Monday, October 5, 2015

Week Five

AA Varsity Week Five

Week Four Round-Up

Wow folks!  You gotta love the free for all that has become the 2015 AA varsity season!  Holy Cross just found out the hard way that Bateman is a for real squad that cannot be overlooked.  The Timberwolves put a chomp on the Crusaders they won't soon forget!  Out west, the Ballenas Whalers walloped a pretty good group of AAA Belmont Bulldogs 35-6 in a game serving notice that this year's group out of Parksville is the real-deal.  The balanced offensive attack, ferocious line play on both sides of the ball and the well healed passing game were hi-lite material start to finish.  Abbottsford rebounded from last week's upset at the hands of Holy Cross with a big outing vs the scrappy Windsor Dukes on Friday evening and Vernon laid the smack down on the road versus Pitt.   Barsby took it on the road to play another nail biter versus cross-straight rival Argyle and up north, Prince George romped in a big win over Duchess Park.  The playoff picture right now, clear as mud.  I don't think we are going to get a grasp on final divisional standings until the dust (November mud spray) clears at the end of week 9.


John Barsby 7 AAA Argyle 6
Abbottsford 35 Windsor 6
Westsyde 21 Nanaimo District 6
AAA South Delta 41 Carson Graham 6
Salmon Arm 12 Valleyview 0
Correlieu 55 Kelly Road 0
Prince George 55 Duchess Park 18
Vernon 20 Pitt Meadows 8
Rutland 26 Clarence Fulton 14
Robert Bateman 17 Holy Cross 10
Langley 32 AAA Seaquam 16
Ballenas 35 AAA Belmont 6

Gridiron's AA Varsity Top Five

1. G.W. Graham Grizzlies
2. Abbottsford Panthers
3. Ballenas Whalers
4. Misssion Roadrunners
5. Vernon Panthers

Honourable Mention

Robert Bateman Timberwolves, Holy Cross Crusaders, Carson Graham Eagles, John Barsby Bulldogs, Hugh Boyd Trojans, Prince George Polars,

GI's Picks

Thursday, 8 October

Earl Marriot @ Carson Graham: The Eagles just played AAA powerhouse South-Delta and now they play the top Tier 2 squad in BC.  This game won't be an easy walk-in-the park for Carson by any means.  Marriot is quietly having another good season and has matched up well in all of the games it has played this year.  Carson has the horses however and that must be factored in. GI's Pick:  Eagles by 22

Friday, 9 October

Valleyview @ Moscrop: Very intriguing game here between two evenly matched squads as the Vikings travel down to Burnaby for a tilt vs the Panthers.  I like the running game of the Panthers in this one as their version of the double-wing eats clocks and consumes yardage in relentless fashion. In addition, the Panther backs have speed in the open field.  GI's Pick:  Moscrop by 7

Holy Cross @ Langley:  Word has it that Langley has put together a big, physical and ever improving squad for 2015.  Triple A Seaquam found this out the hard way! This came may not be the cake walk that the powerful Crusader squad is expecting come game day.  This said, it is becoming evident week by week that Holy Cross may very well be a favorite to make a Subway Bowl appearance this year.  There will surely be some interesting moments as Langley will take its shots with the deep vertical passing game.  HC will counter with run smothering defense and a lethal blitz package. GI's Pick: Holy Cross by 10

Westsyde @ Vernon:  This one will be a good ol Interior smashmouth running contest from start to finish.  Vernon is King in the Interior and will not take kindly to any potential usurpers again this year.  Playing on home turf is a big plus for the Panthers as is depth of program. GI's Pick: Westsyde needs a fast start, I just don't see it come Friday as the Panthers win by 18

G.W. Graham @ Robert Bateman: Well here we are, week five of the season and Graham is only playing their third game.  This bodes well for health on the one hand and the long gaps between games could also lead to rust or a lack of urgency.  This said, the Grizzlies are loaded with talent and have few peers across the board in AA ball this year.  Bateman stunned Holy Cross this past weekend and is riding a wave of confidence as a result, the first quarter could be interesting for awhile. GI's Pick: Grizzlies by 21

Ballenas @ Windsor: "Out of the frying pan and in to the fire."  The Windsor Dukes get to stand in front of one of the elite AA running games a short week after a tough loss to the powerhouse that calls itself the Abbottsford Panthers.  The Whalers are looking complete with a superb passing game to go with an outright nasty ground-game.  Windsor is not as far off as some may think and they present their own set of problems to opposing defenses.  The Whalers have the horses up front and in the backfield however. GI's Pick: Whalers by 16

Clarence Fulton @ South-Kamloops:  Fulton played a pretty darn good game vs Salmon Arm last week.  The Titans are hosting and are fresh going into this game.  I think South-Kam has a depth edge that will come in to play as the game matures.  GI's Pick: Titans by ten

Correlieu @ College Heights: Wow Correlieu, big win for you guys this past weekend.  Long overdue I reckon!  This game will be close in the first half with a second half turnover being the difference.  GI's Pick: Clansmen by 4

Kelley Road @ Duchess Park: Duchess is gonna be in a bad, bad mood after the PG game.  Kelley Road will find itself in front of some deternined Condors come game-day.  Look for lots of point on the Duchess board.  GI's Pick: Duchess by 20

Saturday, 10 October

Hugh Boyd @ Frank Hurt: Big divisional game for the South right here.  The winner is likely at least a number 4 seed in the post-season.  The loser is in for some tough sledding.  With the season Holy Cross and Langley are having, a win is paramount.  Hugh Boyd has been the most consistent team on the scoreboard and their roster is the more mature of the two taking the field on Saturday. GI's Pick: Trojans by 11

Abbottsford @ Mission: How big is a year?  Well, a year ago Abbey gained their first varsity win against Mission in program history.  The game was close and yes, it was a big deal to the Panthers. Now, the Roadrunners are clear underdogs and they are square in the sights of an electric offensive team who has big things to prove to itself in the Eastern Division.   Mission for it's part, is no pushover and you can bet that the coaching staff has game planned this one for some time.  This game believe it or not, will hinge on Mission's offense.  Abbey's offense is pretty ineffective if it is sitting on its hands.  The more the Roadrunners can do to slow down the clock and control the game's temp, the better off they will be.  Tall order, but doable.  GI's Pick: Abbey by 11

Prince George @ Nechako Valley:  Fun game up-north!  The Vikings will make a determined go of it for sure, but this is PG's year by the looks of things.  Look for some big time ground game from the Polars en-route to a big win headed into Turkey Day. GI's Pick: Polars by 18


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