Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Take The Test BC!

    A Challenge To All British Columbians!

    1) What is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Who does it protect? Is there a dollar value on it? 3 marks

    2) Who's responsibility is it to provide a Free Education to all of the school aged children in BC under the School Act which is the LAW OF BC. 1 mark

    3) Are the BC Liberals respecting, avoiding, violating or spurning the above?
    Bonus 4 marks

    4) Will the Canada you live in today be the same Canada the Charter Of Rights and Freedoms is violated/ignored by the BC Liberal Government?

    (the enduring question!!)

    Questions 1 and 2: No opinion or editorial required . Just answer the questions posed.

    Please answer and share your answer folks.

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