Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 7

AA Varsity Week Seven

Week Six Wrap-Up

Big games and great games!  South Delta ran up against one of BC'sall time great high school players in Marcus Davis in full form and the scoreboard got lit-up pretty good.  The Sundevil offense  showed its firepower however amassing 20 pts during the game and moving the ball quite well through the air against the #1 ranked AAA Mt. Douglas squad.  Elsewhere, Holy Cross and Hugh Boyd played and epic, doubl overtime game with the Crusaders winning by 2 hard earned points.  Looks like HC and Frank Hurt will be playing for the #2 seed out of the south.  The Dukes of Windsor gave Carson Graham fits and a big scare in the North Shore tilt last Friday and Nanaimo District came close to an upset over Ballenas but for a couple of key turnovers.  Langley found a gear that no one has seen from them before against GW Graham in a homecoming spoiler and Duchess continued to roll up North.  Frank Hurt has quietly been putting together and excellent season and they tuned up Seaquam pretty good to press the point.  Overall, week six 2013 has set the stage for a high stakes final third of the season!



Nechako Valley 39 Prince George 0


John Barsby 68 Spectrum 0
Carson Graham 20 Windsor 19
Frank Hurt 36 Seaquam 13
Ballenas 33 Nanaimo District 18
Argyle 37 Sentinel 0
Robert Bateman 20 Abbotsford 6
Langley 60 G.W. Graham Langley 34
College Heights 13 vs. Kelly Road 6
Duchess Park 50 Correlieu 0


Mt. Douglas 55 South Delta 20
Rick Hansen 23 Pitt Meadows 7
Holy Cross 14 Hugh Boyd 12 (2OT)

The Plus Minus

+ The offensive fireworks at the Carson-Windsor Game...Wow!
+Langley's Big Performance!
+A good first win for Argyle!
+Frank Hurt...Hornets Rising!
+Double Overtime and Alka Seltzer Sales at the HC-Boyd Game!
- No referees at the Mission-SRT Game...Come on guys, the season is so precious and preparation so intense to play these games.  Only 2 BCFC games this weekend too!  What gives?

Gridiron's Top Five

1. South Delta Sundevils
2. John Barsby Bulldogs
3. Mission Roadrunners
4. Carson Graham Eagles
5. Rick Hansen Hurricanes

AA Varsity Game Of The Week


GI's Picks


Correlieu @ Prince George: PGSS, while struggling this year at varsity has surely played a better brand of ball than their Quesnel opponents.  Look for the Polars to get a win out of this one. GI's Pick: Polars by 8


Windsor @ John Barsby: Game of the week here folks.  At stake, nothing less than a lock on 2nd place in the division.  Windsor is playing its best ball of the season right now and will be coming off of a great effort vs red hot Carson that they very nearly won!  The Dukes run a maddeningly confusing offense that counters, options and screens as good as anyone in BC.  The big play off of the passing game is always a threat as well.  Defensively, these guys are smart and rarely if ever out of position.  Barsby won by a big score again on Friday vs visiting Spectrum.  Carson was in the same boat the week before.  The Dawgs got cut down to size a week ago vs a Ballenas team that Windsor beat 28-0.  Barsby can score in bushells and its defense is flat out nasty.  Look for the Dukes to play defense by hanging on to that ball first and foremost while taking advantage of aggressive Dawg D with screens, counter etc.  Special teams are a tie for both teams, but will be critical.  GI's Pick: Barsby by 8

Abbottsford @ Langley: A week ago, I'd have picked Abbey by at least one score.  Not now.  I think Langley has found something and if they can put together a solid final three games, they might sneak into the playoff dance and become a spoiler!  GI's Pick: Langley by 16

GW Graham @ Mission: This game will be all the more meaningful over the next two or three years with Mission not necessarily being the favorite.  This year however, the Roadrunners will barely break a sweat vs the Grizzlies.  The Roadrunners are faster, play tougher defense and critically, run the ball extremely well.  GI's Pick: Mission by 38

Nanaimo District @ Sentinel: Nanaimo District is a decent squad getting better.  Against Sentinel, their team speed and running game are going to make for some big points if the Spartans aren't playing their best defense of the year.  GI's Pick: Islanders by 28

Argyle @ Carson Graham: Argyle is coming off of a big win and now face the divisional co-leader Carson Graham.  Carson will be keeping its cards close to the vest in preparation for a big road game the following week.  This said, they are oozing with experience and have the top back in BC amongst their ranks.  The Eagles can finesse the Pipers easily and can run power ball at will.  GI's Pick: Carson by 36

Valleyview @ Westsyde: Valleyview has played the tough schedule this year and challenged themselves to get better.  They are playing football on a completely different level than their cross-town foes.  GI's Pick: Vikings by 35

Kelley Road @ Duchess Park: Duchess brings too many offensive and defensive weapons to the dance for their foes to handle.  The only thing that might slow down the Condors would be a foot and a half of snow on the field.  Better check that weather forcast Roadrunners! GI's Pick: Duchess Park by 28

Nechako Valley @ College Heights: Very interesting game.  The Cougars got the best Vanderhoof's finest the last time round.  The question now is, have they youthful Vikings gotten better? GI's Pick: College Heights by a hard earned 3 pts.

Robert Bateman @ Pitt Meadows: OK gang, number three and four seed coming out of the East will be largely decided at this game.  Both teams have gotten a whole lot better over the course of the season and this one will be close if the Bateman running game gets slowed down.  IFF TTHHEE Bateman running game gets slowed down. Not likely. GI's Pick: Bateman by 13


Vernon @ Mt. Baker: Vernon is the class of the Interior this year.  Mt. Baker is getting better but is not nearly there yet against a squad such as the Panthers.  GI's Pick: Panthers by 41

Salmon Arm @ Clarence Fulton: Should be a pretty good game.  Fulton has had a full two weeks to figure out how to get some bounce after their drubbing at the hands of Valleyview. GI's Pick: Maroons by 8

Frank Hurt @ Ballenas: This game will be exceptionally close.  I think that there are a few more "athletes" on the Hornet squad than there is going to be on the hosts.  This said, the Whalers will be superbly prepared as usual and will be well rested.  If the Whalers can put the breaks on Frank Hurt's excellent zone running game, this will be close.  If not, look for a frustrating day in Parksville.  GI's Pick: Whalers by 6

Samuel Roberts Technical @ Rick Hansen: Rick Hansen has a date with divisional destiny upcoming when they play Mission for all the Eastern marbles.  In the mean time it is polish and tune-up the squad for that day.  SRT will be a great opportunity to play the bench and look at a few wrinkles.  GI's Pick: Hurricanes by 29

Seaquam @ South Delta: At the start of the season, I honestly thought this could be a game that was a bit of a coin toss.  Not anymore.  Frank Hurt mauled the Seahawks and South Delta is in a snotty mood after last week.  Look for the Sundevil offense to go wild on Saturday. GI's Pick: Sundevils by 30


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