. The Haddow brothers have a history of late in terms of winning big games. In fact, it was 2005 when the Trojans won the biggest game in program history against yep, the Sands Scorpions. This game is for Hugh Boyd’s playoff life and is a major “respect game” for Sands. If you can get to the park to watch this one, do so!

Gridiron’s Pick: Sands is more physical than Boyd but the Trojans can score in more ways via the air than the Scorpions. Boyd in an upset by 6 points.

Saturday, October 31st

Mt. Douglas at Ballenas

The coaching match-up in this game is going to be very tight and very interesting. Ballenas always plays Mt. Douglas well and the Rams could be getting a touch complacent atop of their league leading roost. This said, Mt. Douglas wins most of the physical match-ups position by position across the offense and defense. Look for Ballenas to rebound after last week’s game vs Barsby with a very game performance.

Gridiron’s Pick: Bigger and Faster is too much for smaller and slower. Mt. Douglas will throw its way deep for multiple big scores. Rams by 28

Pitt Meadows at Mission

Pitt has given a few teams fits this year and matches up very well physically with the Roadrunners. Mission is coached however by one of the best HC’s in BC and has a lot of program momentum pushing it along. Two years ago this group was a superb AA JV semi-finalist and these kids are battle tested in big games.

Gridiron’s Pick: Mission by 12

Abbottsford Collegiate at Seaquam

Time for the SeaHawks to tweak their playbook and look at some bench depth in game conditions while healing the bruises of a punishing physical campaign this season. Also a good time for the coaching staff to insert some confusing junk into the playbook to cloudy the scouting picture for playoff opponents. Abbottsford needs to get what it can out of this game as they continue their program building journey.

Gridiron’s Pick: Seaquam by 38

Belmont at Frank Hurt

Not even close. Belmont will dominate at every position on the field if their roster is intact from early season form. Frank Hurt forfeited a game last week and that cannot be of much help to their players. Belmont has manned-up and played everyone. With a little bit of sugar at the end of their schedule, the “Blue Dogs” will get a W up on the board Saturday.

Gridiron’s Pick: Belmont by 22

Valleyview at Clarence Fulton

The Maroons are talented and well led. Coach Scheller’s teams play their best ball late in the season and 09 is no exception. Look for Fulton to Toss and PAP their way to a big score on their home turf vs the Vikings.

Gridiron’s Pick: Fulton by 22

Monday, October 19, 2009

GI's Week 7 Picks


Friday, October 23rd

Sands at Rick Hansen

This one pretty much decides who is the number two seed coming out of the Valley. Both of these squads are tough and playing great ball at this time. The game is going to represent a gut check for Hansen as they find out for real if they can hang with the more physical run-oriented squads. The Hurricanes played well against Seaquam but not good enough it seems. Conversely, can Sands defend teams with run-pass balance? This is easily one of the top match-ups of the weekend!

Gridiron’s pick: Hansen by 6

Belmont at Handsworth

If this game were played on a Friday night at Belmont’s home turf, it would be a lot closer than it is going to be. I just cannot see Belmont being able to defend the Toss-Counter-PAP that the Royals bring to the contest. Handsworth can defend what Belmont lays down on the offensive side of the ball with ease.

Gridiron’s Pick: Handsworth by 30

Okanagen Mission at Valleyview

Very good match-up here for the first quarter or so until OKM gets rolling. Keep an eye on the Huskies, they have a pretty complete offensive and defensive package. Too many offensive horses for the Vikings to reign in.

Gridiron’s Pick: OKM by 22

Clarence Fulton at Norkam

Saturday, October 24th

Mt. Baker at Westsyde (Tier 2) (Exhibition)

Westsyde will take care of the newcomers in all phases of the game.

Gridiron’s Pick: Westyde by 28

Ballenas at John Barsby

The Border Battle always is fiercely contested and this game will send the losing squad into a dire playoff situation where they have to finish with a victory over Windsor and Windsor has to lose to either JB or Ballenas. Quite frankly, this is the most meaningful Border Battle in the rivalry’s ten year history. Offensively the Whalers bring superb run-pass balance into the contest using multiple offensive formations and ball handlers while Barsby does a similar job from their no huddle-spread. Defensively, both teams play well against the run and like to bring heat. The special teams battle is a virtual draw as well. So what will give? The team that creates the most offensive big plays and takes care of the ball will emerge victorious.

Gridiron’s Pick: Too close to call.

