Monday, March 9, 2009

Quote Of The Week

"Seriousness is the last refuge of the shallow"... unknown

I sat there on my couch Sunday watching a great Civil War flick Riding With The Devil "torturing myself with life's possibilities".

How do you guys out there interpret this?

I think personally that in many, but not all instances, being serious about everything it is the mark of the insecure. I do suppose however, that it is all about context. Anyways gang, this blog is for you all and if you have a thought or idea on AA Ball, Football or life, it is yours to go out there and wrestle with ideas and such.

Be nice to folks on this blog though, this is OUR place to yack. What you say here ain't goin on your resume, but in the long run, if your idea has merit, it is gonna stick. "The Best is the best everywhere"....some early 20th century dude....

"Seriousness is the last refuge of the shallow" don't be afraid to laugh at yourself or laugh with others, this life of ours ain't a dress rehearsal and you can't keep laughs in the bank. "Gotta spend em now" kind of thing.

At the end of the 19th century, the head of the US Patent Office reccomended to President Teddy Roosevelt (or Mckineley??) that his department be shut down as himself and his best minds at the time figured that everything that could be invented had already been invented. Folks, this was a half decade before winged-flight took place!!!

Beware of serious fellas and madams who are skeptical of your ideas. They are not your measures, but your challenges! If it is a good idea it will have traction, if it is honestly debated, it may not. This is the process that helps things along in the big picture.

In football terms, God Bless the guy who thought of throwing the ball forward! On this line of thought, if you have ideas about the game, go talk to your coach. He may be a listener or he may be a "serious fellow". At least try.... If you get a "no", give the man a chance to explain himself. He has a lot of context that you may not have. Don't take no as an answer, ask for an explanation. If you get one from him, you are in good company. If you get a brusk "no", send him a google map to the location of the nearest flat earth society clubhouse.

Well, ruminating tonight...


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