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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

AA Varsity Week Six

Gridiron's AA Varsity Top 5

1. Seaquam SeaHawks
2. Hugh Boyd Trojans
3. Vernon Panthers
4. Holy Cross Crusaders
5. Windsor Dukes

Week Five Scores

Hugh Boyd 27 Frank Hurt 0
Ballenas 27 Nanaimo District 13
Holy Criss 41 Salmon Arm 7
Argyle 30 Langley 14
G.W. Graham 32 Robert Bateman 0
Seaquam 35 Windsor 21
South Kamloops 28 Valleyview 18
Clarence Fulton 33 Westsyde 28
Prince George 14 College Heights 12
John Barsby 52 Timberline 0

Gridiron's Picks

Friday, 14 October

Langly @ Salmon Arm: Two teams desperately looking for a divisional win square off on Friday. This is very evenly matched and will go down to the wire.  Look for the visitors to be the dominant team via the air and this will be the difference. GI's Pick: Langley by 7

Clarence Fulton @ Vernon: This game will be Vernon's biggest divisional test.  Fulton has some momentum on its side, but does not win the match-ups on the perimeter and up front. GI's Pick: Panthers by 17

Argyle @ Robert Bateman: Bateman runs the ball very well while Argyle conversely, throws it around as good as anyone.  The weather is supposed to be epic in terms of wind and rain.  The edge in these conditions goes to the Timberwolves.  GI's Pick: Bateman by 8

Valleyview @ Westsyde: Westsyde, though losing a recent spate of games, has been playing pretty good ball and they ought to build off of it nicely when they host Valleyview.  GI's Pick: Westsyde by 11

Nechako Valley @ College Heights:  Nechako Valley has been nothing short of a juggernaught offensively this season, posting big numbers each time they take the field.  College Heights is playing stingy ball defensively, but this week's opponent will be overwhelming. GI's Pick: Vikings by 18

D.P. Todd @ Duchess Park: The Trojans are going through their first season in years with the growth curve that accompanies such an endeavor.  Duchess has more depth and football IQ at this point.  GI's Pick: Duchess Park by 20

Holy Cross @ G.W. Graham:  This game could very well determine who is going to be first place in the East.  G.W. Graham is getting healthy and that means a real tough game for the Crusaders.  The projected weather for the game means throwing the ball could be difficult at best.  The depth on the roster goes to HC in this one. GI's Pick:  Holy Cross by 7

Saturday, 15 October

Nanaimo @ Frank Hurt: This will be a muddy, run heavy game in throwback field conditions.  The Islanders are built better offensively for the run than are their hosts.  GI's Pick: Islanders by 17

John Barsby @ Seaquam:  The trenches are going to be living up to their name if the weather forcast rings true.  Seaquam wins the team speed match-up and is undefeated headed in to this big divisional game and thus far, have seemed to have figured out the recipe for great second halves week in and week out. GI's Pick: Seaquam by 21

Windsor @ Ballenas:  This game will be a windy, muddy slopfest characterized by some big runs and lots of turnovers in the Whaler mud.  Both teams run down hill very well and have big play athletes. GI's Pick:  Windsor by 6

South Kamloops @ W.L. Seaton:  The Titans are on a bit of a roll right now.  They will find more momentum coming out of this one. GI's Pick: South Kamloops by 11

Sunday, October 2, 2016

AA Varsity Week 5

Week Four Wrap-Up

Seaquam, Hugh Boyd, Vernon and Holy Cross served notice they are for real this past weekend with big "statement" wins.  The rest of the pack is still sorting itself out with other contenders yet to emerge.


Friday, 30 September

John Barsby 53 Frank Hurt 12
Nanaimo District 35 Westsyde 19
Vernon 40-Pitt Meadows 3
Holy Cross 21 Handsworth (AAA) 18
Salmon Arm 20 South Kamloops 10
College Heights 58 D.P. Todd 14
Nechako Valley 60 Correllieu 6
Hugh Boyd 28 Windsor 14
Clarence Fulton 41 Duchess Park 27

Saturday, 1 October

Seaquam 45 Ballenas 12
Abbottsford (AAA) 27 Robert Bateman 5

A Happy Thanksgiving Weekend To Everyone!

