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Gridiron's Week Three Picks

High Flying Roadrunners Post Big Win!
Week Two Recap
Dust Up In Abbottsford!

One of my favorite movies of the past decade is Gangs of New York.  One of my favorite lines/scenes in that movie is when the young up and comer Amsterdam gets into a scrap with one of the gangster Bill the Butcher's senior henchmen McGloin.  Amsterdam tunes him up and Bill hollers a resounding "The Mighty McGloin, let himself get fish hooked by a sprat"...much to McGloin's rage and discomfort.   Hey Mission, 22-15 victors over AAA ball's legendary and #2 ranked WJ Mouat Hawks...way to go.  You fish hooked em alright! Great Job!!!

In other action Barsby continued to roll and Seaquam made a huge statement about things to come with a sound victory over Kelowna.  Bateman survived a scare vs Nanaimo and South Delta added another W to their season.  Windsor is getting their legs under them after playing well offensively vs Vanier, but has yet to convince me that they can play with smashmouth teams in the mud.  They will get their chance to do so down the road I reckon.  I like the big win by Ballenas and was a bit shocked by Hugh Boyd's performance.  All can be well for the Trojans with a big game next week however.  In the Interior the Maroons exploded for big points and El Norte is quickly shaping up to be the Nechako Valley show for 2011.

In The Deuce, Nanaimo District has been impressive during their first two games and Island squads such as Milne and Vanier have surely declared they are playing for the marbles in 2011.  Timberline is back people and are going to shred some secondaries in the coming weeks.  We will all see if Moscrop is for real this coming weekend as they look to build upon an air show performance vs Isfeld.  Howe Sound was a big surprise as well as they played Valleyview to a draw this past weekend.

GI's Week Three Top AA Varsity Top Five

1. Mission
2. John Barsby
3. Seaquam
4. South Delta
5. Handsworth

GI's Week Three "The Deuce" Top Five

1. Nanaimo District
2. G.P. Vanier
3. Timberline
4. E.J. Milne
5. Moscrop

GI's Week Three Picks

Wednesday, 21 September

College Heights @ Nechako Valley: The Vikings have positioned themselves as the early season favorite to run the table and represent the North in the November playoff dance.  College Heights is looking to keep this one close with defense and ball control.  I just don't see the explosiveness from the Cougars.   The Vikings will hoist up some big cat pelts in their long houses come Wednesday night.

GI's Pick: Nechako Valley by 36

Friday, 23 September

Rick Hansen @ Langley: Hansen has been literally on the cusp of victory versus two AAA programs to open up their season.  Langley served up a disapointing performance versus a rebuilding Pitt Meadows crew this past weekend in their opener.  Hansen will be all over the Saints with their balanced run-pass attack coming from multiple formations and motion sets.  This one won't be close.

GI's Pick: Hurricanes by 21

Belmont (Tier 2) @ John Barsby: Belmont dropped an egg on the scoreboard in a big loss versus a banged-up Ballenas crew this past Saturday.  Was it just "a bad day" for the Blue Bulldogs of Langford?  Hard to say.  Belmont is coming to play in "The Cage" this Friday against Barsby.  Barsby was exposed offensively early on by Langley last Friday and there are some big corrections to be made for them to be consistent this week.   The Dawg Defense has surrendered 7 points in eight quarters thus far in 2011.  When it is all said and done however, Barsby has been playing at a higher level than their visitors and is always tough at home.

GI's Pick: Barsby by 28

G.P. Vanier (Tier 2) @ Nanaimo District (Tier 2):  This is The Deuce's best match-up of the week.  It will be a statement game for the league and looks to be one hec of a physical contest.  Both squads have opened up with AA varsity competition and played quite competitively in those games.  Vanier really pounds the ball and found their "off-tackle" power running game vs Windsor on Friday.  Nanaimo District gave a tough Robert Bateman squad a big scare up in the Valley and has been playing their most physical brand of football in years.  Look for turnovers and the kicking game to play a decisive role in Nanaimo come Friday afternoon.

GI's Pick: Nanaimo District by 8

Correlieu @ Dutchess Park: The Condors of Dutchess Park are probably the number two team up in El Norte.  Correlieu is working to claw their way out of the basement.  This one will be a beat-down.

GI's Pick: Condors feast and win by 27 plus.

Prince George @ Kelley Road: The Polars got taken out behind the ol woodshed and got soundly thrashed by Nechako Valley last week.  There has got to be plenty of video material for the Kelley Road coaching staff to peruse and exploit for this weekend's clash of the two biggest schools up North.  If the Roadrunners are going to be a part of the playoff mix in 2011, this is a must win for them.

GI's Pick: Upset alert....Kelley Road by 1

Robert Bateman @ Hugh Boyd: Bateman rolls in with a 2-0 record vs Tier 2 competition and Boyd is 0-2 vs AAA opponents in week 1 and 2.  Last week's game for the Trojans was an example of bus legs in the first half after a long trip to the Interior.  Bateman survived a physical contest with late game heroics on a fumbled ball.  I thought the Wolves would play better, particularly as hosts against a team with a long travel day.  This one is on Boyd's home field-turf and will be fast.  Bateman has an edge in team speed and the Trojans in size.  This game will be characterized by the prep that goes into it by the respective coaching staffs.  It will become evident as to whom has found a defensive weakness that can be repeatedly exploited.  Bateman is up against a legit AA program this week.

