Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Strike

The BCTF/BC Liberal Dispute Is Affecting Football

I don't normally get political here, but these ain't normal times and political is affecting "here!"

The views expressed below are one's I agree with.  I am a member of no party.  If you do not like them, simply click away from this blog....I believe that we are at a historical turning point in terms of what kind of BC/Canada we will all be living in sooner rather than later.

A lot of coaches are BCTF members.  Their voice doesn't get through the Mainstream Media Filters.   I don't speak for them.  They own their own souls.  Perhaps however, some of this resonates to them...or you, whoever you are "out-there".


There is a lot of folks asking "why can they not just come to a deal".  Obviously, simplistic explanations are not useful.  The below read may prove useful however.  From Christian Obeck @cobeck123

End Quote

Some context from CBC Radio

Some Context From Madame Justice Griffith

In her January 28th 2014 ruling, Madam Justice Susan Griffin wrote:
(Paragraph numbers in parentheses)

[545] I have also found that while government is entitled to state its policy and fiscal objectives by way of mandates for bargaining given to PSEC and BCPSEA, I note that the protection of s. 2(d) Charter rights means that it must not draw the parameters of those objectives so narrowly that it means that the employer will not consider the BCTF representations in good faith. This would make it effectively impossible for the BCTF to attempt to influence workplace goals.

[564] This means that as of April 13, 2012, the laws declared unconstitutional in the Bill 28 Decision were no longer in effect from the date of their enactment. For clarity, an additional declaration to this effect is made in the Bill 28 Action as part of the application by the BCTF for additional remedies in that action.

[565] The result is that as of April 13, 2012, the BCTF had the right to engage in collective bargaining over the Working Conditions; it also means that as of July 2002 the Working Conditions clauses were returned to the collective agreement between the BCTF and BCPSEA. All, of course, later subject to the provisions of Bill 22 being brought into force the next day and this Court’s findings regarding the constitutionality of those provisions.

A reasonable conclusion is that Para's 545/565 mean that the gov't yet again is bargaining in bad faith.

Now, some thoughts about the BC Liberal Rhetoric/Tactics we have all been subjected to. Things are really going to heat-up now.  Time for some critical thinking about what is spewed forth:

 Critical Thinking/Listening: You are all going to see more of the following from BC Liberal Leadership on Down during the current "Debate". It is about distorting and attacking ideas, individuals and organizations (BCTF) by going on the attack:

".... It is better to score points than to engage in actual arguments, in other words, "to score points while avoiding debate."..Further, "Point scoring works because most audience members fail to analyze what they hear. Rather, they register only a key few points, and form a vague 'impression' of whose argument was stronger."

"Part of the strategy is to recycle the same claims over and again, in as many settings as possible. 'If people hear something often enough,' would seem 'they come to believe it."

Further..."'Creating negative connotations by name calling is done to try to get the audience to reject a person or idea on the basis of negative associations, without allowing a real examination of that person or idea,"

Lastly, .."they use the opposite of name calling with glittering generalities like "Affordability, Families First", "Get Back to the Table", "Get a Negotiated Deal", "available 24-7" and Fassbender's favorite "I'm a Grandpa".

Sound Familiar Anyone? It should to anyone with a moderate understanding of 20th Century History........This was precisely the tactic developed by the Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, which he called "the big lie."  It worked then and it works now, especially if used in a funded, coordinated fashion.

I would submit to you the following:

The BC Liberal Govt. wants the court case to be annulled via an agreement with teachers that replaces it. Essentially, they conducted a theft of the Charter Rights of 40, 000 plus citizens, were convicted twice, are appealing, will likely lose and want the victim to to say "OK, I will validate your theft by negotiating about it and let you keep a major chunk of the proceeds"...also, in the future, the cookbook for quasi-fascist government will be to conduct an illegal act, make the other side broke by trying endlessly it in the courts (if they even have the resources to get there) and then wait-em out til they cave. The broken shell of the victim shall stand in the way no more...rights of the people? What rights? If the Charter Of Rights and Freedoms is sick/under assault, so is this thing called Canada as we know it.  This is really, really bad.

By the way, dollars do not trump Charter Rights in any instance. If you believe so, brown shirts, the club, censorship, book burning, forced exile, gulags, informants and secret police are the tools of your trade...all because you have no argument to advance of your own by lawful, liberal democratic means. This may sound extreme, but it is the time honoured and proven path of regimes/groups who do not honour the Charter of Rights and Freedoms".

Affordability? Listen through this:

Finally, if you are a BC Liberal or one of their supporters out there (and there are overwhelmingly many, many, good, thoughtful people among these two groups), think long and hard about not questioning your leadership as they march you over the historical cliff...  You will be painted by your leadership's brush with this debacle for years to come.  You will own it when they are long, long gone.


Brian Higgins said...

Bang on Rob!

Brian Higgins

Brian Higgins said...

Bang on Rob!

Brian Higgins