Sunday, November 16, 2014

2014 AA Varsity Quarter-Finals

BC Quarter-Finals

There are now eight AA Varsity teams left who are still practicing.  This time next week, there will be four.  The opening round this year had a couple eyebrow raising scores but nothing spectacularly out of place.  The great unknown headed into the quarters is who got out of the first round healthy and who is nursing some injuries.

Opening Round Scores

Vernon 35   Argyle 0

Carson Graham 55 Duchess Park 6

Ballenas 51 Westsyde 6

John Barsby 41 Prince George 0

Hugh Boyd 26 G.W. Graham 20

Seaquam 39 Pitt Meadows 28

Abbottsford 34 Frank Hurt 0

Mission 35  Robert Bateman 0

GI's Picks

Abbottsford @ Vernon: This match-up intrigues the hec out of me.  The athletes and size on both rosters are insane!  Abbey throws the ball very, very well and has built itself around wide-open offense. Vernon is more balanced, but can do it all.  The weather is going to have a say as well.  Defensively, both teams have shut-down groups and give up points very grudgingly. Abbey has played a tougher schedule than Vernon, but when the interior squad faced a a very good Argyle squad, they did not miss a dominant beat.  Home field has a say as well.  Based on weather, home field and Vernon's record to date, I have to give this one to em.    GI's Pick: Vernon by 7

Seaquam @ John Barsby: Barsby is playing some very, very good defense of late and with one Carson Graham sized 28 pt. hic-up, the Dawgs have been making it tough on opposing offenses. Seaquam can score however and their vertical game/screens are impressive.  Up front, the size goes to the SeaHawks.  Overall team quickness goes to Barsby.  Home field, Barsby.   GI's Pick: Barsby by 9

Carson Graham @ Mission: Wow, another great match-up.  Carson picked-up its game big-time on the road vs Duchess Park last week and they now get a Mission squad who received their wake-up call in week 10 from Abbey.  Mission matches up better up front and has the best athlete on the field. Carson is getting healthy and has more roster depth.  If Carson can stay balanced on offensse, they will cause the Roadrunners some fits.  Last team holding the ball wins. That means turnovers will play havoc on someone.  GI's Pick: Carson by 2

Ballenas @ Hugh Boyd: Ballenas finally meets a team that can hang with em up front, at least for awhile.  Hugh Boyd has had a pretty fine season to date.  This game may very well come down to who can pass more effectively and defend the same.  GI's Pick: Ballenas by 10


parksville4 said...

Ballenas vs Mission Nov 29 2.30pm
Believe people will see an awesome performance by both teams.
We will see what team has the best player on the field.:)

parksville4 said...

Ballenas vs Mission Nov 29 2.30pm
Come watch an awesome game,surely to be a battle.We will see what team has the best player on the field.As we have seen this comment many times in the blogs involving Mission.Saturday will tell the tale :)