Gridiron's Week Five Top Five

1. Seaquam SeaHawks
2. Hugh Boyd Trojans
3. Vernon Panthers
4. G.W. Graham Grizzlies
5. Robert Bateman Timberwolves

GI's Picks

Friday, 7 October

Salmon Arm @ Holy Cross: Two quality squads coming off of quality wins lock horns on Friday.  The Crusader running game will be the difference maker as the Golds will have to load-up the box to stop it and will become vulnerable to big plays via the air.  GI's Pick: Holy Cross by 12

D.P. Todd @ Eric Hamber: This is a great road game for the nascent D.P. Todd varsity squad.  It is also good for Eric Hamber.  The edge in football experience goes to the hosts and that is tough to bet against.  GI's Pick: Hamber by 11

Langley @ Argyle: Possible game of the week here!  The match-ups are superb and the offensive/defensive styles will make for a good back and forth afternoon.  Argyle is always tough at home and the visitors are going to be in for a big dose of play-action passing.  GI's Pick: Pipers by 7

Seaquam @ Windsor: The SeaHawks have steam rolled out of the gates thus far in 2016.  The playing surface at Windsor will compliment their speed and the possible rain on game day, their size/running game.  The Dukes will likely give their opponents fits early on, but Seaquam ought to grind em down as the game progresses.  Look for a big third quarter for the visitors. GI's Pick: Seaquam by 18

South Kamloops @ Valleyview: South Kamloops emerges from last week's contest vs Salmon Arm a tougher, more resilient squad.  This week's contest will see some big runs from the Titans en route to a big score.GI's Pick: Titans by 20

Correlieu @ Duchess Park:  Duchess had a good trip last weekend and they ought to springboard that experience in to a total team effort vs Correlieu. GI's Pick: Condors by 20 plus

Westsyde @ Clarence Fulton:  This will be a fun game to watch.  Westsyde had a good game in a losing effort on the Island this past weekend while Clarence Fulton put on a show vs Duchess Park. The Fulton offense is really rounding in to form and look for the Maroons to post at least 28 points come game-day.  GI's Pick: Maroons by 14

John Barsby @ Timberline: Timberline and Barsby have not locked horns since 2008.  The game used to be a rivalry of sorts but the two programs have gone different directions since.  Both teams will benefit from this year's resumption in different ways.  GI's Pick: Barsby by 20 plus

College Heights @ PGSS: This game will be very close.  The Cougars rolled their last opponent and PG was unimpressive in their loss to Nechako Valley two weeks ago.  The ability of College Heights to stop the run and PGSS to manage turnovers will speak volumes on the outcome. GI's Pick:  Cougars by 6

Robert Bateman @ G.W. Graham: Big, Big Game Here!  Graham is returning to a modicum of health just in time to square off against what amounts to one of the big surprise squads of AA ball this year in the Robert Bateman Timberwolves.  If the Grizzlies can engineer a similar defensive performance to the one Abbey put together last week vs Bateman, the game will surely tilt in their favor.   I think Graham and Vernon are a lot alike and the outcome vs this common opponent will likely be similar. GI's Pick: Grizzlies by 14

Vernon @ W.L. Seaton:  Vernon is now on a divisional cake-walk to the playoffs and the first whump under their tires will be Seaton.  GI's Pick:  Panthers by 20 plus

Saturday, 8 October

Hugh Boyd @ Frank Hurt:  The Hornets surely do have some bright spots in their backfield and on the edge offensively.  Up front however, they are no match for Hugh Boyd and this will result in a big day on the ground for the Trojan offense. GI's Pick: Trojans by 20 plus

Nanaimo District @ Ballenas:  This game will be fun to watch.  Nanaimo District has a chance to win if they can cover the deep ball.  If not, it will be a day of trying to match quick drives by the Whalers with long clock-eaters by the Islanders.  Roster size and depth goes to Nanaimo District in this game. Speed and execution to the Whalers.  A rainy day and turnovers off special teams will be factors that insert themselves in to the outcome.  GI's Pick: Whalers by 14

Thursday, September 29, 2016

AA Varsity Week 4

Gridiron's Top Five

1. Seaquam SeaHawks
2. Vernon Panthers
3. Hugh Boyd Trojans
4. Ballenas Whalers
5. G.W. Graham Grizzlies

GI's Picks

Friday, 30 September

Frank Hurt @ John Barsby:  Frank Hurt travels to the Island for a tough one vs the John Barsby Bulldogs.  The Hornets are running and throwing well of late and will compete for sure.  Barsby has been close to hitting the win column in weeks two and three, but has fallen short.  Look for hungry squads taking the field Friday afternoon.  GI's Pick: Barsby by 10

Holy Cross @ Handsworth (AAA): This game will be a real test for the Crusaders as their hosts are quietly putting together one of their better seasons since 2010.  Handsworth will have the size advantage and they pass better than the visitors.  The HC running game is potent however so this could be a close affair.  GI's Pick: Royals by 9

Correlieu @ Nechako Valley:  The crew from Vanderhoof is off to a good start and I see no reason for them to falter this week vs the visiting Clansmen of Quesnel.  This will be a big day for the Viking offense.  GI's Pick: Nechako Valley by 18 plus.

