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Week 5

AA Varsity Week Five

Grizzly Home Opener Was "All That!"
Week Four Wrap-Up

The top five took care of business again this week with Hansen coming closest to trouble in a game vs GW Graham that was tighter than many would expect or that the score did indeed reflect.  That said, Carson's score over Holy Cross by a wide margin definitely raised some eyebrows.  Windsor's 28 - 0 blanking of Ballenas and Frank Hurt's divisional win over Hugh Boyd were surely the two biggest surprises of the week. 

Elsewhere, Pitt, Valleyview and Nanaimo District had quality wins that move them closer to playoff contention and up North, College Heights pulled off the upset vs Kelly Road. 



Nechako Valley 33 Correlieu 0


Robert Bateman 35 Samuel Robertson 0
Mission 36 Langley 12
Valleyview 14 Salmon Arm 0
Rick Hansen 23 G.W. Graham 0
John Barsby 51 Sentinel 0
Carson Graham 35 Holy Cross 7
Clarence Fulton 36 Mt. Baker 6
Windsor 28 Ballenas 0
College Heights 18 Kelly Road 6
Duchess Park 46 Prince George 0

Pitt Meadows 28 Abbottsford 0
Nanaimo District 30 Argyle 7


Squalicum (Wash.) 48 Seaquam 6
South Delta 46 Spectrum 0
Vernon 49 Westsyde 6
Frank Hurt 20 Hugh Boyd 7

GI's Top Five

1. South Delta
2. John Barsby
3. Mission
4. Carson Graham
5. Rick Hansen


+ Windsor: Another convincing victory, this time over a good Ballenas squad! The Dukes are for real folks.
+ Frank Hurt: Served notice they are competing for number 2 in their division by downing a Hugh Boyd squad that has been playing tough ball of late.
+ Duchess Park: Steam rolls another Interior Opponent.
+ Clarence Fulton: Wins by a lopsided score.
+ Vernon: Dismatles divisional foe Westsyde
- The onset of Winter Rains in September!  Not cool and time to go away.

AA Game of the Week
2014 Border Battle


Friday, 4 October 6:01 PM Merle Logan Field Nanaimo

GI's Picks

Thursday, 3 October

College Heights @ Prince George:  The Cougars upset a powerful Kelly Road squad last week and are going to be taking that momentum into the game vs a PG squad reeling from a Duchess Park clobbering.  Look for ball control and tough D to rule the day.  GI's Pick: Cougars by 16

Friday, 4 October

Mt. Baker @ Westsyde:  This will be close.  I think that the Wild are going to get a W out of this game. Westsyde is the home team and the long travel day for the visitors will figure in the game.  GI's Pick: Wild by 4

Langley @ Rick Hansen: Langley is for sure better than last year.  This said, they are not playing up to Hansen's level of ball just yet.  The Hurricanes will score by air and ground come Friday and the score could get big if the defense produces a few turnovers.  GI's Pick: Hansen by 17

Windsor @ Nanaimo: The Dukes are the most improved team in AA ball since the beginning of the season and their QB one of the best in the land.  The Islanders are in a pickle because they have to defend the deep ball and the run while keeping their defense balanced.  The key to this game will be the Nanaimo District offense.  If they can score more than 21 points this game gets close.  GI's Pick: Windsor by 16

Abbottsford @ Mission: Mission gets a bit of a free pass divisionally with this game.  The Panthers have been taking it on the chin as of late and this will be the final act of pummelling before the schedule lightens up a bit.  The Roadrunners for their part have shown some mortality allowing points on the board from last week's opponent.  GI's Pick: Roadrunners by 23

Argyle @ Moscrop (Tier 2): Argyle sure needs this game in their search for a W this year.  Moscrop has been playing some pretty good ball themselves so nothing will come easily for the Pipers.  I think that if Argyle can limit their turnovers and find the smashmouth plays within their scheme, they can prevail.  They certainly have the size and athleticism.  GI's Pick: Argyle by 7

