Monday, October 10, 2011

Gridiron's Week 6 Picks

Happy Thanksgiving All!

GI's AA Varsity Top Five

1. Mission
2. John Barsby
3. Handsworth
4. Ballenas
5. Robert Bateman

GI's Tier 2 Varsity Top Five

1. Nanaimo District
2. Timberline
3. EJ Milne
4. Howe Sound
5. Belmont

GI's Week 6 Picks

Thursday, 13 October

Correlieu @ College Heights:  College Heights has been playing better football than the Clansmen of Quesnel.  Look for the Cougars to put together a stubborn defensive performance and grind away on the ground en route to victory this Thursday.

GI's Pick:  College Heights by 18

Friday, 14 October

Rick Hansen @ Mission: Mission, traditionally known for its prolific and entertaining offense is making a huge defensive statement this year.  There is no reason why they cannot blank middleweight and erstwhile divisional foe Rick Hansen on Friday afternoon.  Hansen is totally outgunned in this one and will seek to find some small victories to carry forward into the rest of the season.

GI's Pick:  Mission by 38

Abbottsford Collegiate @ Langley:  Langeley is in for a tough one in this exhibition tilt vs the surging Panthers.  Abbottsford is positioning itself to challenge for the second seed out of their division.  This is another momentum building game for the red and black.

GI's Pick: Abbey by 24

John Barsby @ Handsworth: Anyone smell an ambush?  Handsworth usually plays their games on the artificial turf at a local field.  This game is on campus at 2 PM.  Perfect timing and location for a rematch against last year's Subway Bowl opponent John Barsby.  This game comes down to defense plain and simple.  Both squads can move the ball very effectively and a tight game on the scoreboard and some great special teams will likely be the tale of the tape.  Home dirt is surely in favor of the Royals.  Barsby is on a roll.

GI's Pick:  Barsby by 10

Prince George @ Kelly Road:  The Polars and Roadrunners, the two biggest schools in the district lock horns this weekend in a game that may very well decide the number 3 seed in the playoffs.   Kelley Road has been coming on strong as of late and I think they will win a squeaker.

GI's Pick:  Roadrunners by 2

Dutchess Park @ Nechako Valley:  Red hot Dutchess Park is going to have to work for every point they can get on the board versus the division leading Vikings.  The Condors have a very balanced attack and are playing great defense.  This is the third game for them in two weeks and health could factor.  If the Condors enter the game healthy I like em because they have been playing tougher competition of late and their game will reflect that pace from the outset.

GI's Pick: Condors by 3

Robert Bateman @ Pitt Meadows:  Bateman is healthy and is on a roll.  Pitt Meadows had better spend a lot of time working on run defense headed into this game.  If the Marauders can get eight in the box and lock-up successfully in man coverage they may have a shot.  Hec, nine in the box-Cover 2 isn't a bad idea either.  Bateman has not proved to anyone that they can throw the ball consistently.  They havn't had to do so either.  You know what, maybe a gentlemen's agreement to completely suspend Batemen's passing game for the contest is in order.  Eleven in the box it is.  Still won't work.

GI's Pick:  Bateman by 30

Mark Isfeld (Tier 2) @ Gulf Islands (Tier 2):  Gulf Islands will post their first victory of the season on Friday vs the Ice.  These guys are scrappers and they have some edge speed their opponents lack.

GI's Pick: Gulf Islands by 14

Edward Milne (Tier 2) @ Belmont (Tier 2):  Now here is a bit of a rivalry game on the South Island.  Milne has always been Belmont's pesky little brother on the field.  I think lil bro has grown up this year.  I like the balanced Milne attack and their team discipline in this game.  I am not convinced Belmont has recovered from their week two and three games up Island.

GI's Pick: Milne by 10

Mocrop (Tier 2) @ Nanaimo (Tier 2):  Moscrop has proven they can score points by the bushell in games where their squad's talent pool is evenly matched.  Nanaimo District is big, nasty and has the complete package this year.  Defensively they love to brawl with opponents, their kicking game is fantastic and their offense has not faltered all year.  Moscrop is going to find out how tough they are or are not on Friday.

GI's Pick:  Nanaimo District AKA Mean Green by 36

Argyle (Tier 2) @ Eric Hamber (Tier 2):  Hey Pipers, get ready to celebrate Friday Night.  You have more size, speed and talent at every position.  Put it all together and you will mark a historic win for yourselves.

GI's Pick:  Argyle by 28

Saturday, 15 October

Okanagen Mission @ Mt. Baker:  Long trip for the Huskies.  Long trip, and a quality road win.

GI's Pick: OKM by 34

Vernon @ Kalmalka:  One of the best games of the weekend will be played here.  The Panthers will need to be very efficient on offense and will have to create some turnovers defensively to steal this one away from the Lakers who have a faster roster.  This comes down to kicking game and turnovers.

GI's Pick: Kalmalka by 4

South Delta @ Ballenas:  Both of these teams play some great offense and throw the ball exceptionally well.  Ballenas can run the ball quite effectively to compliment their passing game.  Only Mission boasts a similar combination to what the Whalers possess on offense.  South Delta's defensive line is pretty darn good and the Whaler's are going to be challenged mightily to block it up for the provinces top quarterback.  Special teams are certainly going to have a say as well on Saturday.

GI's Pick: Whalers by 6

Frank Hurt (Tier 2) @ Howe Sound (Tier 2):  Frank Hurt exploded for record points in an overtime victory this past weekend.  Howe Sound won't be as accomodating defensively as the Moscrop Panthers were.  The Howe Sound running game is starting to mature nicely and will present Frank Hurt with a real gut check in terms of defensive toughness.  The Hornets are not going to like what they find.
GI's Pick:  Howe Sound by 14

G.P. Vanier (Tier 2) @ Timberline (Tier 2):  A budding rivalry up on the North End  of the Island.  Timberline's offense has yet to face a serious defense to challenge its multi-faceted attack.  Vanier has proven it doesn't stand up well to anything but the most vanilla offensive assault.  The Wolves will give them a Baskin Robbins assortment of offensive flavors and tweaks.

GI's Pick:  Timberline by 26

Hugh Boyd @ Holy Cross:  There really is no such thing as divisional play in The South this year but rather a bit of a seeding tournament for the playoff dance.  The Trojans have had a real see-saw season to date playing great ball and then surrendering games that seemingly should have been closer or even winnable at first glance.  Well, this one is for real and it counts big time.  The Trojans always prepare exceptionally well for big games and this will be no different.  HC has found its offensive feet as well and are on a bit of a roll.  This one will be very close.
GI's Pick: Hugh Boyd by 2

South Kamloops @ Clarence Fulton:  SKS, the football version of Lazarus travels to play the Maroons.  Fulton is getting better and I have my doubts as to the ability of the Titans to knock off traditional Interior powers this year.
GI's Pick:  Fulton by 11

Windsor @ Seaquam: Windsor is playing very, very good football considering it is rolling with a mixed JV/Varsity roster.  The Dukes are executing in all phases of their game and the defense is really hustling to the ball on every play.  Seaquam may enter this game without their star running back Lego.  The absence of the punishing back may have been a contributor to the narrow loss against South Delta this past weekend.  In any event, with our without their big back, Seaquam has a big, physical and importantly, mature roster that will host the Dukes on home dirt.  Unless there is an obscene amount of turnovers in the Dukes favor, this game goes to Seaquam who ought to be snowplowing their North Van guests up and down the field.

GI's Pick: Seaquam by 18 


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How about the Seaquam - Windsor game?

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