Sunday, March 8, 2009

Getting It Done

Getting the ball across the goal line in AA ball this year....hmmm, this is going to be interesting if not totally entertaining! There is really no prevailing scheme/recipe for scoring in the league anymore. Where once I backs ruled the day, there is now spread offenses galore and a whole lot of hybrid spread-I stuff. Looking at the the conferences, studying last year's rosters and video there looks to be a couple programs however that will be top-of-the-heap at their style of offensive game.

Pure Passing

Mission: Coach Watrin loves to air it up and his no-huddle spread will give folks fits, especially when the weather is pass-friendly. Look for a Mission QB and a couple receivers to top the statistical charts in 09.

Mt. Douglas: These guys can throw a timing route like no-one else! In 09 they will introduce a new cast of characters to their scheme and make no mistake, they have some serious athletes lurking under the radar! Look for big yards per-catch from the Rams in 09. If you fail to cover the fade and slant you will get torched early and often.

Pitt: Chucking and Duckin worked good for PMS at the JV level and there is going to be no way that the coaching staff is going to show up, look at all those tricked out (gloves, arm bands, face stickies and whatever the hell else kind of "receiver bling" kids will be wearing this year) greyhounds and say "nope, there will be no Christmas this year Whoesville, we are running the ball." It will be interesting to hear the chit-chat about these guys after spring ball runs its course. They could be really good.

Ground and Pound

Sands is back in the league. These guys make a living off of the power running game. Strap on your head gear and get ready to play some classic smashmouth football when you line up across from the Scorpion "O". These guys will be well suited to the all outdoors playoff tournament come November.

Seaquam: The Seahawks probably won't be as balanced as last year run-pass wise. They will look that way early but will go back to doing what they do best which is running the football come crunch-time.

Ballenas: The Whalers will have a very balanced run-pass playbook, but they will in practice, wind-up running the ball far better than they throw it in 2009. QB depth could be a concern but there is no shortage of big powerfull offensive linemen and speedy receivers who may very well rack-up as many yards running fly and jet type plays as they do reeling balls through the air.

Mixing it Up

Hansen: Will have big stats from the QB position via the air but with a powerful returning cast up front and in the backfield, running the ball over and through people will be too big of an opportunity for the coaching staff to ignore.

Boyd: Talk about a loaded roster in the so called skill position areas. This crew at JV two years ago was a juggernaut that found all kinds of ways to get the ball over the goal line. Trojans will be tough to get a handle on in 09....pick your poison with these guys.

Windsor: Coach Schuman would go certifiably crazy if he painted himself into a run-only or pass- only corner. Here is one guy who probably has whiteboards up instead of bathroom mirrors. If there are cracks in your defensive armour he will find them. Once he finds them, he will be going after them and the Windsor tool-kit will have the run-pass gear ready to go.

South Delta: The reload in 09 will be balanced from the perspective of athletes in the program. The coaching staff is intact and they will seek to attack opposing defenses in as complete a fashion as possible.


Barsby: Very balanced offense in terms of athletes this year. A bigger offensive line than in years past, good returning rbs, depth at receiver and at least three QB's who can deliver. Spring ball and mental prep will go a long ways towards determining how far the pendulum swings either way.

OKM: These guys like to pass but have to replace an outstanding QB.

Timberline: Well, it was air Timberline last year but they now have a more physical squad than in the 08 season. These guys like the physical side of the game and we will all have to wait and see what they bring to the table this spring.

It will be fun to read back on this post come mid-October and see how things have panned out.

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