GI's Pick: Boyd by 16

Pitt Meadows @ Windsor:  OK Pitt, I owe you an apology for underestimating you last week.    That said, you are not going to throw any long balls against Windsor as they are pretty disciplined with their deep thirds.  The Dukes play good ball under their 3 shell and teams that roll in thinking they are going to pick them apart underneath are going to throw some picks.  If Pitt can play balanced and base off of a power running game they may have some success.  I do not think that they are patient enough to do so.  The Duke offense is a throw-back to the late 90's early 2000's when they were in their spread offense hayday.    Why not?  The new field is built for what the mean green is running this year.  The passing game looks good and there is enough of a run game to cause some serious defensive contradictions to emerge.

GI's Pick: Windsor by 18

Abbottsford Collegiate @ Moscrop (Tier 2): Abbey is a bunch of tough nuts who went toe to toe with Barsby for two quarters last Friday.  Offensively, they are balanced and run their spread offense very intelligently making adjustments quickly to what the defense is giving them and then accurately exploiting what they have seen.  The defense is absolutely physical and will smack opposing running backs with fury and a visceral glee.  Love it!  Moscrop proved in week 1 that their knees buckle when they get hit.  Abbottsford easily matches them athlete for athlete on the edge.  This one will be nasty.

GI's Pick:  Abbey by 38

Clarence Fulton @ Omak (WA): This is an annual pilgrimage for the Maroons south of the border.  They never fare very well in the game,  but always emerge a better squad for it.  The Maroons are ascendent in 2011 as a program, but this said, they are still on the foothill of the Alp they intend to climb. 

GI's Pick: Omak by 40

San Franscisco (CA) @ Handsworth:  The Royals put some good points and numbers up in their tilt vs a playoff bound AAA Carson Graham squad last weekend.  Defensively, they cannot be happy with themselves however.  I think that the Royals will really step-up their defensive game on Friday and keep things much closer.  The offense will help a lot with some ball control and points scored.

GI's Pick: Royals lose by 13

Saturday, 24 September

Ballenas @ Centennial (AAA): The 2-0 Whalers who have been feasting on Tier 2 competition take a big step-up in their schedule when they travel to play a AAA Centennial squad who have been taking their licks against top flight US competition the past few weeks.  If the Whalers can play up to the potential of their wild and whacky spread offense they have an outside chance in this game.  If the contest turns into a run based shoving contest, it could get ugly.

GI's Pick: Centennial by 28

Norkam @ Frank Hurt (Tier 2): This will be a very balanced game on both sides of the ball.  The Hornets have not fared well against the run and their offense has been anemic.  Norkam on the other hand, is playing its first game of the season.  There has bound to be some kinks to be worked out for the Saints.  This game will be close, but the Hornets are a bit more battle tested.

GI's Pick: Frank Hurt by 3

STMC (AAA) @ Holy Cross:  Two teams that know each other very well.  Two teams on vastly different trajectories headed into week 3.  The game will be on mercy time by mid to late 2nd quarter.

GI's Pick: STM by 38

Mission @ South Delta:  Two teams with big dreams for 2011.  Mission has been playing top flight competition the past three weeks and South Delta has been building up to it with this game.  Mission just knocked off AAA's number 2 ranked WJ Mouat Hawks last Friday night.  The Roadrunner defense has been stellar since the get go and their offense is playing largely mistake free and highly explosive ball.  Mission dominates every match-up on either side of the ball.  They will take this game into overdrive in the second half.

GI's Pick: Mission by 28

Argyle (Tier 2) @ Mark Isfeld (Tier 2): This game will be close.  Both teams have been playing sloppy ball the past two weeks and both teams are searching for some momentum/success.  Argyle has the size and numbers headed in to the game.  Isfeld has experience and home field.  Look for the Ice to put together some decent second half drives that will push them over the top.

GI's Pick: Isfeld by 12

Eric Hamber (Tier 2) @ Edward Milne (Tier 2): Milne has served notice that they are a playoff contender and that they can run the football consistently.  Hamber has the "new team blues" as they are going through the growing pains that come with inexperience and teaching the game to brand new players in the 11th and 12th grades.  Been there back in the day!  Some advice to Hamber, "Find a couple things you think you can do well and hang your hat on em.  Celebrate all your little successes along the way and remember to compete against yourselves as opposed to opponents who are largely beyond your control."  It will get better for you in the long-run.

GI's Pick: Milne pounds their way to a victory margin of 30 plus points.

Howe Sound (Tier 2) @ Timberline (Tier 2):  OK Sounders, I sure had to stomache the taste of eating crowe after your stellar performance against a decent Valleyview squad last weekend.  I am not convinced that you are "all that" however and you are going to get seriously shelled by Timberline via the air.  Your best hope is to pound the rock and keep their offensive circus off of the field. Timberline has some of its traditional size and a very stubborn ol Defensive Coordinator to go with it.  Bad dreams for the Sounders.

GI's Pick: Air Wolves by 14

Valleyview @ Vernon: Word has it that the Panthers are much improved over last year and are working to upset perrenial powers suck as Fulton and OKM this season.  Best not to overlook a Valleyview group that is beginning to have a great season of their own in 2011.  Valleyview has put in a good September thus far and the game savy they have accrued in weeks 1 and 2 will be at their side as they square off with the Panthers.  Look for turnovers and Vernon miscues handling the ball to play a big role during this game.

GI's Pick:  Valleyview by 12

West Vancouver (AAA) @ Seaquam:  West Vancouver had better have a good point man as I believe they are headed into an ambush.  A two touchdown win vs a Handsworth squad trying to find its feet in the season opener is a world away from the slobber-knocker that awaits on Saturday.  Seaquam has the size and speed to go toe-to-toe with anything West Van brings at em and the SeaHawks have found some serious momentum coming out of the Kelowna game.  I am not saying that this game will be a blowout, but it is surely going to be a much tougher contest than week 1.   Look for a few Seaquam wrinkles via formation and the air to manifest themselves.

GI's Pick: Seaquam by 9


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