South Kamloops @ Salmon Arm:  Big game in the Interior!  Salmon Arm ought to run and pass its way to victory on Friday.  I don't see the Titan defense being able to slow em down.  GI's Pick: Golds by 14

Windsor @ Hugh Boyd:  This contest is a co-"game of the week" pick in my books.  Two veteren coaching staffs with plenty of experience against one another bring two good squads on to the playing field to contest the W.  The line of scrimmage goes to Hugh Boyd and the so called-skill positions to Windsor.  In either case the difference is not too huge to overcome.  Big plays, defending big plays and roster depth are going to be decisive in this game.  GI's Pick: Hugh Boyd wears em down in the second half....Trojans by 9

D.P. Todd @ College Heights: This game will be close.  College Heights has an edge in terms of experienced players.  GI's Pick: Cougars by 6

Westsyde @ Nanaimo District: Part two of a home and home series gets played Friday night under the lights in Nanaimo.  Westsyde won last year's contest.  Nanaimo will win this year however as they have a massive roster and plenty of experience to boot.  Look for big offensive production by the Islanders on the ground and via the air.  GI's Pick: Islanders by 17 plus.

Pitt Meadows @ Vernon: Another home and home winds up this weekend with Pitt taking the trip north.  Vernon is smarting after a big loss vs Abbey last week.  This will be just what the Dr. ordered. GI's Pick: Vernon by 18 plus.

Saturday, 1 October

Abbottsford (AAA) @ Robert Bateman: Bateman is a pleasant surprise this year!  The Timberwolves have been playing solid ball and their triple option game has been doing a great job chewing up defenses.  Abbey is a true powerhouse however and a threat to score big on every snap.  The Panthers also are big and deep up front on both sides of the ball.  GI's Pick: Panthers by 20

Howe Sound @ Valleyview:  This will be a back and forth affair.  Howe Sound has the size and roster depth in this contest.  GI's Pick: Sounders by 7

Ballenas @ Seaquam: Co-"game of the week" right here.  Seaquam has been very impressive throughout the first three weeks of the season.  Ballenas is coming off of a huge game vs Barsby and showed some great things en-route to their victory.  The match-ups: Size to Seaquam; Speed-draw; Receivers-draw; physicality, slight edge Seaquam; depth-Seaquam.  GI's Pick: SeaHawks by 10

Duchess Park @ Clarence Fulton: This is a good game for both squads.  The Maroons are on an up-year and are playing at home.  Gotta give em this one.  GI's Pick: Fulton by 11

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 2

2016 AA Varsity Week 2

Week One Round-Up

Seaquam got all over Langley in a game that blew wide open for the new number one.  Abbottsford didn't skip a beat from last year's Eastern dominance in its victory over AAA Mission.  Barsby got into a physical contest with AAA Mt. Douglas, ultimately coming up short but with encouraging play.  Vernon started slow and finished with a bang versus Robert Bateman and Holy Cross had a great second half against a tough Windsor squad.  Elsewhere, PGSS served notice up north that it is the team to beat, Hugh Boyd got out of the blocks with a bang vs AAA Earl Marriot and Nanaimo District got a solid W vs a plucky Spectrum squad.  G.W. Graham found itself over-matched versus a surprisingly strong AAA Handsworth squad that seems to be looking to regain form it has not seen since the mid-to late 2000's.

