Saturday, May 23, 2009

Island Tier 2 Jamboree

Three teams today: Nanaimo District, Mark Isfeld and Gulf Islands.

The football was a lot better than I anticipated heading into the event. All three teams executed pretty darn good offensively, particularly Gulf Islands and Nanaimo District. Isfeld played some very good defense in their first game vs Nanaimo District and had a beautiful 90 yard drive for the winning score. Nanaimo District was very crisp offensively ripping big gashes in opposing defenses up front but could not finish drives with costly penalties followed by inopportune fumbles. The Nanaimo defense didn't allow a completion today and a very youthful group of second and third level players defensively filled vs the run admirably. Isfeld was physical on defense.

The class of the group however was Gulf Islands. They played nasty on both sides of the ball and have break away speed in all of their back-field and wing postions. Gulf Island numbers looked good in terms of bodies and boy oh boy could they bring it defensively. Many, many great hits. I think they are a reflection of their ol ball coach. He is a throwback and a tough nut who brings out the love of the game at a visceral level. During their second game vs Isfeld the Scorpions kept feeding off of the physical play and they got tougher and tougher with every dust-up. I have to credit Isfeld's QB and their RB/ILB's, they are good players.

Nanaimo District and Isfeld have BIG upsides headed into Fall Ball. As a very interested observer of BC High School Football I am more than ever a believer in the organization of varsity ball into three tiers. That was competitive ball today!!

Well Done!

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