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GI's Picks Week 1

Gridiron's Picks Week 1

Week 1 Thoughts

Glad to be back in football mode.  Spring was especially trying with the adult quarrels re: job action.  With that behind us all, it is time for HS kids to enjoy their youth as they should free from outside entities.

The Earth is over 5 billion years old.  The average human lives 6 or 7 decades if the stars line-up right.  High School Football lasts 4 years.  Sr.'s this year have 3 months of ball til they move on to their adult lives.  The window is infintesimably small in the big scheme of things. Treasure every moment gang, be jealous of what you have right now, protect it and honor it.  Pour yourselves into the work at hand and let no one and no group of folks take it away.  The now is all you got. Nuff said.

Coaches, it all comes to an end one day.  You never know when a health issue or something else is gonna put a permanent stop to your time with the game you love.  Savour it all and follow your bliss fellas!!

This season is unwritten.  The greatest thing about our game is that it is the best book ever written year after year and we all have a  hand in penning it.  What are the storylines going to be? What are the ups? What are the downs?  What is going to be that 6 second moment in time you talk about with anyone who will listen til your sunset days?  Gal dang exciting I say!!!

Best of luck to all!  GI

GI's Week 1 Top 5

1. Mission Roadrunners 1-0
2. John Barsby Bulldogs 0-0
3. Ballenas Whalers 0-0
4. South Delta Sundevils 0-0
5. Carson Graham Eagles 1-0

Friday, 7 September

Pincer Creek AB @ Mt. Baker: The Wild are are an improved group over the 2011 version.  This game is a great pick-up for them.  Time to get better!  GI's Pick: Pincer Creek by 21

Frank Hurt (Tier 2) @ Eric Hamber: The Griffins have to get better fast in order to compete in league play.  This game is a great starting point for them.  Hurt is always competitive at Tier 2 and has a long football tradition.  Got to give this one to the more experienced Hornets.  GI's Pick: Hurt by 14

Seaquam @ West Vancouver (AAA): Seaquam surely has the numbers out this year and they posess Lego, one of the premier running backs in AA ball.  West Van has had its struggles with numbers of late but it is a large school with athletes lurking in the student body.  This game should be a toss-up.  Whomever establishes a consistent running game will carry the day.  GI's Pick: Seaquam by 6

Hugh Boyd @ Lord Tweedsmuir (AAA): Ah, a refreshing rivalry game from AA days of yore.  Hugh Boyd will take the field with an impressive physical roster in terms of size up front and athleticism at the key skill positions.  Tweedsmuir, after three years of fighting for its life in the AAA East is all grisle and sinew.  This is an "up" year for the Panthers as well who look to make significant headway as a darkhorse in the AAA league.  Gotta go with LT on this one by way of a great defensive performance on opening day.  GI's Pick: Panthers by 21

Pitt Meadows @ Belmont: Pitt took round one of this budding rivalry during spring ball and now travels to one of BC's best football facilities to play the Bulldogs of Belmont.  Belmont has had a busy summer in their quest to improve for Fall.  I like Belmont in this one as Pitt will have some travel legs and the home team has historically come out of the gates pretty strong. GI's Pick: Belmont by 6

Correlieu @ Prince George: The Clansmen are in a rebuild as are the Polars.  PGSS is a huge school however with some great athletes to draw from.  Looking at the historical match-ups here, you gotta go with the Polars in a run fest.  GI's Pick: Polars by 18

Nechako Valley @ College Heights: Nechako Valley has consistently played top-notch football in the El Norte Division.  Their systems are solid and there is a lot of consistency from JV level ball up to the Varsity.  College Heights did not have much of a spring to build off of. Vanderhoof will be proud of their sons on Friday!  GI's Pick: Vikings by 28

Westsyde @ Moscrop (Tier 2): The Blue Wave steps up to AA ball with good numbers and continuity at the helm.  Moscrop has done pretty darn good at the Tier 2 level and has been doing some good stuff program-wise.  A long road-trip will make things tough for the visitors.  GI's Pick: Moscrop by 12

Kelley Road @ South Kamloops: Great game for both squads.  Kelley Road is on a rebuild and on the road to open up.  SKS finished very strong in 2011 and will pick-up where it left off.  I think the Titans will get the ground game up and running and never look back.  GI's Pick: Titans by 17

