Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here Comes the Jamboree's!

Here We Go Again!!

Spring Ball is going to culminate across the province on different weekends with jamboree's, exhibitions and controlled scrimmages like a series of regional firecrackers! It is a real temptation to divine a lot of what Fall has in store for us all based on these tilts and after a decade and change of participating/observing them, I think a lot can be read into them.

First and foremost, these tilts are certainly a "Spring Physical" of the health of each program. You can gather a lot by how many kids are out, how many coaches present, support personel, fans and certainly, how deep and crisp the playbook. Are the kids in shape? Are the kids executing? When a player gets banged-up, does his replacement have a clue? What goes on in spring, I find will show you a lot about how a team will be doing by mid-October. An object in motion, stays in motion so to speak. Now these remarks need to be tempered by the various realities that each program exists in at their home school and the nature of the athletes that participate (VC kids at track, Carson kids with Rugby, kids playing baseball etc.) but by and large, the essence of a program is somewhat revealed in spring ball.

The ensuing three months after we are finished is a time to make adjustments and reaquire focus on goals/areas in need that are revealed during the spring tilts. Those programs who seize the opportunity to improve instead of taking a break, well, they are going to be much more prepared come September. In AA ball this year we are playing for keeps with the Coastal Division engaged in league play right out of the gates. Personally, I like this state of affairs as it will force a higher calibre of preparation, earlier for all concerned.

Back to Spring Ball. Three Jamborees of note on the Island:

Tier 2 Jamboree Sat. 23 May at Nanaimo District HS (NDSS, E. Milne, M. Isfeld and Gulf Islands).

AA Island Varsity Jamboree: Friday, 29 May 2 PM-5 PM @ NDSS (Mt. Douglas, Belmont, Windsor, Barsby, Ballenas and Timberline).

AA Island JV Jamboree: Sat. 30 May 11 AM-4 PM @ NDSS (Van College, Mt. Douglas, Windsor, Belmont, E. Milne, Parklands, Barsby, Ballenas, NDSS, M. Isfeld and Timberline).

Lots and lots of ball the next couple of weeks. Going to be fun!!

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