Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Want My...I Want My...I Want My DSVeeeeeee

Hey Gang,

Remember that 80's Classic by Dire Straights: Money For Nothing?? Well boys and girls, if you are unfamiliar here is the video link:

The opening was great, with lead singer hitting some cool notes to the effect of " I want my...I want my....I want my MTV." This song ripped up the charts pretty hard and earned status as a classic. Well in the spirit of another 80's phenom (perhaps not so classic) Weird Al Yancovic, I think we could swap around some lyrics to the effect of " I Want My DSVeeeee"

You see, we will all be paying for this technology again this year as a part of our dues and if we all participate as expected, we will take a powerful leap forward in terms of the quality of our games as a result of our much more thorough preparation. See gang, technology is a force-multiplyer and in this instance, DSV has the potential to radically advance our regional game beyond what we clearly see which is scout. There are going to be huge benefits for our players, for our game to be advertised and much, much more.
Sadly, I am not encouraged by what I see thus far.

It starts with BCSSFA executive: Deadlines were issued for the membership to get on board and penalties decreed that fell just short of non-compliers being sent to forced labour and re-education camps in the Muskeg country of northeastern BC. Camps that would make the North Koreans blush. These edicts were passionately decreed by our elected governing body.
The date for uploading everyone's spring video or the last video from 08 season and making it available to all varsity coaches was 22 June.

Upon glancing at DSV anywhere this AM it was great to see Hansen and Barsby have complied.

Some of our executive are HC's/co-HC's of programs and they also include conference and tier reps. Hmmmmm, not setting much of an example fellas. This is akin to an officer rallying his soldiers prior to an attack with " the objective is critical to our success! We must take it with a frontal assault....Men, I will be right behind you all the way." Ah yes, you can feel private Joe Snuffie's enthusiasm drain as his"brave leadership" eggs him m on from behind instead of in front. It is supposed to be "Follow Me" not "in front of me". Gentlemen, do not publish declarations that you are not prepared to fully participate in squander much needed legitimacy that you need to get the overall job done.

Next up for a quick spanking are the long-term coaches and leaders of programs. You guys know better. Do you accept excuses and non-participation from your players?? We voted for this thing...we better step up guys. Deadlines are important. We all have a common, collective stake in participating.

Newbies, you are not excused either. Get with Victor at DSV and ask for help. You will get it. You will get none if you don't take some personal initiative and chase it down. You will find that late August and September are the worst possible times imagineable to try to get caught-up.

If we don't as a group get on the stick with DSV it will be more than money going down the toilet, it will be opportunity. Opportunity lost now is exponential underachievement later.

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