Week One Scores

Mt. Douglas 35 John Barsby 18
Nanaimo District 28 Spectrum 0
Prince George 39 D.P. Todd 0
Vernon 27 Robert Bateman 7
Abbottsford 34 Mission 12
Seaquam 47 Langley 14
Hugh Boyd 48 Earl Marriot 12
Handsworth 19 G.W. Graham 6
Holy Cross 41 Windsor 24
Argyle 27 Frank Hurt 7

Gridiron's Top Five

1. Seaquam SeaHawks
2. Abbottsford Panthers
3. John Barsby Bulldogs
4. Vernon Panthers
5. Holy Cross Crusaders

Honourable Mention

G.W. Graham Grizzlies, Langley Saints, Windsor Dukes, Hugh Boyd Trojans, Ballenas Whalers

GI's Picks

Friday, 16 September

Abbottsford @ Centennial (AAA): Abbey looks very good and continues a triple A pre-season with a game at Centennial this Friday.  Look for the air show to continue with the Panthers and for the defense to play tough up front versus the run.  GI's Pick: Panthers by 14

South Kamloops @ Hugh Boyd: The Trojans are coming off of a big win and are putting together the foundation for a very good season.  The visiting Titans have a long travel day before the kick-off so they may be a bit "bus legged" at the start.  I like the Trojan running game in this contest.  GI's Pick: Trojans by 12

Earl Marriot (AAA) @ Nanaimo: Great match-up for both teams.  Marriot got gashed pretty good by the run last week.  Nanaimo District runs and throws well with plenty of speed on defense.  If the Islanders can defend the deep ball, this one goes their way.  GI's Pick: Islanders by 10

Robert Bateman @ Mission (AAA): A good local tilt in the Valley!  Both teams are coming off of tough losses and are looking to get in the win column.  Mission has the preponderance of athletes in this one and has dominated the series over the years.  GI's Pick: Roadrunners by 14

Valleyview @ Eric Hamber: Another good match-up.  The visitors will run the ball hard and this game will be determined by the defensive play of each squad.  GI's Pick: Valleyview by 7

West Vancouver (AAA) @ Windsor: I was a bit taken aback by the score of the game last week between Windsor and Holy Cross.  The Dukes will be better this week, that is how they roll as a program.  West Van is playing some pretty good ball right now and will have a size advantage at the LOS.  This one will be very tight.  GI's Pick: Dukes by 1

Holy Cross @ Notre Dame (AAA): A big rivalry game here in the Catholic School Community. The Crusaders have been making strides as a program the past couple years as have the Jugglers.  Notre Dame is quite simply deeper and more talented however.  GI's Pick: Jugglers by 14

D.P. Todd @ Correllieu:  The resurrected Trojan program heads in to one of its easier games on this year's schedule with a valuable week 1 tilt against a dominant PGSS squad under its belt.  This one will be back and forth all game long.  When you are starting a program, it is the little victories along the way that count as much or more as the final score.  Getting on the scoreboard will be one of em for D.P. Todd.  Celebrate it! GI's Pick: Correllieu by 4

Langley @ Westsyde: This will be a BIG rebound game for Langley as they travel up North to play the Blue Wave.  There will be a huge chip on their shoulder after week one.  GI's Pick: Langley by 18 plus.

Duchess Park @ College Heights: Duchess played great ball at JV last season.  This year's varsity will reflect that as the Condors are a sure bet to roll come game day.  GI's Pick: Duchess by 19

Clarence Fulton @ Omak (WA): This is the Maroon's annual "team builder" to Washington State.  It is usually a 40 pt. drubbing that does in its way, propel the visitors towards bigger and better things down the road.  GI's Pick: Omak by 38

New West (AAA) @ G.W. Graham: At the start of the season I'd have hi-lited this tilt as one to see! Seasons are funny things however.  Graham got pretty chewed up health wise the past two weeks and will limp in to New Westminster on Friday.  The Hyacks are a contender for all of the AAA marbles this year.  GI's Pick: New Westminster by 24

Frank Hurt @ Pitt Meadows: Good game here!  Pitt is tough and scrappy across the roster.  Hurt is on the rise and gained some confidence playing AAA Argyle last week.  The Hornets have a deeper roster and will wear down the hosts as the game plays out.  GI's Pick: Frank Hurt by 9

Ballenas @ Belmont: These teams know each other very well, having run a "joint practice" at the end of the first week of pre-season workouts.  Belmont is for the first time in years, decisively deeper than the visitors.  The Whalers are balanced offensively and match-up pretty good on the LOS. Speed however goes to Belmont and that will be the kicker.  GI's Pick: Belmont by 17

Saturday, 17 September 

Vernon @ John Barsby: This could shape-up to being one of the best games of the weekend as the Panthers pay a visit to The Island to complete a home and home series.  Vernon did a great job throwing the ball in its week one victory vs Bateman.  Barsby ran hard and consistently vs Mt. Douglas in it's season opener.  Defensively however, Vernon did a much better job of defending the run than the Bulldogs.  This leaves room for an upset if Barsby doesn't get things fixed this week. GI's Pick: Barsby by 2 in a squeaker

