Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week 9

Week Nine

: a collapse (as of a society or regime) marked by catastrophic violence and disorder
AA and Tier 2 Enter the final battle for playoff survival and seeding!
GI's AA Top 5

1. Windsor
2. Mission
3. John Barsby
4. Handsworth
5. South Delta/Seaquam

GI's Tier 2

1. Belmont
2. Timberline
3. Moscrop
4. Howe Sound
5. Nanaimo District

Week 8 In Review

Double A ball saw big statement games from underdogs and superb competitive efforts as teams clawed and bit for playoff eligibility and seeding.  The Mainland Conference saw Rick Hansen keeping hope alive with a one point victory over a scrappy Abbey crew and Pitt took Mission to the mat in a contest the Roadrunners won by a narrow five point margin.  Handsworth responded to last weekend's loss with a powerful outing against Langley to regain momentum headed into the playoffs. 

The Coast conference saw South Delta continue their upwards surge in a blowout vs Hugh Boyd, Sands travelling to Victoria for a rough go a Mt. Douglas and Seaquam serving notice that they are going to be the playoff tournament's Darkhorse in very physical fashion en-route to very nearly upsetting John Barsby on Saturday.

The Interior conference was laid wide open with a NorKam upset of Valleyview and up in El Norte semifinals were played Friday with Prince George defeating Duchess Park 36-26, andNechako Valley beating College Heights 20-14. Prince George will now meet Nechako Valley in the title game Friday at 6 p.m.  This will be a super game!

Tier 2 this past weekend was outstanding!  Yep, there is surely parity in this division of play as evidenced by Timberline's epic, double overtime victory at Edward Milne, Nanaimo District's come from behind 1 TD Win and Moscrop and Howe Sound defeating Frank Hurt and Robert Bateman by one point respectively!  Wow!! Going into week nine, there is still no solid playoff seeding in either division! 

Tier 2 Playoff Scenarios based on Week 9 matchups:

On the Island, Nanaimo District is the gate keeper if it comes down to a tie break:

If the Islanders lose to Belmont this coming Friday

1) Belmont
2) Timberline
3) ND

If they beat Belmont by 11 points or less:

1) Timberline
2) Belmont
3) ND

If they beat Belmont by 12 or more

1) Timberline
2) ND
3) Belmont

Now switching gears to the Mainland Conference based on week 8's carnage:

Bateman is out.

Moscrop wins and Howe Sound wins then Moscrop goes in #2 seed and Howe Sound #1
Moscrop wins and Frank Hurt wins then Moscrop goes to #1 and Hurt #2
Moscrop loses and Howe Sound wins then Howe Sound goes in #1 and Moscrop #2
Moscrop loses and Howe Sound loses then Frank Hurt goes in #1 and Howe Sound #2

In both scenario's this is completely unoficial and based on info that has come across GI's desk from reliable sources.

Good Luck in Week 9 Everybody!

GI's Week 9 Picks

Friday, 5 November, 2010

Sands at John Barsby: Sands is playing for their season this Friday in "The Cage" at John Barsby.  A Sands win lands them the 4th place Coast Division seed and a chance at beginning a new season in the playoff tournament.  When healthy, this is a very dangerous squad and all should remember that these are the same players and coaches that very nearly defeated AAA champion Centennial a short month and a half ago.  This is a dangerous game for Barsby as they are coming off of a very physical contest with Seaquam and have NOT been playing good offense the last two weeks.  Look for a very physical game between these two squads.

GI's Pick: Barsby by 8

Prince George at Nechako Valley:  These two teams played just a couple short weeks ago and it was the Vikings who wound up as top rail.  It is often tough to get kids to defeat the same opponent twice as there are always assumptions made about the previous contest.  Looking at the scores across the year, it seems that the Vikings have been playing better defense week in and week out.  I have to go with this as the difference maker up in El Norte's big showdown.

GI's Pick: Nechako Valley by 3

South Delta at Langley: One more week of football for Langley.  The Saints need to ralley around their grade 12's and play their hearts out for one another one last time.  This game can wind-up being a very big positive for everyone in the program!  Play out of your skin guys!  South Delta is red-hot and rapidly morphing into a playoff beast.  The post-season is all about momentum and the SunDevils will not be pulling any punches.  A game on turf headed into the post-season is just what the doctor ordered as well.
GI's Pick: SunDevils by 34

Rick Hansen at Pitt Meadows: Hurricane season this year saw the Hansen crew briefly morph into a weak category 2 storm.  The conditions for a nasty 4 or 5 just have not materialized.  Lots of want-to on the roster but probably not the crew to get things done vs the more powerful opponents this year.  Pitt is playing very tough football and has improved weekly.  The Marauders are living up to their nick-name and will tear into Hansen with a fury.  The blitz will be too much for Hansen to handle offensively and the Marauder team speed will carry the day.
GI's Pick: Pitt by 19

Clarence Fulton at Valleyview: This will be a good game.  Lots of tough running and I believe some big plays on the edge.  The Maroons have played more consistent football this year and will seed well into the playoffs.
GI's Pick: Fulton by 12

Robert Bateman at Moscrop: Bateman has had an exceptional freshman year at varsity and will finish out with an emotional bang!  Big things ahead for ol Bateman! I expect to see physical defense and hard running from both teams in this contest with the edge being Moscrop's passing game.  Playing at home is also a bonus for the Panthers.
GI's Pick: Moscrop by 2

Belmont at Nanaimo District: This game goes to the wire if Nanaimo District rolls out with some defense.  I think however that Belmont has the advantage in terms of speed and size over the resilient Islanders who are on a four game win streak of their own.  Belmont has really been ratcheting up their defense since mid-season and a couple big offensive plays could be the positive difference for the Blue Bulldogs.  Special teams??? Yep, gonna be huge if there is an upset in the making.

