Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week 4 AA Varsity Season 09


Friday October 2nd

Sands at Abbottsford Collegiate
This game is going to be a tough contest for Abbey as the Scorpions are playing rock-solid physical ball. There are easily two tiers within AA itself and Sands is “top rail” in this contest.

Gridiron’s Pick: Sands by 32

Frank Hurt at John Barsby

Frank Hurt may have an opportunity in this game as the Barsby squad is reeling from a heartbreaking loss to the Handsworth Royals this past Friday. Barsby has a veteran squad and is now at 1-2 on the season, playing with a touch of desperation. The Hornets are pretty young across the roster and have better days ahead of them if they stick with it. A ferry trip and a rejuvenated Barsby squad will be too much.

Gridiron’s Pick: Barsby by 24

Mission at Langley

Very evenly matched contest in Langly this Friday with playoff seeding on the line in a big way. Langley is getting closer to breaking into the top echelon of AA varsity play while Mission is in a bit of a rebuild it seems. Should they keep turnovers and mistakes to a minimum, Langley will be tough to beat.

Gridiron’s Pick: Langley by 8 in a back and forth game.

Seaquam at Rick Hansen

Ah yes, a big time game in the Valley. Both teams are hitting their full stride offensively and they are playing some good Defense as well. The two big questions headed into the game: 1) Can Hansen survive the Seaquam onslaught on the ground and 2) Will Seaquam be able to pressure a balanced Hurricane offensive attack?

Gridiron’s Pick: Seaquam by 6 in an “upset”.

Ballenas at Belmont

Ballenas got whacked at South Delta last week physically and mentally. Belmont underachieved against Timberline. One thing is for sure, the atmosphere at Bear Mountain Park is electric and the Belmont players really get off on the crowd. Look for a surprisingly close game if Belmont mans up and decides to run power football. Ballenas is in danger of a dire playoff situation if they lose this game; likewise Belmont.

Gridiron’s Pick: Belmont is close to a breakthrough game but just doesn’t have the killer instinct to win the close ones yet. Ballenas by 6 and then its back to Parksville listening to the 70’s hit Stayin Alive.

Norkam at Valleyview

Norkam just rolled a AAA squad up in Salmon Arm! Well done guys!! Valleyview is really in tough in this game. You gotta go with momentum in this contest and Norkam has it all.

Gridiron’s Pick: Norkam by 22

Pitt Meadows at Hugh Boyd

The Trojans are very, very good and are under the radar a bit on the provincial scene. They will find that their stealthy ways are quickly becoming exposed as they host PMS. Pitt, is solid, but not ready to jump into the same category as Boyd, Sands, Seaquam and Hansen just yet.

Gridiron’s Pick: Hugh Boyd by 21

Saturday, October 3rd

Clarence Fulton at Mt. Baker

Coach Scheller has a very good squad this year as was evident as his Maroons went out and dismantled the visiting AAA Earl Marriot Mariners last week. Next up for a good on-field beating is the newbie Mt. Baker squad from Cranbrook.

Gridiron’s Pick: Fulton by 40

Windsor at South Delta

Great stuff here! Windsor travels to S. Delta for a key Coastal conference tilt. The Sun Devils are very tough to beat at home and will be primed for this game! The wildcard however is the fact that Windsor has opened their season with three cupcake games and Coach Schuman has not had to flex his playbook beyond some garden variety power football out of his I-Back package. S. Delta will have to go back to the video archives of past seasons to have any worthwhile prep for this game. Look for some Windsor wrinkles that catch their opponents flat footed more than once in this game. South Delta may have to play from behind for awhile in this game but their roster is stronger from a purely athletic perspective. In the end, speed and brawn will be tough to overcome.

Gridiron’s Pick: South Delta by 10

Handsworth at Mt. Douglas

Another good game when you look at both team’s ability to execute their respective s’s and o’s. Mt. Douglas clearly has a more athletic roster in terms of size and speed. Handsworth is a game bunch that Barsby found out has little or no quit in them. It is tough to see a Royal victory in this tilt however.

Gridiron’s Pick: Mt. Douglas by 21

Kalmalka (Tier 2) at Okanagen Mission (Exhibition)

OKM is good and Kalmalka is not. Nuff said.

Gridiron’s Pick: OKM by 34

Monday, September 21, 2009


OK Gang,

Big apologies for the week two lapse! Life's priority list was not kind to ol GridIron and his picks. The dust has settled and it is time to "go to work"!


Friday, September 25th


Earl Marriot (AAA) at Clarence Fulton

Marriot is stuggling mightily in 09 and their freshman year at AAA ball will likely be unkind. This said, their trip to Vernon to lock horns with the Maroons ought to play out well.
Gridiron's Pick: Marriot by 14.

Norkam at Salmon Arm (AAA)

Salmon Arm has a good squad this year and will be too much for Norkam to handle. Gridiron's Pick: The Golds roll by 28

Valleyview at Mt. Douglas

The Vikings are outmatched in just about every area I can think of in this game. Tenth grade running back sensation Terrel Davis of the Rams will have a field day against the Valleyview Defense and the Rams will be throwing the ball at will.

Gridiron's Pick: Mt. Douglas by 40

Saturday September 26th

Mt. Baker at Penticton (Tier 2)


Friday, September 25th

Handsworth at John Barsby

This is shaping up to be a very key game in the Coastal Conference with the winner having the inside track to a playoff berth and the loser facing an uphill battle getting into the post-seson dance. Barsby is at home and Handsworth has a ferry trip to deal with. Both sqads are coming off of impressive victories last weekend.

Gridiron's Pick: Barsby by 4

Windsor at Frank Hurt

Windsor has by the scheduling Gods come across an opening three weeks of cupcake games. Frank Hurt will be a further tune-up for the surging Dukes headed into a tough as nails October schedule.

Gridiron's Pick: Windsor by 44

Abbottsford Collegiate at Hugh Boyd

Hugh Boyd will again play the whole roster as they get important reps in headed into the October smash mouth contests ahead. Abbottsford looks to improve week to week and will certainly be given a litmus test of their progress to date vs the Trojans.

Gridiron's Pick: Boyd by 36

Pitt Meadows at Rick Hansen

If there is going to be an upset this week, it is going to be this game. Pitt roasted the West Van AAA squad last week and there has been some muttering on the net about Hansen underachieving thus far. I think Hansen gets better each week as a product of their coaching style. Pitt has some dandy athletes.

Gridiron's Pick: Hansen by three!

Sands at Mission

Sands likes to play smashmouth ball..Mission is all about finesse. Rock-em-Sock-em rules.

Gridiron's Pick: Sands by 18

Saturday, September 26th

Belmont at Timberline

Belmont played a six point game vs Barsby for the first half last week. Belmont has stud athletes and lots of em. Their game will only get better. Belmont will win by a good score.

Gridiron's Pick: Belmont by 14
Ballenas at South Delta

Langley at Seaquam

Seaquam's juggernaut on the ground will face a big, tough Langley roster. Time to see if Langley has turned the corner to being competitive in the upper echelons of the league. I won't believe it til I see it.

Gridiron's Pick: Seaquam by 24