Sunday, November 25, 2012

Subway Bowl Preview

AA Varsity BC Championship Game

Mission Roadrunners vs South Delta Sundevils:  It's AA Varsity's best two teams squaring off in the Dome on Saturday afternoon and a contrast in styles of play that is sure to intrigue fans of the game.  Mission is fast, precise and extremely disciplined offensively and defensively.  South Delta is equally fast across their roster, bigger, stronger and relishes a physical brand of ball.  The coaching is exceptional both ways and the kicking games are the best in the province.  What then will give?  Well, I think the game comes down to A) Turnovers and B) Depth.  South Delta is deeper up front than Mission and quite frankly, deeper across the board.  Mission relies on a big contribution from its JV squad and their JV's play hours earlier in the JV championship game.   I believe that if South Delta can keep Weins and Horton inside the box and turn this game into a highly kinetic affair, that Mission will not get out of the mid-3rd quarter with any juice left for a finish.  Can they do this?  Yep, they have the speed and coaching aptitude to successfully game plan it.  Defensively, the Roadrunners have a tough choice: Do they play zone or man primarily.  Again, using their speed, a zone approach can get a lot of hats to the football.  SD can find the holes in the zone coverage however and has players that can turn small throws into huge plays.  If Mission goes man, their depth becomes a problem as they will be running all day vs the Sundevil receivers and then, toungues haning out, have to report for offensive work and the thumping that awaits.  GI's Pick: South Delta by 16

AA Junior Varsity BC Championship Game

Mission Roadrunners vs Abbottsford Collegiate Panthers: Kudo's to Abbey and Mission for getting to the big dance.  Abbey has gotten to the event with size, power and hard nosed play.  Mission, with smothering defense and great athletes in space offensively accompanied by some gridiron guile.  The big question to be answered is going to be whether or not the Misssion staff is prepared to sacrifice key components of its Varsity squad (10's who also play-up) in a physical mash-up for the JV title.  If so, the Roadrunners have an outside shot of prevailing.  I think however, depth and split duty are going to be hamstring factors in this contest for the boys in green.  The Abbey staff has the luxury of preparing their team for the big game with undivided attention and focus.  The Panthers will be fresher, longer and it will be telling in the second half.  GI's Pick: Abbey by 7

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