Sunday, May 18, 2014

Choosing An Offense, Defense and Special Teams Scheme

High School Football is in its essence, a neighbourhood vs a neighbourhood  contest.  What you have walking in the hallways is all you got so you had better give-em all you got!  Part of "giving-em all you've got" is selecting offensive, defensive special teams schemes that best reflect your roster.  Remember, you can't go to the local big box store and get a shipment of prototypes at any given position.

I am going to keep this post ongoing for awhile.  You are invited to comment in the comments section. My thoughts shall remain my own as I am sure yours will be too, but by constructively posting and massaging some ideas, perhaps growth will occur.

Bedrock Ideas One and Two:

1) Do not sacrifice toughness for technique:  What I mean here is that you want all of your players to be all they can be.  When this occurs, the whole organism (team) reaches its full potential.  All offensive and defensive schemes demand a set of techniques to make them successful.  I believe that the most simplistic schemes allow for the most physical and tough play on the field.  Going with the sexy, most popularized college and pro offense for example because it looks cool, is a mistake of epic proportions.  Can your repitoire of player and coaching talent support the technique required to make the scheme function?  At what level does toughness take a back seat to the quest for pretty?

2) Do not sacrifice speed for size:  Speed and quickness wins.  Go take a punch at a wasp nest and then go toe-to-toe with-em for five or six minutes.  You may squash a bunch, but I feel pretty safe predicting the outcome. 

I wrote a big post that incorporates a lot of the above  titled When You Are Up Against It on this blog on Sunday, February 21, 2010.  Have a read and let me know what you think.



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