Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Game


Watched a high school football game this past Friday. It struck me as ironic in that it is such an honest place, that football field. Two teams competing within the rules and measuring themselves against one another as individuals and a team. Brains, effort and teamwork won-out. Merit, on a level playing field won. One of the last, best, true places in our society is such a contest, whatever the sport. 

In British Columbia, our BC Liberal Government could never abide by such a scenario. They would have insisted on rules that predetermined the outcome of the game. They would have locked-up the referee's decision making by ignoring it and appealing their rulings. They would have rigged the PA announcer to skew all commentary in their favor and made the deeds of the opponent moot through filtering/biased editorial. They would have locked-out the opposing team from its practice field and paid its parents to stay away. Finally, it would have attempted to starve its opponent into submitting to the predetermined outcome by withholding the means to access food and shelter, all the while berating them for holding up the game. As the BC Liberal opponent struggled valiantly on the field of play, the BC Liberal Head Coach and her assistants would gloat, taunt and cry foul at every turn. They would reference rules that they made-up and minimize at every turn the calls for fair play, by the rules, for the kids. 

I think something neat may be happening in this scenario. You see, the opponent of the BC Liberals kept playing hard and honest, they stuck together and did not falter. Slowly, and with ever gathering power, the onlooking crowd, witnessing this farce, began to take note and make their voices heard. The PA announcer was drowned-out and his commentary ridiculed. The referee's found courage from the crowd's voice and inspiration from the BC Liberal opponent's courage, conviction and integrity. Calls were made for an honest head referee to officiate the game, to make calls that both teams had to live by. The BC Liberal squad refused this, saying their "fixed process" and "predetermined outcome were too important to be left to referees. At this point, the crowd too felt humiliated and marginalized. They now saw this as a fraud being perpetrated by the BC Liberal Coach and her staff. They decided to intervene on behalf of the BC Liberal opponent, they took to the field and would not let the game continue, demanding with one voice that it would be shut down until the rules were obeyed, the game officiated fairly, and the outcome respected on merit and reason. Generally, they Struck for honesty, process and to ensure that future games would always be played on a level playing field, for their Sons and Daughters, Brothers and Sisters, were next on the BC Liberal schedule...

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