Pitt Meadows at Seaquam

Seaquam has no peers in the Valley Conference. Pitt is a solid middle tier squad in 09 but is out of their league so to speak when they travel to play the Sea Hawks. Pitt would do well to hope that the fumble gods pick their side on a day where Seaquam underestimates their opponent. Barring this, the score will steadily widen as the game progresses.

Gridiron’s Pick: Seaquam by 22.

Langley at Abbottsford Collegiate

It is time for one of these squads to hit scoreboard pay-dirt and that team will be Langley. Langley’s roster is just too big and physical for Abbottsford.

Gridiron’s Pick: Langley by 24

Frank Hurt at South Delta

This game will be on mercy time by the early-mid 2nd quarter at the latest. South Delta is playing it’s best ball of the year right now and Frank Hurt is struggling to get a complete squad on the field. Bring a broom and some mops to clean-up the mess that is going to be left on the field.

Gridiron’s Pick: South Delta by 60 plus.

Hugh Boyd at Mission

Upset alert! Mission is playing great football right now and they get to host the Trojans on Roadrunner turf this Saturday. Boyd has been an enigma thus far playing alternately good and bad on a week to week basis. These two teams usually play some great ball against one another and the game will be close.

Gridiron’s Pick: Mission by 3

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gridiron's Picks Week 6

Week 6

The playoff picture is getting painted this week!


Friday, October 16th

Abbottsford Collegiate at Rick Hansen

Hansen is hitting mid-to late season stride and this will be a good tune up game for the Hurricanes. Abbottsford has to continue to focus on the “little victories” and milestones along the way as it grows into program maturity.

Gridiron’s Pick: Hansen by 34

Handsworth at Windsor

This folks is going to be a barn-burner. Huge playoff stakes are also involved as Winsor seeks to leverage itself into a third or fourth seed playoff seed. Handsworth can pretty much clinch third place in the Coast Division with a victory. Coming off of a second “Island Miracle” performance the Royals have to be believers. Windsor is relentless up front and does not give up on the power running game as witnessed at Mt. Douglas. The advantage in team speed goes to the Dukes as does the “tough factor”. Handsworth will cave in sometime around the mid 3rd quarter.

Gridiron’s Pick: Windsor by 14

Langley at Hugh Boyd

Which Hugh Boyd team will show up for this one and for that matter, which Langley team? Boyd is more disciplined and has more program continuity behind them than does the Saints. Langley has not gotten over the psychological hurdle of playing against the perennial league powers in AA. Boyd has to make a statement to themselves and soon!

Gridiron’s Pick: Boyd by 14 plus.

Norkam at Okanagen Mission

By the looks of things this is going to be a very good match-up. It seems that OKM can match pretty much every team in the Interior AA or AAA physically and this could be the difference maker for the Huskies.

Gridiron’s Pick: OKM by 12

John Barsby at Mt. Douglas

The number 1 ranked and undefeated Mt. Douglas Rams host the John Barsby Bulldogs Friday Night under the lights at Royal Athletic Park. Mt. Douglas has had no difficulty dispatching of teams on their schedule with the exception of a tight game vs S. Delta and they have all the momentum heading into this game. The sheer size of Mt. Douglas presents Barsby with problems up front and their second and third level speed defensively compliments the “Big Uglies” in the pits. Offensively Mt. Douglas can strike at any time via the ground game or the air. Barsby is in tough in this game.

Gridiron’s Pick: Mt. Douglas by 18

Saturday, October 17th

Clarence Fulton at Kalmalka (Tier 2) (Exhibition)

Poor old Kalmalka.. Good in town rivalry game but the Lakers are very overmatched in this contest.

Gridiron’s Pick: Fulton plays its bench en route to a 28 pt. victory.

Valleyview at Mt. Baker

Valleyview plays regular games and is way ahead in the learning curve.

Gridiron’s Pick: Valleyview by 34

Frank Hurt at Ballenas

Frank Hurt is having a tough season and is on the road to the Island which is never an easy trip. Ballenas is really smarting after last week’s Handsworth Heartbreak! The Whalers will likely take this out on the Hornets and look to gain some momentum headed into week 7’s “Border Battle” clash versus Barsby.

Gridiron’s Pick: Ballenas by 48

Pitt Meadows at Sands

Sands is smarting from a three TD defeat at the hands of Seaquam this past Saturday. Pitt is looking to prove it is a contender by upsetting another of the conference powers (Boyd is already “in the bag”. Should Pitt defeat the Scorpions, they can consider themselves in the top echelon of the Coast Conference and a veritable lock for the number 3 seed entering the playoffs. Sands is playing for no less and a loss would put them behind the playoff seeding 8-Ball.

