Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DSV Tutorials Make-em a Priority!

Hey AA and Tier 2 Coaches,

You should have by now been mailed the details for the first on-line meeting for the DSV software. The first meeting was tonight. It was awesome!! The package is a hundred times better than it was last year. Some very interesting details:

  • You can cut-up your own and an opponents film by offense, defense and special teams. (Basic Feature). Advanced Features (super easy to use)
  • You can organize game video any way you see fit categorizing it for instance into various types of play, runs over 10 yds, blitz, cover packages etc.
  • You can also build a cut-up file that makes your team's hi-lite video as you go so at the end of the year you just burn it on a dvd and bingo, there it is.

  • You can put together player hi-lite videos and put them on viewing lists/e-mail lists for every college and university south of the 49th.

  • You can e-mail clips and hi-lites of your team and your opponents to your own team rosters/e-mail lists.

  • You can access your opponents and your own video from any internet don't need your home computer specially formatted.

  • When you cut-up your game video, you can have the screen split into multiple angles per-play.

In short, it is totally awesome.

There will be more upcoming on-line meetings and tele-conferences this spring.

We all by rule have to upload our spring game or last year's final game this spring. Be sure you don't let yourself and your team down by not mastering this software.

Again...much easier to use and much more versatile than last year.

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