Windsor @ Kelowna (AAA): This game will be great!  Windsor toughed it out last year with a very young squad that showed flashes of great things to come.  Coach Schuman is easily on the list of the top 5 coaches at any level in BC high school football.  Kelowna, an interior collossus has been the class of their division the past several years.  The Owls will out-athlete the Dukes but them athletes need to be pulling in the same direction right out of the gates.  GI's Pick: Dukes by 8

Mt. Douglas (AAA) @ John Barsby: Does Barsby even have a hope in this game vs the defending AAA champions and #1 ranked Mt. Douglas Rams?  Mt. Douglas just thrashed Oregon 4A Junction City 38-6 at Junction's home field.  Running Back/LB Mason Swift is touted as perhaps the best player in BC and teammate Marcus Davis is soon to have a Marvel Comic character that rivals "The Flash" in print.  The offensive and defensive lines mirror the school's namesake in size as well with a 6'6 qb slinging lightning bolts across the field.  Does Barsby have a chance?  Well, yes they do.  Its a long-shot, but they do.  HS kids can accomplish great things on any given game day and it is the players who ultimately write the script. The Dawgs aren't going to roll over and pee on their home turf. Look for an entertaining game Friday Night in Nanaimo.  GI's Pick: ........

Holy Cross @ St. Thomas Moore (AAA): A great rivalry renewed between these schools. STM has dominated this affair almost without exception and this team has great expectations for itself coming off of a JV championship season.  The Crusaders are gamers, but simply do not have the team speed to match-up.  GI's Pick: STM by 28

Robert Bateman @ WJ Mouat (AAA): Bateman pulled the pin on a cross border game last week.  Mouat went down to Oregon and kicked some tail.  The Hawks have long been the football aristocracy in Abbottsford and will have no time to mess around with local upstarts who challenge for top rail in this football crazy town.  GI's Pick: Hawks by 30

Abbey Collegiate @ New Westminster (AAA): New Westminster with a tough game under its belt hosts a very tough group of football players from the Valley.  New West should get off to a good start before Abbey starts to dial in the speed of the game and adjust.  It may be too little too late for the Panthers however.  GI's Pick: Royals by 17

Saturday, 8 September

Kalmalka @ Holy Trinity AB: Kalmalka is in an "up" cycle and is quite possibly the fastest team in the Interior.  This said, the Albertan squad matches up well and ought to really feel the home field advantage vs the travelling Lakers:  GI's Pick: Trinity by 14

Rick Hansen @ Handsworth: There is a very positive buzz around the Hansen program this year.  The Royals are young and talented with great numbers for ball.   These teams played in spring with Hansen shoving the Royals around up front pretty good.  The Royals are also notorious slow-starters.  Gotta give this one to the visitors.  GI's Pick: Hansen by 17

Carson Graham @ Mission:  A great litmus test for Carson's program as they play their first year of AA Ball.  The JV semi-final between these two teams last year was superb and I smell a hint of rivalry here.  Both Mission and Carson are coming off of big wins down in the States.  If Carson can match-up in terms of team speed and they take care of the football, they have a chance at victory.  Mission is sans all everything Kevin Weins, but this is a program, not a one man show and Hortan at QB is not much of a drop-off.  This game goes to the Roadrunners. GI's Pick:  Mission by 19

Nanaimo District @ South Delta: The Sundevils shredded the Islanders in spring ball and in a spread vs spread match-up, have the speed advantage at every position.  The Islanders are tough however so this game will surely be a pysical affair to say the least.  Look for SD to have huge offensive numbers in this tilt en route to the win.  GI's Pick: Sundevils by 26

Centennial (AAA) @ Ballenas: Ballenas took the high road and went for 2 pts and the win on the last play of the game vs Centennial last year.  This season, the Centaurs travel to the Island to play the Whalers.  The Centaurs wont be caught napping this time round and have a pride issue to take care of after last year's surprise.  Centennial has the depth advantage here, but if the Whalers can avoid a shoving match, their attack is surely fearsome enough to put a lot of points on the board.  GI's Pick: Centennial by 6

Valleyview @ Salmon Arm: The Golds are coming off of a thrashing by WA state 3A Fife this past weekend.  Valleyview will have nothing comparable to throw at the Salmon Arm Squad and are on the road.  GI's Pick: Salmon Arm by 21

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