Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tier 2

Tier 2 this year will pick-up where it left off and as 08 wound down, it was surely headed in the right direction.

The group of Prince George teams that participated are now in AA and will be replaced by several of the Kamloops/Vernon schools who are on a rebuild. Abby Collegiate moves to AA and Nanaimo District fills their place. Also add Burnaby central and Moscrop to the mix.

Burnaby Central
Howe Sound
GP Vanier
Mark Isfield
Gulf Islands
EJ Milne
Nanaimo District
Alberni District

Based on school size and strength of program my early glance into the crystal ball has the following programs neck and neck at the top:

In no particular order:

Nanaimo District, G.P. Vanier, Mark Isfeld, and Moscrop.

Just below and always dangerous lies Gulf Islands. EJ Milne could be the sleeper of the bunch in 09.

We will all get a better idea of the tier 2 pecking order when the Island tier 2 Jamboree takes place Sat. 23 May at Nanaimo District HS.

A big difference maker for all involved will be the extent to which each program has been approaching "Opportunity Season". There are QB Camps, Skills and Development Camps and opportunities for 7 on 7 play this spring. There is also in-house development opportunities in the weight room and beyond for players and coaches alike.

From what I can tell from this vantage point, some programs have been far more active than others. In the end, those who don't succceed in this league can only look in the mirror and ask themselves if they really did everything they could to put their young men in a position to compete.

It is not too late to get started!

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