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Week Four

AA Varsity Week 4

Piper D Got Stingy In Second Half vs #2 Barsby 

Week 3 Wrap-Up

South Delta is again the league monster as Frank Hurt found out up close and personal.  Barsby is playing smothering defense this year and Mission found itself in a game vs upstart Pitt Meadows that could only be described as being tested.  The East schedule for the Roadrunners is going to get tougher week to week.  Carson Graham laid down the hammer on Nanaimo District signalling to everyone out West that the Eagles are hell bent on the conference title!  Don't get too dang comfortable Barsby!!  Rick Hansen served notice that it is not going to get shoved aside for top rail in the East either.

Elsewhere, Ballenas was again convincing in AA play scoring a bushell of points against a talented, but raw Sentinel Spartans squad.  Holy Cross has been making some eye catching strides the past several weeks and has strung together three in a row since their opening week game vs STM.  Keep an eye on the Crusaders in the South Folks.  Fulton is probably the most improved team in the Interior over the past four weeks, notching up another win vs Salmon Arm.  Vernon however, looms as the dominant bull in the Interior corral.  Last but not least, Duchess Park hammered their way to a big win over cross-town rial College Heights.



Prince George ? Correlieu ?  (Of note: If the North wants to get taken seriously, they ought to get all scores and game summaries/hudl trades done on time and complete.)


G.W. Graham 28 Abbotsford 7
Clarence Fulton 27 Salmon Arm 14

Duchess Park 44 College Heights 12
Langley 21 Samuel Robertson 18
Vernon 39 Westsyde 6
Mission 20 Pitt Meadows 6
Ballenas 41 Sentinel 12
Carson Graham 41 Nanaimo District 0
John Barsby 34 Argyle 0
Rick Hansen 16 Robert Bateman 0
Windsor 33 Valleyview 8
Kelly Road 14 Nechako Valley 12

Notre Dame (AAA) 36 Hugh Boyd 13


South Delta 42 Frank Hurt 14
Holy Cross 20 Seaquam 6

GI's Top Five

1. South Delta Sundevils
2. John Barsby Bulldogs
3. Mission Roadrunners
4. Carson Graham Eagles
5. Rick Hansen Hurricanes

The Plus Minus

+ Holy Cross Crusaders: Big conference win.  Crusaders starting to put something together!
+ Windsor Dukes: Another decisive W for the Dukes.
Duchess Park Condors: Been running in knee deep muck for weeks, now they are on a fast track.  Condors "Got Better" the hard-way...The Right Way!  Payday folks.
+ GW Graham Grizzlies: Graham and Duchess read from the same cook book.  Look out East Division!
+ Seaquam Hosting Squalicum (WA): Good move Coach Mullis!  Great for the game having these guys coming up for a home tilt!!
- Coaches not providing timely, detailed game reports to Howard at The Province Blog:  "Make the big time where you are" fellas!  The game is the sum of its parts.   What you do is important to everyone.  Give a little of yourselves and you will benefit from the collective effort exponentially.  The season is too short and precious to be too tired and overburdened to spend five or ten minutes to help out.  If you don't like typing, phone em in.  Need a reminder?  Build yourself a little post-game check list.

AA Varsity Game Of The Week

You gotta like this one folks.  Regional rivalry game, new stadium turf and ATMOSPHERE! The Chilliwack community is pulling out all the stops to support their Grizzly program!  Look for a thousand plus in the bleachers as the HS game takes off in the Valley!  Oh yeah, and there are two very good football teams on the field as well!

New Turf At Graham's Home Field Will Witness Packed House For Electric Game!

GI's Week Four Picks


Correlieu @ Nechako Valley:  This one will be high scoring from the perspective of the host squad.  NVSS looks like it has greatly improved having taken a physically superior Kelley Road to the mat last week.  GI's Pick: Vikings by 21


John Barsby @ Sentinel: Sentinel finally got on the field this past weekend and impressed with their size and athleticism.  The thing that hurt the Spartans was having no games week 1 and 2.  They now have some playing time under their collective belts and will need to maximize on that experience as they host the #2 ranked Bulldogs.  The field at Sentinel borders on muskeg and rain this week will make this a good ol fashioned dirty, nasty slobberknocker.  Ought to be kind of fun.   Getting down to ball, the Barsby Defense has shut out opponents three times in four weeks.  The slow track means there will be some tough sledding for offenses.  Look for a lower score than some might expect.  GI's Pick: Barsby by 18

Nanaimo District @ Argyle:  Call this a playoff game for both teams.  A win means that the victor is in the running for divisional third or fourth seed by the looks of things this year.  A loss is not a mathematical elimination but there surely is a steeper road to get back in contention.  Argyle wins the size match-up here and Nanaimo District the edge in speed.  Home field to the Pipers.  NDSS needs to be hyper focused in practice and to travel a lot better than last week where they showed up and literally laid an egg getting blanked out by the Carson Graham Eagles.  GI's Pick: Nanaimo District by 2

Hugh Boyd @ Frank Hurt:  This will be a good game.  The Hornet coach was not pleased with his team's effort or guts vs South Delta.   This time round, I think the crew from Hurt will lay the smack down on their home field.  This team has a lot of talent!  Hugh Boyd is playing much better ball themselves than they have the past couple of years.  The Trojan attack is pretty varied offensively so they ought to get their shots in come game-day.  This game will be decided by defense and field position.  Edge to Hugh Boyd.  GI's Pick: Trojans by 8