Argyle (AAA) @ Seaquam: The SeaHawks are a far different squad for Argyle to face than were the Frank Hurt Hornets.  This game will be well played early by both teams with Seaquam pulling away by mid 2nd quarter.  GI's Pick: SeaHawks by 15

Prince George @ Nechako Valley: PGSS is on the road and facing a possible upset game from the host Vikings of Vanderhoof.  The Polar coaches better be all over their squad this week at practice in terms of not underestimating a well coached opponent on an up year.  GI's Pick: Polars by 9

Monday, September 5, 2016

2016 AA Varsity Week 1

GI's Week 1 Edition

Welcome back gridiron fans, coaches and players!  The 2016 season promises to be lights-out fast, furious and competitive!  It is now "Game Week" for the majority of the province and we already have a shift at the top of the rankings!

Week Zero Wrap-Up

G.W. Graham went down to Clover Park HS in Washington state just south of Tacoma and served notice that they are playing for all the marbles in BC.  The Grizzlies ran and passed impressively en-route to a 47-32 victory over the host program.  Well done!  We are all proud of you guys up here north of the 49th parallel!!

Gridiron's Top Five

1. G.W. Graham Grizzlies
2. Langley Saints
3. Seaquam SeaHawks
4. Abbottsford Panthers
5. John Barsby Bulldogs

Gridiron's Week One Picks

Friday, 9 September

Hugh Boyd @ Earl Marriot (AAA): Earl Marriot is back up at triple A ball after dominating Tier 2 for the last several seasons.  This is a great week one game for both programs.  Word has it that the Trojans have a deep and experienced offensive line this year.  You gotta love that as a coach.  All things being equal at the "skill" positions, I have to go with Boyd and their big boys up front.  GI's Pick: Trojans by 13

Seaquam @ Langley:  Very intriguing match-up here!  Both of these programs are on the rise and are early favorites to go to the Subway Bowl.  Seaquam seems to play its best football mid-to-late season and this may be a bit of a tough game for them coming out of the starting blocks.  Langley will play very balanced football offensively and I like their run game in this contest and the subsequent big plays off of play-action.  GI's Pick: Saints by 11

Mission (AAA) @ Abbottsford:  Old Eastern rivals have kept the series alive with this exhibition tilt. I have no doubt that Mission will take it's place amongst the AAA elite in the coming years, but they still have some growing to do.  The players and coaching staffs know each other well and this game will be hard fought.  Look for Abbottsford to find its running legs by the second quarter in this game. GI's Pick: Abbey by 7

Westsyde @ Southkam: The Blue Wave have been playing good football the past couple of years up in the Interior.  SouthKam has a deeper and more physical roster and this game will blow wide open mid-second quarter.  GI's Pick: Titans by 21

Robert Bateman @ Vernon: Vernon is the class of the Interior once again in 2016.  Bateman is an upper middle of the pack squad in the Eastern Conference.  Both teams play a very tough brand of football.  This game will be very physical start-to-finish.  The home team however is bigger and across the board, faster.  GI's Pick: Vernon by 14

John Barsby @ Mt. Douglas (AAA): There are no lies on the field when teams travel to play the triple A dynasty known as the Mt. Douglas Rams.  Visitors can expect to find their weaknesses exposed in a hurry.  This exhibition series is always very hard fought.  Barsby is going to have to play their A-Game to have a chance in this one.  Last week the Rams defeated Veronia HS of Oregon 40-6.  Dawgs beware.  GI's Pick: Rams by 19

PGSS @ D.P. Todd: The Trojans will have the bench numbers, but not the experience to accompany their multitudes.  The Polars are consistently playing some of the best football in the North.  They are also finding their identity as a program with power football and a defense that is a reflection of its offensive counterpart.  GI's Pick: PGSS by 22

Spectrum (Tier 2) @ Nanaimo District: Spectrum has taken big strides towards putting a competitive group on the field.  Nanaimo District has a two headed monster at the quarterback position with athletes around them up front and on the perimeter.  I think the Islanders are just too much for Spectrum to handle and the score will pile-up fast.  GI's Pick: Islanders by 20 plus.

