Sunday, October 5, 2008

AA Varsity Week 6

Week Six Round-Up

Boyd Falters, Dukes Roll, Mission Carpet Bombs and Penn High Chalks One-Up! This weekend has a smorgesboard of headlines for sure and well gang, we are looking at some serious parity beginning to emerge in the Lower Mainland! Windsor wasn't interested in rolling over for the much heralded Trojans of Hugh Boyd, instead they prepared all week and took one away from a more talented Boyd squad. The Trojans aren't going to get a free pass from anyone on their schedule except maybe BC and are now looking to be travelling in week 1 of the playoffs. South Delta is rock-steady and is continuing to win football games. Mission, wow! They shelled Earl Marriot and the Mariners got a taste of what the Japanese fleet got drilled with in the Battle of Midway back in 42. Whoever lines up against Mission in November out-of-doors better be doing a serious rain-dance while praying for the same winds that ripped up Stanley Park a couple years back! Hey Penn High! Props to you guys for your first program win! Way to go!! All in all, there is going to be movement in the top ten for week 6.

Week 5 Scores

Lord Tweedsmuir 37 Rick Hansen 27
Ballenas 34 Belmont 7
Penticton 18 W.L. Seaton 14
Okanagen Mission Valleyview
Seaquam 47 Clarence Fulton 6
Mission 42 Earl Marriot 13
South Delta 27 Langley 6
Windsor 25 Hugh Boyd 21
Vernon 10 Norkam 9
Frank Hurt 63 Burnaby Central 12

Gridiron's Week 6 AA Top Ten

1. Seaquam Seahawks (4-1)
2. South Delta Sun Devils (4-1)
3. Mission Roadrunners(4-1)
4. Ballenas Whalers(3-1-1)
5. John Barsby Bulldogs(5-0)
6. Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers(4-1)
7. Windsor Dukes(3-2)
8. Hugh Boyd Trojans(3-2)
9. Earl Marriot Mariners(2-3)
10.Timberline Wolves(1-4)

Gridiron's Week 6 Picks

Friday, 10 October

John Barsby vs Nanaimo

Barsby is still feeling the angst over last year's defeat at the hands of the Islanders. This year's game is in "The Cage" and the Islander's are seriously short-staffed at the coaching level. If the Dawgs can slow down the Islanders Double Wing and get their offense rolling it will go Barsby's way. Barsby has the team speed to win and is playing at home. This game will be PHYSICAL as there is no love lost between the two programs.

Gridiron’s Pick: Barsby is too much to handle for the plucky Islanders. Dawgs by 14

Burnaby Central vs Handsworth

Handsworth wins in every category except numbers on the bench. This would be the case if the Handsworth JV's were lined up against the BC Varsity. Should have played Tier 2.

Gridiron’s Pick: Handsworth by 38.

Rick Hansen vs Langley

I find this game intriguing. Hansen has shown flashes of brilliance this year followed by less than inspired performances. Langley is getting better each week against tough opponents. They have not gotten good enough yet to beat Hansen. Coach Gill and co. know where to apply the finnesse.

Gridiron’s Pick: Hansen by 12

Lord Tweedsmuir vs Earl Marriot

I heard somewhere that Coach Mckay-Dunn said something to the effect of "We have the team this year to beat Tweedsmuir". He is an honest guy and Marriot by all accounts has the muscle to dance with the Panthers. I think however that Tweedsmuir has something to prove after the Hansen game and sure as hec ought to be reading what was written about their defense on the forum by "Massive Attack". Hec, a lot of folks should read his remarks, great poster-board material. Back to this game: Tweedsmuir is good. Marriot on an up-day is good. They will be up for this one.

Gridiron’s Pick: Tweedsmuir by 8

Saturday, 11 October

W.L. Seaton vs Norkam

Norkam has lost its last two games by a combined two points. W.L. Seaton just served up Pen High's first program victory. Norkam is going to break through on Saturday and be all over Seaton.

Gridiron’s Pick: Norkam by 21

Okanagen Mission vs Vernon

Good game....the best one in the Interior this weekend!! I think we are looking at two of the top three seeds coming out of the hill country for the playoffs. OKM has the QB. Vernon can chew up the yards on the ground. Passing is sexy but I've always liked to run the ball. The greatest College Football team in history, the 95 Nebraska Cornhuskers ran the ball.

Gridiron’s Pick: Vernon by 6

Timberline vs Ballenas

This game boils down to a couple factors. 1) Is Timberline Healthy? Yes, they play great. No, it's over by half-time. 2) Can Timberline protect its QB? Yes, this is gonna be fun to watch. No, it's over by half-time. 3) Will Timberline put the breaks on the Ballenas running game? Yes, stick around for the 3rd and 4th quarters. No, it's over by half-time. Here is the problem for the Wolves....Ballenas is a two headed monster. Stop their run, they can pass. Stop their pass, they can run. Sort-of stop either...not good enough. Stop both....I don't think so. Oh yeah, Ballenas hits better than they have for a couple years on Defense.

Gridiron’s Pick: Whalers by 34

South Delta vs Frank Hurt

Frank Hurt is on its way up! I have mad respect for the job their coaches and players have done getting their house in order and getting better each week. First quarter will be close. The rest, not so good. South Delta folks is easily a contender for all the marbles this year if they stay healthy.

Gridiron’s Pick: South Delta by 21

Seaquam vs Mission

Game of the week, hands-down! Weather, weather, weather! Good weather and Mission will be all over the Seahawks. Bad weather and things get interesting. Mission has more bodies and likes a fast pace. Seaquam is fast getting a reputation for being tough-as-nails. This game could be the championship preview!!

Gridiron’s Pick: Mission by 6 but they better pre-order an ice truck.

Clarence Fulton vs Penticton High

Pen High is on a winning streak. Fulton is looking to find some self-respect. The streak ends here.

Gridiron’s Pick: Fulton by 24


CrimDaLord said...

Gotta love how both of your top ten have squads under thirty. Talk about talent.

BC Gridiron said...

11 on the field at a time. Talent, guts, good coaching and team desire!!

Kudos to the real iron-man ballers out there!!


IslandPride said...

Question, the Hugh Boyd and Windsor game, did HB play bad, or did windsor just play really good.