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Week 2 AA Varsity Schedule

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Week 1 held a few surprises and a couple programs really stepped to the plate and made a statement! The rankings have changed a bit!! Week one summaries can be found at the following location:

Gridiron's Week 2 AA Top 10

1. Hugh Boyd (1-0)
2. Lord Tweedsmuir (1-0)
3. Mission Roadrunners (1-0)
4. Seaquam Seahawks (1-0)
5. Ballenas Whalers (0-0-1)
6. Windsor Dukes (0-1)
7. South Delta Sundevils (1-0)
8. Earl Marriot Mariners (0-1)
9. John Barsby Bulldogs (1-0)
10. Clarence Fulton Maroons (0-1)

Here is the skinny on Week 2:

All locations and up-to-date start times can be found on

Friday, 12 September

John Barsby vs Pinetree (AAA)

Barsby is coming off of a redemtion win and Pinetree is coming off of a very tough game vs red-hot New Westminster. The Timberwolves are hungry for a W and have AA Barsby in their sites. This game will be closer than some might expect. Pinetree will definitely be better than in their opener and Barsby has not seen the spread offense since playing Mt. Douglas in May.
Gridiron’s Pick: Barsby by one score.

Earl Marriott vs Mt. Douglas (AAA)
The Mariners played an outstanding game and matched up physically with AAA powerhouse Vancouver College this past weekend. Mt. Douglas comes off of a sound victory down in Oregon and will be taking that momentum into Friday's tilt. The Rams can pass as good as anyone in BC and have a solid run game to compliment it. Marriot is tough but won't be able to run with the Ram's pass attack.
Gridiron’s Pick: Mt. Douglas by two scores.

Lord Tweedsmuir vs Timberline

OK gang, the Panthers are for real and the steamroller is gathering momentem with each practice and game. Timberline is coming off of a rough start vs South Delta but will be much healthier than they were in last Friday's lopsided loss. Look for LT to make a statement on the ground in this game while Timberline puts the ball up in surprising fashion. It won't be enough as the Wolves will be over-matched at almost every position.
Gridiron’s Pick: Tweedsmuir by 30 points.

Vernon vs W.L. Seaton

Vernon will keep it close for three quarters before Seaton pulls away with their ground game.

Gridiron’s Pick: Seaton by 7

Mt. Boucherie (AAA) vs Rick Hansen

Mt. Boucherie comes off of a convincing route of the new Langley program who I must admit, is struggling a bit more that expected. Hansen bravely stood in front of the AAA WJ Mouat juggernaut and bravely got squashed. The Hurricanes will be better this week but will need a quick start to stay in this one and compete for the W.
Gridiron’s Pick: Mt. Boucherie by 10.

South Kamloops (AAA) vs South Delta

South Delta is red hot and loaded for bear when it comes to athletes. South Kamloops is smarting from last week's opening loss and is going to be looking for answers after this tilt.

Gridiron’s Pick: South Delta by three major scores in a route.

Kelowna vs Valleyview

Valleyview played super tough in it's season opener last week. The Owls bring more horses into this contest than the Vikings. The score will be pretty close for awhile but Kelowna will pull away in the end.

Gridiron’s Pick: KSS by ten.

Gulf Islands (Tier 2) vs Belmont

Gulf Islands leads this series 1-0. Gulf Islands will execute better than Belmont but the size and athletic difference between the two rosters will be manifest. Belmont will grind on the valiant but over-matched Scorpions. Ever watch the move 300?

Gridiron’s Pick: Belmont by 14

Hugh Boyd vs Salmon Arm

Boyd continues to make believers and confirm everybodie's hunch that they, along with LT may be the class of AA in 08. A convincing victory in San Diego last Friday night ushers in the Trojan season. Salmon Arm is going to be fighting for their football lives from the opening whistle. The outlook is grim for the Golds.

Gridiron’s Pick: The Trojans go 2-0 on the season and will not allow a point to be scored while hanging up at least 30.

Saturday, 13 September

Nanaimo vs Norkam

The Islanders are itching to get on the field and have their season under-way. This team is talented, big and strong. There is no blazing speed on the roster but enough of it to get the job done. NorKam took it on the chin from the Islanders last Fall as hosts and this year they have to travel. That chain saw sound you all hear...The Double Wing is revving up.

Gridiron’s Pick: Islanders by 28

Frank Hurt vs Clarence Fulton

The Maroons have a good squad this year and Frank Hurt is in the midst of a rebuild while trying to find it's identity under new leadership. Scheller's Maroons travel well and always play at a consistently high level. They will be too much for the Hornets.

Gridiron’s Pick: Maroons 28 Hornets 7.

Pentiction High vs Okanagen Mission

OKM plays some physical ball and will be on the rebound after the Barsby game this past Saturday. The OKM staff will have the Huskies ready for this tilt and the brand new Penticton program will find itself looking to build a better moustrap for week 3.

Gridiron’s Pick: OKM by five major scores.

Handsworth vs Mission

Coach Watrin is doing his thing with the Roadrunners which usually translates into winning games. Handsworth comes off of a tough loss to AAA Carson Graham in the always emotional Buchannan Bowl. The Roadrunners are hot and the Royals are not. November is magic time for coach Prepchuk and September is all about getting better week to week.

Gridiron’s Pick: Mission by 14 and possibly a lot more if a short benched Handsworth cannot run with the no-huddle spread in the second-half.

Ballenas vs Windsor

Love this Rivalry!! The Whalers are home and home field could be a difference maker for them vs a Windsor squad hungry to post it's first W. Special teams will go to the Dukes and they will have a slight defensive edge. The Whalers have a more dynamic offense than the Dukes. All in all this game is almost too close to call. As a program the Dukes have played in more competitive game than Ballenas on a far more frequent basis.

Gridiron’s Pick: I am picking the Dukes by 2 pts. while holding my breath and knowing it could easily go the other way. This is Gridron's game of the week and a must see for fans of HS Football.

Seaquam vs Bowness (Calgary)

Seaquam plays it's best ball in October. Bowness will learn quickly that it's offensive line won't be ready for the US line of scrimmage. This tilt will be close for a while but Sequam will pull away in the 4th on a couple big plays via the air.

Gridiron’s Pick: Seaquam by 10

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