Clarence Fulton @ Salmon Arm (AAA): The Maroons are a plucky, motivated group year in and year out.  They will bring their A game up-country to Salmon Arm.  The Golds are bigger and deeper across the board.  This will factor in, especially in the second half when the host team gets its timing down after a couple first half, week one hick-ups.  GI's Pick: Golds by 17

Saturday, 10 September

Frank Hurt @ Argyle (AAA):  Argyle is in a bit of a rebuild this year and Frank Hurt is sporting one of its better squads in recent memory.  This game will come down to turnovers and who can defend the long ball defensively.  Look for a back and forth affair with Frank Hurt posting a minor upset. GI's Pick: Hornets by 2

G.W. Graham @ Handsworth (AAA): Unless the Royals have had a significant growth spurt up front, they are in for shall we say, a crushing experience in the trenches.  This game could very quickly get one dimensional and then it will be up to the home team's quarterback to put things on his shoulders. Defensively, if the Grizzlies can play solid man coverage and avoid getting nickel and dimed, the pressure could be epic.  GI's Pick: Grizzlies by 23

Windsor @ Holy Cross:  Windsor usually starts slow and then becomes very, very good by week 4 or so.  Not this year.  The Dukes have a very experienced group who are coming off of a Championship JV season a short ten months ago.  The learning curve won't be dramatic for them and this squad will be playing at a mid-season level right out of the gates.  Holy Cross will be similar as well. Defending the Crusader run game will be key for the Dukes while the Crusaders will have to air-tight in dealing with the counters, screens, bootlegs and deep balls that are sure to come their way.  GI's Pick: Dukes by 14

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

GI's 2016 Pre-Season Special

2016 AA Varsity

Ranking The Conferences

1. Western Conference: Top to bottom the Western Conference is filled with very competitive teams/programs.   A great Carson Graham program moved on to AAA ball, but was replaced by a Seaquam program that dominated at JV last year and tied for first in the AAA Pacific.  Barsby has won the conference title six years running and that streak is in definite jeopardy this year as Windsor has its finest team in years along with Ballenas and Nanaimo District.  Hugh Boyd is always tough and Frank Hurt is no slouch either.  Every week this year will count big-time out West.

2. Eastern Conference: Langley has grown roots and has emerged as a powerhouse provincially.  A lot of community players have found their way to the school and they are a quantum leap better than the team that played in last year's semi-final.  Not far off is the Abbottsford Panthers and the G.W. Graham Grizzlies.  The top three in the East can chuck the football at an elite level and all three have potent running games.  Abbey and Graham in fact, may have the number one and two running backs in BC this year.  Holy Cross is not far out of the mix and as a program, has demonstrated that it is on the rise the past two years.  Pitt Meadows and Robert Bateman are a drop off, but only in terms of depth.  These two squads compete hard every week and are coached

3. Okanagen Conference: There is Vernon and then there is the rest.  The Panthers are a provincial level powerhouse and are in for a breakthrough year sooner rather than later in terms of playing in the big game.  The rise of the Vernon program is good for the rest of the division as the rest of the pack has not been complacent in terms of raising their game to challenge the front-runner.   This conference is headed up as opposed to down.

4. Northern Conference: The rivalry for decades in just about any sport has been between PGSS and Duchess Park up North.  This is true for football of late as the Condors and Polars trade gridiron blows for poll position in the playoffs.   Prince George has been hit hard with graduation, but it has a lot of program momentum coming off of a BCSSFA playoff win last fall.   Duchess has the depth this year with a big group moving up to varsity play.   These two should battle hard in league play and will likely play for top rail entering the playoffs.  The rest of the pack will scrap it out with Nechako Valley always a threat to make waves when they are in an up-cycle in terms of roster depth.

Projected Conference Standings

Western Conference

1. Seaquam
2. Barsby
3. Windsor
4. Ballenas
5. Nanaimo District
6. Hugh Boyd
7. Frank Hurt

Eastern Conference

1. Langley
2. Abbottsford
3. G.W. Graham
4. Holy Cross
5. Pitt Meadows
6. Robert Bateman

Okanagen Conference

1. Vernon
2. South-Kamloops
3. Westsyde
4. Clarence Fulton
5. Valleyview
6. W.L. Seaton

Northern Conference

1. Duchess Park
2. Prince George
3. Kelly Road
4. Nechako Valley
5. College Heights
7. D.P. Todd
6. Correlieu

GI's Pre-Season Top Ten

Well gang, this may be the greatest assemblage of high quality AA football squads in a top ten raking since well, ever.  The parity in the league is indeed something to behold.  When the final whistle blows in BC Place, any one of these teams could be celebrating!  The kicker is, someone from outside the top ten could make a run for all the marbles too!

