Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting It Done!

Quote of the Week 16-23 March

HANNIBAL (247-183 B.C.) Carthaginian General

-We will either find a way or make one.- Attributed

Rome's most feared and mortal enemy was a "can do" guy. Outnumbered and out-armoured he found a way time and again to out-maneuver and out-fight his implaccable enemy, the Roman Republic. One of his most famous challenges and exploits was figuring out how to get his greatest weapon, african war elephants into battle with the Roman main force elements on their home ground. The seas were denied to him so he had to find a way. He stunned em by bringing his elephants over a mountain range (the Alps) and descending on the Roman army from an unexpected direction.

Whether as individuals or individual programs we are all going to face a multitude of challenges this year. The question is yours to answer: Are you going to find a way or make one?

Opportunity Season continues....

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