Sunday, November 4, 2012

Round 1 Playoffs

Playoffs Are Here!

Week 9 Review
Belmont Defeats Seaquam In The Largest Naval Action Since WW2's Leyte Gulf!
Mt. Baker 13 Westsyde 6
Mission 30 Robert Bateman 7
Belmont 30 Seaquam 22
Pitt Meadows 33 Langley 6
John Barsby 61 Argyle 0
Windsor 41 Handsworth 0
South Delta 42 Eric Hamber 0
Rick Hansen 52 Abbotsford 23
Valleyview 24 South Kamloops 0
Ballenas 41 Nanaimo District 8

Gridirons AA Varsity Top 5

1.  Mission Roadrunners
2.  South Delta Sundevils
3.  John Barsby Bulldogs
4.  Ballenas Whalers
5.  Windsor Dukes

Round 1 Match-Ups

Top Half of Bracket

Mission vs Nechako Valley  : The key to this game is Mission's week long fundraiser.  You see folks, they need to collect at least 10 G for all of the speeding tickets they are going to get en route to the endzone.  All Smart Aleking aside, Nechako Valley is a pretty good squad with veteren players and continuity in their offensive/defensive systems year-toyear.  Athletically, they are just overmatched. GI's Pick: Mission by 30 plus.

Belmont vs Windsor: This game is a rematch of an early season tilt between these two squads.  Round 1 did not go favorably for Belmont.  Oh, the difference a season makes!  Both teams have made great strides since early September and Belmont enters the game the higher seed and importantly, playing at home!  I see this game coming down to three key factors: 1) Turnovers: Belmont can ill afford to turn over the ball. 2) Defense: Windsor has not stood in front of a massive offensive line such as Belmont's and the home squad will put at least 3 TD's on the board. On the flip side, Belmont gave up huge yardage to Seaquam in their week 9 finale.  Can Belmont match scores with Windsor?  3) Kicking-Game:  If Belmont gets on a short field with their offense, it could be lights out for Windsor.  GI's Pick: Windsor by 11 as the Duke offense finds the perimeter and passing holes in Belmont's defense.

College Heights vs Rick Hansen:  Will the real Slim Shady er um Rick Hansen please stand-up, please stand-up?  Hurricanes or Jekyll and Hydes, who the heck knows with this crew.  I think that if Hansen goes with power running and stays patient, their better half will emerge in this contest. College Heights was a bit of a surprise up North.  Cinderella ends here fellas. GI's Pick: Hansen by 14

Ballenas vs Seaquam:  The Whalers are tough close to home and boast one of the top two passing attacks in the province.  This said, they run the ball very effectively as well.  Seaquam has consistently gained large chunks of yardage on the ground with their big back, but has done little else offensively.  I just cannot see the Seaquam defense being complete enough to handle the shelling that is coming their way.  In terms of special teams, the Whalers are lethal in the short kicking department and complete in all other areas.  GI's Pick: Whalers by 24

Bottom Half of Bracket

John Barsby vs Holy Cross: Holy Cross will have had two weeks to prepare for the Barsby Double Wing due to a week 9 bye.  The Crusaders are very well coached and will bring their A game to Nanaimo this Friday.  On top of the bye week preparation, HC has no JV distractions to deal with either as their crew was eliminated on Thursday.  For their part, Barsby is a bit chewed-up from the past three weeks and will need to rely on great defense and special teams to get er done.  This game will be closer than many think. What does this mean? HC will be in full force and this game has upset potential written all over it if Barsby can't score often and early.   GI's Pick: Barsby by 11 in a squeaker.

Robert Bateman vs Kalmalka : Bateman has been playing some very good football of late and other than a loss to all world Mission, this is one of the hottest teams in BC AA ball.  The Timberwolves have too much team speed for their opponent to match-up with across the board and are a physical crew to boot. The running game will be exceptional for them as will explosive short catches and big runs.  Kalmalka is the class of the Interior and can run the footall very well.  I am not sure they have a balanced enough offense to keep Bateman from loading the box on em and smothering the Laker ground game.  Bateman does have a long travel day which will help out Kal's chances GI's Pick: Bateman by 17

South Delta vs Carson Graham: The Sundevils are healthy and playing their best football of the year.  The South Delta squad is also far more physical than the Eagles. This, combined with an edge in team speed going to the SD crew does not bode well for Carson.  GI's Pick: SD by 34

Valleyview vs Pitt Meadows: Pitt has quietly put together a superb season and their combination of speed and size are going to make them tough indeed this weekend.  I like the defensive front 8 to dominate by mid game and the deep passing game to hit paydirt for the Marauders. Valleyview will run the ball well early but find the going tough in the second half.  Pitt is just too big.  GI's Pick: Pitt by 14

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Dean said...

while the boys from up north had no illusions as to how tough this game would be to win, Hansen showed that despite paying lip service to the ideals of respect and sportsmanship, some of the top players on this team demonstrated a less than ideal grasp of the fundamentals of what it takes to be leaders and true champions.