What's it going to take to succeed in 2016?  Health down the stretch for sure.  The West and the East are going to meat-grinders.  Particularly the West as there is by far, a heavier run emphasis and than their Eastern rivals. The teams that get out of league play in to the playoffs that are not completely beat to hec, will be in a good place when the "Gales of November Come Calling".

1. Langley Saints: Various sources report that there has been a massive move of  regional community ball players to the Langley program.  This is a burgeoning AA super-power in the making as many key factors are in place.  The school is located in prime football country: affordable housing for new families; lots of grass roots ball at the younger ages; superb facility and of course, a darn good coaching staff.  Things are only headed up for this program.  Check-out the JV roster on the BCSSFA site.  Big numbers, big bodies and the table is set for a lot of future re-loads.  Last year's playoff success was no fluke and look for these guys to pick-up where they left off with provincial calibre talent across the board.

2. Seaquam SeaHawks: The "Hawks" are similar to Langley in terms of the calibre of talent that is embedding itself at all levels of the program.  The success of the G.8 squad and JV squad bode well for these guys.  There is solid coaching throughout and those moving-up to varsity will be welcomed by a tough, talented veteran crew who played themselves to the top of the AAA Pacific conference last season.  The school size is at the limits of the AA-AAA threshold and new additions from abroad turbocharge this already deep talent pool.

3. Abbottsford Panthers: Abbottsford's ascendancy to the title game last year was an example of years of program building reaching fruition.  This group was by no means a one trick pony en-route to the big dance last year and much talent remains to welcome an outstanding group of JV's moving-up.  I think that the offensive balance in terms of run-pass is even better than the 2015 group.  A very strong conference will produce a fire-hardened football spear by season's end.

4. G.W. Graham Grizzlies: Graham's offense is going to score points by the bushel in 2016.  It is a toss-up between this crew and Abbey in terms of who is in possession of the top passing game in BC this year.  The Grizzlies are again huge up-front and have a monster running-back to sobre-up any defense that thinks it is going put all its eggs in pass defense.  The Grizzly defense will be a reflection of its offensive self.  Depth may be the only question mark here.

5. John Barsby Bulldogs: The "Dawgs" are in a massive re-build this year.  The only group even remotely returning intact is up front on the offensive line.  Every other position group on both sides of the ball is new.  This said, there is talent on the roster and the potential for some lethality by early-mid season.  The opening two games vs AAA Mt. Douglas and the Interior monster known as the Vernon Panthers will lead up to a big opening divisional tilt vs Ballenas.  Sweat, blood and ice are on the menu this September.

Vernon Panthers: The Panthers reload in 16 in their quest for not only another divisional title, but a playoff run that ends in a Subway Bowl appearance. This group is uniquely equipped to do just that as they are loaded across the board.  A week two road trip to Barsby sets the stage for great things to follow.

7. Windsor Dukes:  Seventh ranking for Windsor is probably right as of week one or two.  The Dukes, like clockwork  start a bit slow every year and then gain massive traction around week three. Perfect timing it would seem as that is when divisional play starts.  This program historically gets better, more consistently week-to-week than almost anyone else in AA ball.  This will be frightening in 2016 as for the first time in years, there is a considerable amount of varsity talent that has spent at least two years in the system.  Windsor is my not so Dark Horse pick to win it's division and possibly run the post-season table.

8. Ballenas Whalers: If the Whalers stay healthy in 2016 they will be exceptional. They are BIG up front and have all the pieces to play with any program in BC.  This group of athletes has run deep in the JV playoffs the past several years and as a group, knows how to play in the big games as they arise.  Ballenas will challenge as well as any group in their division for top rail come week nine.

9. Nanaimo District Islanders: The Islanders are big, deep in talent/experience and have a superb qb/receiver group on their hands.  By the time this team hits divisional play, it will be on a roll, mark my words.  If the defense plays on par with what the offense is capable of producing, look out folks!

10. Holy Cross Crusaders: These guys can pound the ball this year and that mind-set will reverberate and be mirrored defensively.  I think they will be able to get their opponents in to one dimensional games more often than not.  The ability to defend the pass and maximize team speed will be the key to divisional success in the very competitive East.  Don't count em out.

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