Gridiron’s Pick: Sands by 21

Mission at Seaquam

Mission is really beginning to find its stride headed into the second half of the season. They are going to get tripped up in this game as Seaquam is just too physical and run heavy for the finesse oriented Roadrunner squad.

Gridiron’s Pick: Seaquam by 24

Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 5 Gridiron's Picks


Wow Gang, we are already at mid-season! GI is having a ball as this year's storylines begin to unfold. Every week from here on out there are going to be battles with massive playoff implications. Lots of fun to watch and this week presents no shortage for AA HS Football Fans!!

Friday, October 9th

Westsyde (Tier 2) at Valleyview (Exhibition)

Valleyview has been playing tougher competition week in and week out. Look for the Vikings to blow this one open in the second quarter.

Gridiron's Pick: Valleyview by 21

Pitt Meadows at Langley

A Huge win over Boyd this past Saturday propels Pitt into what will become one of
BC's great rivalry games. Langley on the other hand cemented their mid-tier status with a loss this past weekend to Mission. Two programs going different directions at mid-season.

Gridrion's Pick: Pitt by 18

Handsworth at Ballenas

Ballenas can determine its own playoff destiny with a win vs the Royals and Handsworth can cement its place in the post season dance with a win over the Whalers. We are talking an early October playoff game here folks. Nothing less. The Whalers have dealt the Royals plenty of disappointment over the years and the coach Hines/Conn combo seem to have coach Prepchuck's number.

Gridiron's Pick: Ballenas by 14

Rick Hansen at Hugh Boyd

A very good Seaquam team team knocked Hansen off of its #1 perch last weekend but not by much. This is important to remember because Hansen IS a good squad. Hugh Boyd on the other hand lost to the upstart Pitt Meadows squad in a game that was tight until the dying minutes. This game suddenly looms much larger than it once was as the inside track to a high playoff seed is now on the line with the loser looking at a much tougher road to and in to the post-season dance.

Gridiron's Pick: Rick Hansen is far more complete and will win by 10.

South Delta at Belmont
Belmont is a better team than at any point in its program history. So is South Delta. If the Sundevils get to running downhill mode early in the game we could be at running time by the second half. Belmont has some fight left in them and with a couple breaks they could keep the game interesting for a quarter or so. In the end, South Delta just has too much in the tank.

Gridiron's Pick: South Delta by 48

Saturday, October 10th

John Barsby at Nanaimo District (Tier 2) (Exhibition)

Fast meets slower, bigger meets smaller and so it goes. Nanaimo will certainly have some offensive and defensive wrinkles to present in the ninth annual Ray Kocher Classic but it will be hard to overcome some of the physical mismatches that will present themselves.

Gridiron's Pick: Barsby by 24

Seaquam at Sands

OK gang, two teams that are in many ways mirror images of each other in terms of personality and physicality square off this coming Saturday. At the end of the game both squads will emerge better than when they stepped on to the field. The difference in this one could come down to coaching with the edge in the finesse game going to Seaquam. Can't wait to read the post-game summary!!

Gridorion's Pick: Seaquam by 8

Abbottsford Collegiate at Mission

Mission will own this series for years to come. Coach Watrin has cemented the status of his program and Abbottsford is in a program building cycle that will be several years in progress. Mission can take care of the mid-level and bottom level AA squads without breaking too much of a sweat.

Gridiron's Pick: Mission by 26

Windsor at Mt. Douglas

Back to back weeks against conference powerhouses will certainly test Windsor's mettle at mid-season. The Dukes are gamers and can play well against spread teams. Mt. Douglas had better not take this game for granted and ought to consider pulling a page from S. Delta's power running game.

Gridiron's Pick: Mt. Douglas is too big and strong to get run over by Windsor. They can defend the finesse game too. Mt. Douglas by 16 in a game that is surprisingly close for surprisingly long.

Norkam at Kalmalka (Tier 2) (Exhibition

Norkam is playing very, very good football up in the interior. Kalmalka is not.

Gridiron's Pick: Norkam by 40

Mount Boucherie (AAA) at Clarence Fulton (Exhibition)

Whoa, this will be a very, very good game to watch. Fulton is the real deal in the interior this year and Boucherie is having its struggles this year. Look for some big passing from Fulton.

Gridiron's Pick: The Maroons by 16

Okanagen Mission at Pentiction (Tier 2) (Exhibition)

OKM is going to be a good playoff team, never mind a great mid-season exhibition opponent. Penticton will get smacked and smacked hard.

Gridiron's Pick: OKM by 50