Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week Nine

AA Varsity Week 9
Big Night In The Trenches At The 2012 Border Battle!
Week Eight In Review
The Border Battle between Barsby and Ballenas lived up to its moniker coming down to the last drive of the game before the outcome was determined.  Both squads will enter the playoffs playing some great ball.  Belmont had another statement game within their division vs Hugh Boyd and Mission set the stage for a game to determine first seed out of the East this coming weekend.  South Delta and Seaquam rolled over their respective oppontnets and Carson Graham cinched its playoff seed in dominant fashion.  Up north, Nechako Valley proved again that it is the team to beat while College Heights upset Kelley Road in a tough contest. 

South Kamloops 49 Mt. Baker 6
Seaquam 49 Eric Hamber 0
South Delta 45 Holy Cross 0
Mission 41 Rick Hansen 19
John Barsby 22 Ballenas 14
Valleyview 49 Westsyde 6
Handsworth 20 Nanaimo District 12
Belmont 34 Hugh Boyd 20
Robert Bateman 41 Langley 0
Carson Graham 32 Argyle 8
Nechako Valley 38 Duchess Park 8
College Heights 15 Kelly Road

GI’s Top 5

1. Mission Roadrunners
2. South Delta Sundevils
3. John Barsby Bulldogs
4. Ballenas Whalers
5. Robert Batemen Timberwolves

Gridiron’s Picks


Friday, 2 November

Argyle @ John Barsby:  Argyle travels to Nanaimo to finish their season.  A foundation is being laid by this group for years to come.  Finishing the seasonon can't help but be a positive.  GI's Pick: Barsby by 35

Westsyde @ Mt. Baker:  These two teams wrap-up their year in what is probably the most evenly matched game of their respective seasons.  GI's Pick: Westsyde by 12

Ballenas @ Nanaimo District: The Whalers are coming off of an electric game vs Barsby and the Islanders off of a hard fought 1 TD loss to Handsworth.  Ballenas will win this one, but Nanaimo will fight hard to the end.  GI's Pick: Whalers by 24

Windsor @ Handsworth:  This is a pride game for both teams.  Windsor is the class of the North Shore in 2012 and is rounding into serious playoff form.  I think the Dukes are faster and tougher than their foes.  GI's Pick: Dukes by 16

Rick Hansen @ Abbottsford Collegiate: Hansen is fighting hard for the third place seed in their division.  Abbey is looking to find a positive after a tough season.  I think the cupboards are better stocked at Hansen and the athleticism and speed will be too much for the Panthers.  GI's Pick: Hansen by 14

South Delta @ Eric Hamber: Hamber is facing an almost identical situation to that of Argyle this week.  There is pride in making it through a tough season fellas.  You are paving the way for those to follow.  GI's Pick: South Delta by 40 plus.

South Kamloops @ Valleyview: This really amounts to an early playoff game for these two teams.  I think Valleyview has established a more thorough body of work this season and they come into this game more complete offensively than their foes.  GI's Pick: Valleyview by 8

Langley @ Pitt Meadows: Langley is in a bit of a free fall and Pitt is the rise.  I think the Pitt passing game and size will be the difference makers come Friday.  GI's Pick: Marauders by 17

Saturday, 3 November

Robert Bateman @ Mission:  The two best games in week 9 are being played on Saturday.  This is likely the best of the two. Speed..goes to Mission..Size..draw...numbers and depth...Bateman...defense...draw.  How will this game play out?  Well, I don't think Weins is going to be stopped and there are enough weapons in the Mission offensive arsenal to make sure that spending too much time on him is going to be an expensive proposition.  Bateman can score lots of points too and they have a bit more depth up front than Mission does offensively and defensively.  This game could turn into a scoring fest that results in one team wearing down before the other.  Particularly so if it becomes a physical power running affair. The kicking game will be a difference maker!  GI's Pick: Mission by 17

Belmont @ Seaquam:  Belmont and Seaquam playing for second place in the South.  Eight weeks ago, who would have visualized this?  Belmont is running some decent power football and will score at least three times.  Seaquam is one of the teams who can match-up in terms of size with the visitors.  Then there is the Lego factor.  The Seaquam back will have a big day on Sat.  If Belmont's defense can prevent this from happening, then it is going to be close.  If Lego can get into the end-zone four times, Seaquam wins. Kicking and special teams play will be decisive. GI's Pick: Seahawks by 11
AA Junior Varsity
Big wins by GW Graham and Nanaimo District HS shook up the top five and have tightened up the playoff picture headed into week 9 play.
Gridiron's AA Junior Varsity Top Five
1. Robert Bateman Timberwolves
2. Mission Roadrunners
3. Carson Graham Eagles
4. Hugh Boyd Trojans
5. John Barsby Bulldogs
Honorable Mention: Nanaimo District Islanders, GW Graham Grizzlies, Abbottsford Collegiate Panthers, South Kamloops Titans


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