GW Graham @ Robert Bateman: Word out of the Valley is that GW Graham played Hansen much closer than the score would indicate having their chances inside of the red zone on multiple occasions.  If this is the case, the upcoming tilt vs Bateman is darn near a toss-up.  Keys to the game are going to be Bateman's ability or inability to run the football around the edge and defend the big play vs Graham.  Graham has to limit its turnovers and decide whether or not its backfield is tough enought to dance with teams that like to hit.  Turnovers of course will figure prominently either way.  The way the Grizzlies practice and play ball this week will determine how the rest of their season goes.  If they get physical and play with the temperment of their namesake, they may even make the playoffs and do some damage.  If they hit like cupcakes, well there is always next year.  Bateman has proven they like the tough games and can compete in them.  This will springboard the Timberwolves into playoff form GI's Pick: Bateman by 10

Spectrum @ Frank Hurt: The Thunder begin a bit of a road stint against the red hot and improving Frank Hurt Hornets.  Size, speed and home field go to Frank Hurt.  Courage and a plucky attitude to the 1st year Thunder.  The Polish Cavalry charging into the German Panzers in 39 were courageous and plucky.  GI's Pick: Hornets by 24

Sentinel @ Carson Graham: Sentinel's coaches rightly challenged their players outright to practice better and grow as a team right after the Barsby game.  This week is the gut check for the Spartan Varsity.  Either they respond and find their better selves inside or they travel down the road for a rough couple of hours.  The Spartans certainly are physically capeable of playing most of the AA squads in the province.  They just have to put together all the pieces mentally.  Carson for their part is playing some devastating offense in terms of balance and their defense is a physical reflection of their offensive selves.  GI's Pick: Carson by 31

John Barsby @ Ballenas: The 2013 Border Battle is again played on a neutral field in Central Nanaimo.  The Whalers coming off of a stinging loss vs Carson got caught looking a week ahead and can now focus on their opponent and nemisis, the John Barsby Bulldogs.  Year to year since 2000, this game has always been played with great passion and pride by both teams.  Win-Loss records go out the window at kick-off and a hec of a football game breaks out.  Until last week, Ballenas has been scoring big points and really pressuring their opponents.  Barsby for their part has been playing some of the best overall defense in program history.  Special teams for both programs are points of pride.  At mid-season, both teams are going to be a bit chewed up.  How this is mitigated/handled will be an important factor come game day.  GI's Pick: Barsby by 16

Nechako Valley @ Duchess Park: Duchess has pulled away from the rest of the conference in dramatic fashion.  Right now their biggest opponent is themselves.  They have to challenge one another to play a cleaner, tighter and more polished game each week and to build on each practice.  This is essential if they are going to make more than a first round appearance in the provincial playoffs a month from now.  The Vikings are getting better each week.  They are in tough, but could cause a few problems in the game if the Condors overlook them.  GI's Pick: Duchess by 21

Saturday, 5 October

South Delta @ Holy Cross: I will be mildly surprised if HC scores a touchdown and shocked if they score two or more vs the Sundevil juggernaut.  South-Delta can do it all and dominates every category on the physical scale in this contest.  GI's Pick: South Delta by 28

Seaquam @ Hugh Boyd: Two divisional foes coming off of a loss.  This one is for playoff seeding folks.  Based on what I have seen this year, we are looking at a virtual toss-up.  Seaquam has a bit of a roster advantage physically, but Boyd is playing cleaner, more polished football.  I give this one to the Trojans based on their defense.  GI's Pick: Hugh Boyd by 2

Valleyview @ Clarence Fulton: Very good game here.  Both teams have been playing good ball and the Vikings have gone out and found very good competition to hone their play.  I think Fulton comes into the game with more momentum than their foes, but having played in less big games.  It will be tight.  GI's Pick: Valleyview by 1

Vernon @ Salmon Arm: Vernon is the beast up in the Interior and will play like it on Saturday.  Salmon Arm is a bit of a Jekyl and Hide team this year.  GI's Pick: Vernon by 22

2013 JV Mid-Season Rankings

1. Mt. Douglas
2. St. Thomas Moore
3. Vancouver College
4. Notre Dame
5. GW Graham

Honorable Mention: Lord Tweedsmuir, Prince George, Ballenas, Terry Fox, Carson Graham, New Westminster


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