Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 1

AA Varsity Week 1

Seaquam Bests Valleyview 22-16 On The Road
GI's Top Five

1. South Delta
2. Mission
3. John Barsby
4. Carson Graham
5. Rick Hansen

Wednesday, September 4th

Spectrum vs Mt. Douglas (AAA): Spectrum wants the big, bad opponents up front and early as they follow up on a game with perennial powerhouse Ballenas with the defending AAA champion, Mt. Douglas Rams.  Last week snowballed into a 51-0 blowout with a poor special teams showing exacerbating the Thunder's woes.  Mt. Douglas will present even more of a challenge physically and mentally.  One thing for sure, it all gets better from here for the survivors. GI's Pick: Mt. Douglas by 55+.

Friday, September 6th

John Barsby @ Lord Tweedsmuir (AAA):  Assuming both squads are healthy entering this game, this could be another great chapter in the back and forth series between these two programs.  Tweedsmuir is most definitely bigger up front and has superb size and speed at the "skill positions" to accompany the big boys in the trenches.  The Panthers will enter this game having had a singular focus on Barsby at practice the past three weeks as this will be their opener. The preparation will be thorough.  Barsby for its part will have a game under its belt with some of the kinks ironed out.  Defense and specials will loom big in a game that features two offenses that can score in bunches.  GI's Pick: Barsby by 2

Frank Hurt @ Argyle: This game interests the hec out of me.  Hurt has been the dominant tier 2 squad for some time and enters this game with big numbers out for football.  Argyle is poised for a breakout year with many of its players now in their 3rd season of HS ball.  The difference here could be familiarity with the coaching.  Let me explain: Hurt has had its kids working with the same coaches since they joined the program.  Argyle has separate JV and Varsity coaching staffs.  The Piper player are learning the Varsity "way" of doing things and this could mean that Hurt will be running a lot smoother than their opponent.  GI's Pick: Hurt by 6

Belmont (AAA) @ Pitt Meadows: Belmont is really bringing their game to the next level.  Sadly for them, they are sans their starting qb and another quality player headed into this tilt.  Last year it meant a complete change of offensive scheme for them.  This said, the development curve has been superb for the blue and white and there are too many pieces in place for them to fall apart.  Pitt struggled in spring.  GI's Pick: Belmont by 18

Okanagen Mission @ Valleyview: Valleyview has already played a close game against a quality opponent and will be licking their chops when OKM rolls into town.  The Vikings win every match-up across the board in this one.  GI's Pick: Valleyview by 23

Earl Marriot @ Windsor: Windsor got steamrolled at home last week by Hansen and this tilt represents the perfect rebound opportunity as Marriot is in major rebuild mode themselves.  The Dukes will take this one.  GI's Pick: Dukes by 16

Ballenas @ Hugh Boyd: Both teams played this past weekend with dramatically different results.  The Whalers scored fast and often downing Spectrum 51-0 while the Trojans fell by a lopsided score down in Texas.  I think Ballenas will bring a relentless and diversified attack to the field that will be tough to defend.  Thus far their defense has been inpenetrable.  GI's Pick: Whalers by 21

Mt. Baker @ Kate Andrews (Alberta): Can't say I know a whole bunch about either squad.  GI's Pick: Andrews by 12

Rutland (AAA) @ Salmon Arm: Good game for both squads.  Rutland will have the preponderence of athletes but Salmon Arm will be a more cohesive team on O and D.  GI's Pick: Golds by 7

Holy Cross @ Abbottsford: A very good rebound tilt for Cross.  Abbey will be tough defensively, so this game will likely be fairly low scoring.  Abbey has a stronger roster and all things considered, will likely come up with a few more big plays than the Crusaders.  GI's Pick: Panthers by 11

Mission @ Cedar Park (Washington): Mission travels south this weekend to play the Cedar Park Christian Eagles.  The hosts are fast and quick but lack size.  Their roster this year is on the young side as well.  Mission is again a beast of a team athletically and in terms of football prowness.  GI's Pick: Mission by 24

Robert Bateman @ WJ Mouat (AAA): This game is good for both programs and great for football in Abbottsford.  Mouat has a powerhouse squad again this year and wins just about every individual match-up on the field.  Bateman is a bunch of tough-nuts, but that can only carry you so far when your opponent is taller, heavier and faster.  GI's Pick: Mouat by 33

GW Graham @ Kelowna (AAA): Graham since its inception has never ducked the big opponents on its schedule, in fact, it has actively sought them out.  KSS is the Interior's football aristocracy.  The Grizzlies give-up the size match-ups across the board and will need to be dialed in offensively to keep abreast with their hosts on the scoreboard.  If the pass protection is there, this could be close. GI's Pick: Kelowna by 18

Saturday, September 7th

Westsyde @ Nechako Valley: This will be a fun game to watch.  It is great to see Interior squads and Northern squads making the effort to travel and play one another.  The level of ball and regional rivalry will only go up as a result.  The host Vikings will be crisp and relentless as they work to rebuild on the heels of the loss of a talented graduation class.  The culture up there is set however and reload might be a more appropriate term than rebuild.  GI's Pick: Nechako Valley by 10

Handsworth (AAA) @ Carson Graham: The Buchannan Bowl is one of the great rivalry games in BC High School Football.  Carson Graham has owned this game for years and the newly annointed AAA Royals have lots of motivation to reverse their program's fortunes vs the Eagles.  Look for the ball to get aired-out by Handsworth a lot on Saturday while Carson will be hanging its hat on the running game.  Defense looms large here as the difference maker.  GI's Pick: Carson by 7

South Delta @ Rick Hansen: This has got to be the AA Varsity game of the week.  Hansen nearly upset the Sundevils in the BC quarter-final round and returns a lot of players who hunger for the rematch.  The match-ups up front are very even with Hansen getting the nod with the running game.  Air-Sundevil is always a big play threat and I believe the game could hinge on the ability of the Hurricane defenders to pressure South Delta's qb.  A lot of people will be watching this game for clues on how to derail the defending champs.  GI's Pick: Sundevils by 8

Centennial (AAA) @ Seaquam: Upset alert.  Seaquam will be bringing zero week experience and some early momentum into this tilt.  Centennial has had a coaching change and did not play last week.  If the Seahawks can apply some pressure and disrupt the Centaur offense, the game could go favourably for them. GI's Pick: Centaurs by 9

Duchess Park @ Correlieu: Duchess Park got some valuable game experience vs Barsby last weekend and will certainly find itself at an advantage in terms of having worked out some early season kinks.  I like the Condors size and physical toughness vs the run game they will face. GI's Pick: Duchess by 27

Prince George @ Kelley Road: PG is on a rebuild and Kelley Road is going to challenge for top seed coming out of the North this year.  The Roadrunners will live up to their nickname with their very talented running game.  GI's Pick: Kelley Road by 28

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