Mission @ Langley: Great job Langley on your first win of the year last week vs SRT.  Now the Roadrunners come to visit.  Strap on your headgear and put on your track shoes cus these guys are fast and physical.  This said, Mission looked mortal in their game vs Pitt this past Friday and this is a home game for the Saints.  In the end however, Mission will outscore the hosts by land and air.  GI's Pick: Mission by 26

Holy Cross @ Carson Graham: Ok, this is exhibition, but it counts for a lot.  I am going to officially christen this tilt as the week 4 Litmus Bowl.   These two teams are making a lot of positive noise and HC is really beginning to show up on the provinciall AA Varsity Radar.  Their jet sweep from gun and the mis-direction accompanying it are starting to get some real rhythm and mesh.  Lord knows that the wiley OC Coach Higgins is grinning like a butcher's dog as he mulls all the trick play opportunities that are sprouting like weeds from this zaney offensive attack.  On the flip side there are the Eagles who have been dismantling their opponents week in and week out this year.  I like their continuity and old school feel in terms of their kinetic game.  Kicking goes to Carson as well as defense.  GI's Pick: Carson by 16

Ballenas @ Windsor:  The GIA (Gridiron's Intelligence Agency) recently hacked into an undisclosed imaging satellite in near earth orbit.  I can give you a preview of what it will reveal when it focuses on the Ballenas Whaler practice field this week.  There will be these little dots running up and down the field this week covering other dots that are having balls thrown at em via a repeating howitzer type device designed to simulate the outstanding Windsor quarterback.  Windsor is chucking the ball very well folks and the Whalers are going to have to play their A game.  In particular, they have to keep Marshall in the pocket and get him out of rhythm.  For their part, the Dukes are going to have to play rock-solid versus the run and jam the Whaler TE back into the stone ages.  Lastly and not least, nobody can short kick the ball like Ballenas.  If the Whalers can be balanced and keep the score down, they win.  GI's Pick: Ballenas by 11

Kelley Road @ College Heights: The Roadrunners have the size-speed advantage and as the weather worsens, the ability to pound the football.  The cougars are still reeling from the Duchess Park game and had better show up to practice looking ahead as opposed to behind them.  GI's Pick: Kelley Road by 9

Robert Bateman @ Samuel Roberts Technical: SRT is playing its second varsity game ever.  Bateman, coming off of a tough loss vs local rival Rick Hansen is going to be playing with a sense of urgency as they don't want to slip down the playoff seeding ladder.  The Timberwolves measure up in every category on Friday: size, speed, experience and physical play.  GI's Pick: Bateman by 23

Rick Hansen @ GW Graham: Double A Game Of The Week right here.  It gets this billing as much for the spectacle as for the game itself.  Would love to be a part of the huge Friday Night Crowd that is going to show up for this one.   Look for an airshow punctuated by some big runs.  Both teams can chuck the ball for sure.  I give the edge on the ground and the edge in terms of tough physical defense to Hansen however.  The kicking game is even.  I think that the Hurricanes will come at Graham hard on the ground and sit the fun and gun, pass-happy Grizzly offense on the bench for much of the game.  GI's Pick: Hurricanes by 17

Mt. Baker @ Valleyview:  Valleyview is one of the better teams in the Interior.  Mt. Baker has been making strides however and this will be a good lil tilt up in Kamloops.  Valleyview's pistol offense is tough to play against defensively as they don't make a tonne of mistakes and run downhill pretty effectively.  GI's Pick: Valleyview by 19

Prince George @ Duchess Park:  Of all the high schools in town, these two represent the oldest and most intense rivalry across all sports in Prince George.  Now it is football's turn to add to the history.  The Polars have been surprisingly better than most thought they would be this year.  Duchess however is the power squad in the North.  Look for big points on the board from Matters and crew.  GI's Pick: Duchess by 23

Pitt Meadows @ Abbottsford: Both of these teams have really stepped up their game in recent weeks.  Pitt I believe is the stronger of the two squads based on recent game results and opponents played.  Give this one to the Marauders.  GI's Pick: Pitt by 16

Clarence Fulton @ Westsyde:  Fulton is headed towards the top of the Interior heap.  Vernon will have a say of course, but these guys are playoff bound.  Westsyde, well they have work to do.  The Fulton defense is their strength righ now and the offense will benefit from the field position and take aways.  GI's Pick: Maroons by 25


Salmon Arm @ Vernon: The Golds got shocked by the Maroons and now play a Vernon team that has outshone all comers this year.  Look for the Panthers to methodically build up their total on the scoreboard as the game progresses.  GI's Pick: Panthers by 19

Squalicum WA @ Seaquam: Seaquam is in tough for this game.  They will emerge better for the experience however and a cross-border opponent making the trip to BC is great for the game and prings notoriety to the Seahawk program.  GI's Pick: Squalicum by 34

South Delta @ Spectrum: South Delta will be in its element playing on the fast track in Victoria.  Spectrum continues to make positive strides on the field and has had a two week stint to prepare for the visiting BC Champs.  The Sundevils will have the opportunity this week to get valuable playing time for their twos and threes by the start of the second quarter.  GI's Pick: South Delta by 40

Seaquam's Week 4 Foe Squalicum Playing This Past Week (below)

Question: Can we get this going on here in BC?!!

Help!  Please send in your team's hi-lite videos and game pics!!  Would love to post em!!!!

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