Saturday, January 31, 2009

Top Returning Players 09

Ok folks, spring ball is still four months away and and the opening kick-off of the 09 season a distant seven months. Hec, last year's mud is still caked on most peoples cleates! But hey! If you are reading this Blog you are thinking ball and that is always a healthy thing to be doing.

Sitting over a cup of coffee this morning I poured all of last year's statistical information in a gold pan and started sifting out the 12's. Pretty soon a few nuggetts from last year's group emerged and this is going to give us a statistical look at some top returning players for 2009. Now lets qualify this right out of the gates. These are stats based, from a league that was different from what is going to occur this coming year and it does not take into account the "supporting cast" that was around last year or that is going to be around this year. Still, this is an early look at one piece of 2009's puzzle.

Top Returning AA Varsity Offensive Players

QB: Greg Bowcott: Rick Hansen: Lots of playoff experience, tall, and no statistical peers amongst returning QB's.

WR: Graeme Schultze Timberline: Tall, vertical stretch player who is always a threat to make the big play catch.

WR: Jarvis Marson: OKM: Has all the tools to post big numbers in 09. Will be breaking in a new QB in 09 which could lower production.

RB: Ryan Aselstyne Norkam: Prototype I-Back. Will post big numbers across a weak Interior schedule.

RB: Buddy Hutchison Seaquam: Good size, great acceleration ,and a slashing runner. Proven two way player. Pound-for-pound as tough as anyone in BC. Will be feature guy for Seahawks.


LB: Matt Gabrick Seaquam Tackling Machine

LB: Mark McCutcheon Rick Hansen: Productive tackler-defends well versus pass.

LB: Dillon Chapdelaine John Barsby: Hitman, always around ball with good pressures on QB.

LB: Buddy Hutchison Seaquam: Hitman, great perimeter tackler.

DB: Sam Livingston South Delta: Returns as provincial leader in interceptions. Iron-man two-way player with big offensive numbers as well. An early example of S. Delta's 2009 "Re-Load".

DB: Mitch Lesyk Rick Hansen: Always around the football, ball hawk.

**Of note: The next topic on this blog is going to be a fun one! Stay tuned....


SunDevils2008 said...

I think you'll agree that for any team to get go deep into the payoffs they require solid offensive and defensive linemen. Last year we saw some extremely good linemen from Huge Boyd, SD, LT and others. Who are the top linemen returning this year?

BC Gridiron said...

Hi SunDevils2008,

Totally agree with your opening statement. Great QB's and Backs aren't worth a lick if half the defense is hanging off of them right after the snap.

From what I can tell on the Island, Ballenas is going to be bigger than last year up-front but is going to have a tough time replacing Normanden. Those guys always find a way to reload though and they really coach it up.

Barsby is going to actually have an offensive line that is built like O. Lineman. Last year they were 175 across the board with their monster weighing in at 190. The Dawgs will be averaging in the 190-200 lbs area up front and will be pretty quick.

Mt. Douglas will be big right across the board as will Timberline who is returning a very good linemen and welcoming some much needed beef up from the JV ranks. Belmont has great size but needs to work on technique.

Windsor will be veteren deep as three of their g. 10's started all of last year and more than held their own. Al Wilson's handi-work will be it's usual Zen. Handsworth will trap and double team via Jay's scheme with the best of em. South Delta is an unknown to me quite frankly.

The Valley conference will feature monster sized Hanson, Sands and Boyd crews, a very consistent middleweight Mission front and some unknowns in the form of Langley and Pitt. It will be interesting to see how Pitt adjusts to varsity play and whether or not they can run- block coming out of their pass oriented JV offense.