Monday, January 4, 2010



The Schedules are out! With 2010 upon us it looks to be a leaner, meaner year at the AA level then in any time in history. It is a cinch to say that this league represents the greatest competitive parity at any level of HS Football played in BC!

The approach programs take to their opportunity seasons (GI doesn’t use “off-season”) could never be more important than it is this year. The upcoming provincial AGM will be an eye opener as teams will finalize a lot of exhibition games. I am looking forward to seeing how teams arrange exhibition as this will give an insight to how HC’s are looking to prepare their squads for league play. Every week during league play is going to be for “the marbles”. There will not be a lot of room for error on anyone’s schedule.

The 2010 Playoff Draw looks to be a twelve team affair with the top 4 in each of the Coastal and Mainland seven team conferences qualifying (top 2 in Coast and Mainland will have byes into Quarter-Finals), with 4 spots left in opening round for Interior and North.

2010 AA League Schedule

Week #1 September 10-11

Week #2 September 17-18

Week #3 September 24-25

Coastal Conference Mainland Conference

South Delta @ Pinetree Abbotsford @ Langley
Ballenas @ Sands Rick Hansen @ Windsor
Hugh Boyd @ Seaquam Pitt Meadows @ Handsworth
John Barsby – BYE Mission – BYE
Week #4 October 1-2

Ballenas @ Hugh Boyd Handsworth @ Rick Hansen
Pinetree @ Sands Abbotsford @ Windsor
South Delta @ John Barsby Langley @ Mission
Seaquam – BYE Pitt Meadows – BYE
Week #5 October 8-9

John Barsby @ Ballenas Mission @ Rick Hansen
Seaquam @ South Delta Langley @ Pitt Meadows
Hugh Boyd @ Sands Windsor @ Handsworth
Pinetree – BYE Abbotsford – BYE
Week #6 October 15-16

Sands @ Seaquam Pitt Meadows @ Windsor
Ballenas @ South Delta Langley @ Rick Hansen
John Barsby @ Pinetree Mission @ Abbotsford
Hugh Boyd – BYE Handsworth – BYE

Week # 7 October 22-23

Seaquam @ Pinetree Abbotsford @ Pitt Meadows
Hugh Boyd @ John Barsby Mission @ Handsworth
Sands @ South Delta Windsor @ Langley
Ballenas – BYE Rick Hansen – BYE
Week #8 October 29-30

South Delta @ Hugh Boyd Handsworth @ Langley
John Barsby @ Seaquam Pitt Meadow @ Mission
Pinetree @ Ballenas Rick Hansen @ Abbotsford
Sands – BYE Windsor – BYE
Week # 9 November 5-6

Sands @ John Barsby Windsor @ Mission
Pinetree @ Hugh Boyd Handsworth @ Abbotsford
Seaquam @ Ballenas Rick Hansen @ Pitt Meadows
South Delta – BYE Langley – BYE

November 11-12-13 Round #1
November 19-20 Quarters
November 26-27 Semi Finals
December 3-4 Championship


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Anonymous said...

Why is Pitt not listed in your vote? Not good enough so they get listed as 'Other'?

Anonymous said...

Yo dog dont worry bout the poll. it doesnt mean shit.. it has seaquam and windsor ranked top 2.. bahaha. Seaquam lost all of there fire power. next year they will struggle.

Anonymous said...

I speak for all of the Sands Scorpions when I say I am very excited for this season. We may have the smallest roster in AA this year but we will come out and hit harder than any team on the field. "Quality over Quantity"

-Scorpion Nueve