GI's Pick: Belmont by 16

Saturday, 6 November, 2010

Okanagen Mission at Vernon: OKM is bigger, faster and has played a consistently tougher schedule than their opponents across the season.  They are just playing at a higher level and it will show in every phase of the game.
GI's Pick: Huskies by 22

Handsworth at Abbottsford Collegiate: Much like Langley, this is a big game for the Abbey 12's and for program pride and momentum headed into the post aka "Opportunity Season".  Abbey has much to be proud of this year and is very much headed in the right direction going into 2012.  I like their physical brand of play and they ought to play tough against the Royals.  Handsworth is sharpening its claws and will be looking to polish its game while getting some solid game experience for its 2's and 3's during the contest.  Coach Prepchuck will not sacrifice momentum headed into the post-season tourney however so Handsworth will surely post some points and be stingey on defense.
GI's Pick: Handsworth by 24

Windsor at Mission: Easily the Game of the Week, if not year.  The key to this game is simple, ELIMINATE SMALL PLAYS BECOMING BIG ONES.  Both teams are very capeable of playing methodical, high percentage football offensively.  Both teams play smothering defense and both teams are solid in terms of specials.  So what gives?  There is one other thing both teams possess and that is game breaking athletes.  A bad angle defensively on a short pass, a mis-tackle in space, someone lost in traffic on a crossing route, bad hips defending a post-corner could be the game breaking mistake.  The starting field possession in this game for each offense will be HUGE in determining the outcome.  Mission owns the size differential up front and has an edge in speed.  Windsor is more precise and less prone to mistakes.  I think that if Mission's kicking game can get the Dukes in the position of having to score from a long field, the Roadrunners could carry the day.  If the Dukes can flip that situation and win the turnover battle, look out Mission.

GI's Pick: Mild upset here, Mission by 3.

Seaquam at Ballenas: The tone of this game will be set on another field on another day. If Barsby beats Sands, this game is very meaningful to both Seaquam and Ballenas with the #3 and #4 playoff seed up for grabs.  A Barsby loss and this is a pride game for the Whalers and a momentum game for Seaquam.  That is the math.  Sooo, Whalers, dig up something Red and Black, grit your teeth and head down to "The Cage" and do the unthinkable on Friday afternoon...cheer on Barsby.  Now, with this bit of unpleasantness out of the way, the game itself.  Physicality goes to Seaquam as does the inside running game.  The Whalers can get it done on the edge and are superb via the Air.  Trick-plays are all Whaler.  The kicking game is very even.  Defensively, Seaquam has the best scoring defense in the league.  This statistic is very well Earned (with a capital E) and Seaquam is playing its best ball of the year.  Can the Whalers win? Yes they can.  Will they win, I wouldn't bet on it.

GI's Pick: Seaquam by 23

Mt. Baker at Westsyde: Long trip for Mt. Baker but nothing new for these guys.  Westsyde has the edge offensively, defensively, special teams and of course, experience and home-field mojo.  Bad math for Mt. Baker.

GI's Pick: Westsyde by 26

Howe Sound at Frank Hurt: Frank Hurt, you have silenced the doubters and haters out there.  You have done this by deed and action, well done!  You are the team to beat in your division, well done.  Do not rest on your laurels.  Howe Sound, you are always in a tough fight.  This brings out the fighter in you and you know of no other way to strap on pads and go play ball.  A very good match-up that will come down to kicking game and who has a bit of finesse in their offense.
GI's Pick: Frank Hurt by 8

G.P. Vanier at Timberline: An old rivalry rekindled to a degree.  This game will have a lot to do with how healthy Timberline is and how well Vanier has used the past two weeks to prepare for their opponents.  The Towhees certainly have some great athletes on their roster and could rattle Timberline's cage if they get off to a good start.  Timberline is not going to slug this one out offensively and I have doubts about Vanier's ability to defend finesse football.  I also forsee a lot of penalty yardage in this contest.

GI's Pick: Timberline by 11

Edward Milne at Mark Isfeld: Milne played a game for the ages this past weekend.  Isfeld was solid versus Nanaimo District.  This is a great seson ender for both squads.  Isfeld at home is hard to beat however.
GI's Pick: Isfeld by 6


Anonymous said...

I hope this takes offence to no one, but if sands were to lose, seaquam could easily play all thier second stringers and possibly "let" Ballenas win, knocking sands out, I think if that happened it would ruin the game of football..idk just what i think

Anonymous said...

No way Seaquam would do that. They are competitors, not connivers.


Anonymous said...

Simple way to avoid that sands, actually win a game. I know your not used to doing that but hey maybe pigs will fly friday. Try playing as a team instead of individuals u guys could win.

Anonymous said...

So when are your playoff predictions coming out?

Carl said...

Information about the AA Top 5 and also about the week 8 in review is excellent to read, great post this is.


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"great post this is" - wow, I did not know Yoda was a football fan! LOL. So how about some playoffs predictions!?!!?